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October 2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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October 2002

October 2002

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October 2002

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  1. m-Learning Medium Message Process Blend and Brand Martin Good director, CTAD October 2002

  2. Tell them what you’re going to tell them Education, technology and learning Medium, message and process Mlearning as a brand Mlearning in the blend

  3. Education, technology and learning What technology has been invented especially for education? It’s all in the box

  4. Education, technology and learning Education follows successful technology Post, phone, radio, tv, video, computers, multimedia, internet … … (it) changes everything!

  5. Some learning brand names Correspondence education Open learning Distance learning Open and distance learning Flexible learning Elearning Mainly medium and message Getting to “them” Not just a load of videos and workbooks

  6. Some learning brand features At your own pace When where and how you need it You’re in charge At your convenience Built around you Exciting, motivating Anti classroom rhetoric

  7. Process issues Delivery or collection? Chance or design? Reaching out or letting in? Support? Automate or informate? (Zuboff)

  8. The medium is not the message The message is not the process Theory is often medium-independent

  9. Mlearning as a brand You love your mobile You can use it for learning too. Your mobile is exciting Learning is exciting.

  10. Machine character intimately mine private in contact and in touch badge of membership

  11. Machine character applications intimately mine talking to someone getting and sending messages being together collaborating

  12. Machine character private personalised for me access what i need now

  13. Machine character in contact and in touch doing things with others having a role able to reach anyone

  14. Machine character badge of membership in a community busy and absorbed independent

  15. Mlearning in the blend We need theoretical frameworks for learning and to be fearless about media to use technology for what it does best

  16. Mlearning in the blend Mayes and Fowler Conceptualisation Construction Identification/ Dialogue + thanks to Harvey Mellar

  17. mLearning with not from Delivery medium 5/10 Dialogue + medium 10/10 A special focus 5/10 Naturally incorporated 10/10

  18. Thanks for your time Marting is at Geoff is Jo is Samples are at m-learning project is at