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Patient Flow. Helene Marley. Objectives. Describe Perioperative Patient Flow. Describe hardware and software utilized with patient flow. Describe the information system used with patient flow. Assess the role of the nurse informatics when working with patient flow.

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patient flow

Patient Flow

Helene Marley

  • Describe Perioperative Patient Flow.
  • Describe hardware and software utilized with patient flow.
  • Describe the information system used with patient flow.
  • Assess the role of the nurse informatics when working with patient flow.
  • Examine legal/ethical issues.
  • Discuss the advantages/disadvantages from nursing perspective.
perioperative patient flow
Perioperative Patient Flow
  • Real time communication
  • Facilitates smooth, well-coordinated patient flow from arrival to discharge
  • Utilizes software based technology
  • Multidisciplinary involvement
  • Multiple views for every area including family view

( IHI, 2007 )

hardware utilized
Hardware Utilized
  • Work Flow System (WFS)
  • Data Storage Device
  • WFS Client Personal Computers (PC’s)
  • Server
  • Routers
  • Back-up Power Systems
  • Microprocessors / Minicontrollers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
hardware description
Hardware Description
  • Microprocessor-Chip that integrates the processor onto one circuit, incorporates functions of Central Processing unit (CPU).
  • Server-Central computer where files are stored.
software utilized
Software Utilized
  • TeleTracking XT Management Suite
  • Electronic Bedboard
  • RadarFind
  • Vocera
  • Ascom Telephony & Messaging System

(Tele Tracking, 2007)

software description
Software Description
  • TeleTracking XT

Browser based

Client user interface

Unprecedented flexibility

Unprecendented configurability

Real time status

usability of software
Usability of Software
  • Ease at which nurses can access information - a click of the mouse.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Supports multiple users logged in.
  • Access one or multiple screens.
  • Locate, move, view, or request transport of patients.
  • Real time notification status.
patient in operating room
Patient in Operating Room

Operating Room Icon


Operating Room Icon

closing start
Closing Start

Operating Room Icons

dressings end surgery
Dressings – End Surgery

Operating Room Icons

information system
Information System
  • Clinical Information System

Real time collection of patient


Track patient flow throughout

hospital stay

who accesses the system
Who Accesses the System
  • Admissions
  • Medical Secretary
  • Technicians
  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Anesthesia
  • Transport
  • Perioperative Assistants
  • Environmental Services
function of system
Function of System
  • Patient tracking in real time
  • Streamline Patient Flow
  • Created/set-up prior to going live
  • Each unit/area has individual vue
  • Vue is defaulted to chosen screen
  • Each unit/area has specific privileges unique to their area
  • Individual privileges based on need
data standards
Data Standards
  • Health Level 7 (HL7)
  • Joint Commission of Accreditation of Health Organizations (JCAHO)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
recommendation of system
Recommendation of System
  • Improves quality & safety of patient care
  • Eliminates patient flow barriers
  • Improves communication throughout
  • Increases team collaboration
  • Increase staff, physician, & patient/family satisfaction

(Nurse Leader 2007)

advantages of patient flow
Advantages of Patient Flow
  • Enhanced care coordination
  • Improved communications with less phone calls
  • Improved patient/family satisfaction
  • Increased revenue generated
  • Support staffing needs
  • Perfect fit for patient-centered culture
  • User error
  • Over reliance on system causes false security, i.e., system crash, no back-up
  • Computer hiccup loses patient data
ethical and or legal issues
Ethical and/or Legal Issues
  • Patient Privacy – protected by HIPAA

Screens in public areas use

- last initial followed by a comma

then first initial (ex. K.,M.)

- procedure not listed

- real time status from one area to

another indicated on screen by


informatics competencies
Informatics Competencies
  • States definition for the usage of the icons
  • Utilizes the icons appropriately
  • Locates patients
  • Identifies the patient flow - preop vs postop and IP vs OP
  • Accurately describes purpose and functionality of each unit
functions and responsibilities
Functions and Responsibilities
  • Informatics Nurse (IN)
    • Resource & Educator for staff
    • System administrator for Patient Flow- provides access, determines type of access, adds staff to system
    • Scrubs the data to ensure accuracy
  • Informatics Nurse Specialist (INS)
functions and responsibilities1
Functions and Responsibilities

-Pulls data for reporting purposes

i.e., length of time in Admissions,

Day Stay Unit

-Test Patient Flow upgrades

-Ensures accurate functionality of


( A.Terry, personal communication, July 30, 2010)

patient flow summary
Patient Flow Summary
  • Integrating people, work processes and technology
  • Ensure superior care, safety, and service for all patients
  • Data provides evidence to anticipate budget, staffing, bed capacity and areas for improvement
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

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