31 october 2002 n.
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31 October 2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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31 October 2002

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31 October 2002

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31 October 2002

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  1. 31 October 2002 .By: Khalid Hussein

  2. It was the longest trip we had ever had in our life, although we didn’t feel tired because ,we were very happy. More over it was my son’s birthday. So we hopefully considered that as good luck. After we finished our arrival procedures, we went out, and we met one of our relatives and his friends , and a group of people of our community waiting for us for welcome, and help if needed.Then we went with our relative’s car to the suburb of Liverpool were he was living. Suddenly I remembered that I missed my handbag . In my handbag was the Australian visas, some of my wife’s jewellery, and some American dollars. It was Friday night in Sydney. At 9 O'clock. Our airplane landed safely in Sydney airport. My family and I were very happy. It was the first day of our arrival in Australia, after a long time of waiting for the refugee’s visa in Egypt.

  3. I told my relative who was driving the car about the missing hand bag. He stopped the car off the road we began to search our luggage. Bu t we didn’t find it. We turned back to the airport , and we reported that to the police at the airport. The police informed all the sections in the airport. All the sections of the airport replied negatively. Then we were back again heading to Liverpool. We felt very sad and depressed. We didn’t even talk to each other. We were thinking all the way about the missing handbag. Our happiness had changed to sadness.Suddenly while we were on our way, my son who was 4 years old, who had been sleeping on the back seat, started to cry loudly and frantically. We stopped the car off the road, and I pulled him out of the car. Then I asked him the reason for his crying? “There is something hard that shocked me under on my seat.” He said. Then I looked at his seat. It was a big surprise! I saw the handbag which we were looking for on his seat. “Oh, my Gog he was sitting on our treasure. The handbag we were looking for!” I shouted.

  4. Then we laughed and again we felt happy, an we stated to talk and chat. At the end we went back again to the airport, and we reported that to the police.