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Supplier Contract Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Supplier Contract Management

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Supplier Contract Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supplier Contract Management. What is Supplier Contract Management? Business Process Flow. 1. Establish Standards. 2. Author & Negotiate. 3. Approve and Sign. Best-practice configurators Role-based authoring Substitute and non-standard clauses Full term visibility.

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Supplier Contract Management

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    1. Supplier Contract Management

    2. What is Supplier Contract Management?Business Process Flow 1. EstablishStandards 2. Author & Negotiate 3. Approve and Sign • Best-practice configurators • Role-based authoring • Substitute and non-standard clauses • Full term visibility • Central clause library • Workflow configuration • Revision control policy • Online collaboration • Flexible approval workflow • Bind contracts with recorded signatures 4. Monitor and Track 5. Amend 6. Renew& Closeout • Automatic terms implementation • On-demand agreement tracking • Utilization & leakage analysis • Collaborative revision process • Amendment approval flow • Auditable revision history • Expiration alerts • Simple renegotiation • Standardized closeout process

    3. Enterprise SRM Suite Application View Spend Analysis Sourcing Contract Management Supplier Rating System Spend Mart Procurement Mart Supplier Contract Management Strategic Sourcing Employee Self Service Procure-to-Pay Supplier Enablement eProcurement Services Procurement Purchasing Accounts Payable eSupplier Connection eSettlements • SCMT first released in FSCM 8.9 • SCMT backport to 8.8 now Generally Available

    4. Supplier Contract ManagementAuthor and Enforce Better Contracts Standardize Contract Processes Centralized clause library with user-defined policy rules and expert-based authoring Parallel negotiation utilizing flexible approval workflow, online signature and contract binding with formal amendment processing Reduce Time-to-Contract Integrated procurement & contract processes, agreement & performance tracking, and visibility to centrally managed contracts Drive Contract Compliance

    5. Highlights of Supplier Contract Management 8.9 • MS Word Integration • Bind Variables • Rules processing • Dependent and Alternate clauses • Amendment processing • Generic Document Authoring • Contract monitoring and compliance • Agreement/Deliverable Management • Workflow notification • Strategic Sourcing integration • Centralized, digital contract repository • Text-based and meta-data driven searching • Document authoring and management • Contract Clause Library • Smart Configurators • Wizard questions for contract creation • Version control and audit trail • Collaborative authoring

    6. What’s New in SCMT 9.0? • Document Types • Configurator Selector Wizard • Clause Import • Document Import • Wizard Improvements • Search Improvements (Verity) • Copy Document • Contract Agreement Mgmt • Miscellaneous Enhancements

    7. Document Types • Optional (highly recommended) feature used to: • Expand uses of document generation beyond ‘formal’ contract documents • Configure different document types (purpose, audience, life cycle) • Enabler for other 9.0 features: • Requisition ‘Contract Request’ documents • Sharing wizard responses from prior documents • Role security for ‘create’ documents by doc type • Configurator Selectors • Life Cycle control for different document purpose • Option to auto number by document type

    8. Document Types

    9. Requisition Contract ‘Request’ Document • ‘Special’ Document Type allows requestor to generate supplemental request document and wizard responses when the Req is entered • New link to Requisition in ePro and PO • Generated Doc can be optionally attached to Requisition • On award, the Specialist can optionally copy forward wizard responses into authored contract as the starting point.

    10. Requisition Contract ‘Request’ Document

    11. Requisition Contract ‘Request’ Document

    12. Configurator Selector Wizard • New Wizard Type for selecting the correct configurator • Specify use within Document Type • Same UI as contract generation wizard

    13. Configurator Selector Wizard

    14. Search (Verity) Improvements • Now searches on actual contract files (including Verity- supported 9.0 imported files) • Search additional File Attachments • Search Chart fields • Search Remaining Amounts of PO Contract

    15. Search Improvements

    16. Clause Import • Allows end user to ‘tag’ content within word documents to create clauses within contract. • Word document must be saved as ‘XML’ format • Process: • End user uses ‘ad-ins’ to add Schema. • Tag content for ‘body’, ‘title’, ‘clause id’ • Upload file and clauses are parsed out • User specifies other settings in page and then ‘creates selected clauses’.

    17. Clause Import

    18. Document Import • End user component allowing for on-ramp of external ‘non-generated’ contract documents • Puts uploaded document into Document Management life cycle and Verity search (when supported by Verity) • Any ‘attachable’ format supported (.doc, .pdf, .jpeg, etc.) • Can use with/without Document Types • Option to load prior amendments for contract documents

    19. Document Import

    20. Wizard Enhancements • Wizard improvements to add binds/rules on the fly and better relate the objects • Wizard Expanded Summary option (Grid) to view sequence of all questions/binds from question groups, navigational flow, and possible responses in one place. • ‘Save for later’ option in wizard

    21. Wizard Summary

    22. Copy Documents • Ability to copy ad-hoc contract documents • Ability to copy last related executed contract document when copying the transactional contract • Useful when contract is ‘same as’ previous contract document • Will automatically ‘refresh’ from new transactional bind values • Note: Some ‘risk’ that content will NOT be the latest from the clause library • System logs this when it occurs

    23. Copy Document

    24. Contract Agreements • Spend Threshold Alerts • Metric based system generated Agreement types by contract (PO related) • % of quality receipts • % Correct Receipt Qty • % On-time deliveries • % Total Ordered versus Received

    25. Contract Agreements • Spend Threshold Alerts (Contract Entry) • Header and Line options:

    26. Contract Agreements:Agreements Based on Metrics • Process: • Define an On-Time Metric • Associate to a Contract • Run job to update metric (based on contract receipts) • View results in contract Monitor

    27. Contract Agreements On-Time Metric Agreements example:

    28. Contract Agreements: Updating Metrics • ‘Update Procurement’ Process to calculate contract metrics for one or many contracts.

    29. Contract Agreements: Monitor Results

    30. Contract Agreements: Monitor results (Drill down)

    31. Contract Agreements: Notifications • Schedule job to trigger warning/unacceptable performance notifications

    32. Miscellaneous Enhancements • ‘Related Documents’ feature within Document Management • Cut/Paste option in configurator maintenance • Delete ‘Draft’ Document capability (search results from Doc Management) • Role based ‘view only’ option for all documents (8.9 was by user only)

    33. Miscellaneous Enhancements • ‘Protect clause’ feature for clauses which discourages changes to clauses in authored documents • Self approval settings for clauses/sections when clause approvals are not in use (option to default to approved) • Link to PIA Clause from within MS Word Task Panes