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Contract Management Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Contract Management Solutions

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Contract Management Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contract Management Solutions
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  1. Contract Management Solutions
  2. What is Contract Lifecycle Management? Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the capability to manage multiple legal document types through each stage in the contract lifecycle and transact across operational processes. Contract Lifecycle Management Plan Search Create / Draft Negotiate Approve Capture / Store Audit / Comply Transact Modify / Terminate Analyze & Optimize Administration Contracts (Buy/Sell/IP/) Licensing / IP Non-Disclosure Agreements Others Enterprise Data Hierarchies
  3. Top Benefit Areas Contract Management ValueThe Business Case Search for Contract Details Reduced time to find agreements and associated contract details Reduced time supporting contract inquiries Reduced time finding SOW information Increase Productivity Enhance Creation / Drafting Reduced time re-entering contract details Reduced time creating contracts due to integrated templates and T&Cs Reduced time creating/drafting SOWs Streamline Approval Process Reduced time for approvals when non-standard terms are integrated into the automated approval workflow Streamlined parallel and sequential approval hierarchies for SOWs Total CLM Value Opportunities Improve Contract Data Accuracy Improved data integrity between contract data and downstream systems Improved tracking of contract changes Improve Quality & Controls Improve Contract Performance Improved consistency of contract terms Improved use of standard terms Enhance Order to Contract Linkage Improved integration between deal master and contract information Improved visibility to contract discounts Improve Margin Protection Reduce Cost Enhancement Reduce FTE support for ongoing enhancements Packaged software releases provide future enhancements Decrease IT Maintenance & Support Costs Eliminate CMS Pipeline Project Costs Cancellation of current CMS pipeline projects Elimination of annual support and maintenance for CMS Reduce Application Support Costs
  4. Our Understanding: Contract ManagementEfficient contract creation and management process resulting in lesser off-contract buying Key Features Contract Authoring-2-Approval Business Specific Templates Different Hierarchical Types Delegation of Approval Multi-Currency Inter-Company Contracts Rule driven approvals Delegation of Approval DFS Automated Contract Creation Contract Visibility Role management by Positions Access Control Contract Visibility Global or Regional Contract Management Default on transactions Spend accumulation and reconciliation Expiration by Time and Spend Limits Milestone Tracking Notifications by user choice Various amendment types Reporting by different criteria Contract Management Process Contract Authoring/Creation Creation of new contract Create Contract Request in ACC Manage Documents & Tasks Amend Existing contract Contract Negotiation Publish AutoApproval Contract Approval Additional Approvers (Optional) Rule based Approvers AutoApproval Contract Creation Contract Creation Contract Repository Optionally send to ERP Contract Management (Compliance& Control) Default Contracts Accumulate Spend Notifications/Tracking/Reports
  5. Tech MahindraSpend Management Practice Our Capabilities in Contract Lifecycle Management Contract Lifecycle Management Plan Search Create / Draft Negotiate Approve Capture / Store Audit / Comply Transact Modify / Terminate Analyze & Optimize Administration Contracts (Buy/Sell/IP/) Licensing / IP Non-Disclosure Agreements Others Enterprise Data Hierarchies Enablement of Contract Management Module Integration Services Loading of legacy contracts Contract Process Management Contract Compliance and reporting New site rollouts Training Services For a Large Indian steel conglomerate - implemented of Ariba Contracts For US based Pharmaceutical Major – Support Emptoris Contract Mgmt For Indian Defense implemented – Implemented bespoke contract management solution For a UK based large telecom major. – Managing contract mgmt process 25 + Member Contract Mgmt Team Experience in delivering both Buy Side and Sell side contracts Working knowledge on products like Ariba, Emptoris, Symfact and SAP Currently 5 member Emptoris team specializing on Emptoris contract mgmt (Dicarta)
  6. Marquee Customers in Contract Management Consulting Implementation Application Support Contract Mgmt Process Support
  7. Case Studies in Contract Management 7
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