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By Nazneen Sait. NANOROBOTICS. Presentation Overview. Nanotechnology Introduction to Robotics Nanorobotics Applications using Nanorobots Fractal Robots Conclusion. Nanotechnology.

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presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • Nanotechnology
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Nanorobotics
  • Applications using Nanorobots
  • Fractal Robots
  • Conclusion
  • Nanotechnology is molecular manufacturing or, more simply, building things one atom or molecule at a time with programmed nanoscopic robot arms.
  • A nanometer is one billionth of a meter (3 - 4 atoms wide).
  • The trick is to manipulate atoms individually and place them exactly where needed to produce the desired structure.
introduction to robotics
Introduction to robotics
  • Like nanotechnology, Robotics is the use of technology to design and manufacture (intelligent) machines, built for specific purposes, programmed to perform specific tasks.
what is a robot
What is a Robot?
  • Robots are programmable machines
  • They range from small, miniature machines, to large crane size constructions
introduction to nanorobotics
Introduction to Nanorobotics
  • It deals with the controlled manipulation of objects with nanometer scale dimensions
  • Nanomanipulation is most effective process.
  • It is concerned with construction and programming of robots with overall dimensions at the nanoscale.
  • It is concerned with atomic and molecular-sized objects and is also called Molecular Robotics.
  • Nanorobotics research has proceeded along two lines:

- first is devoted to simulation

with nanoscale dimensions.

- second involves manipulation

with macroscopic instruments.

  • A nanorobot is a specialized nanomachine.
  • It has dimensions on the order of nanometers.
  • Typically 0.5 to 3 microns large with 1-100 nm parts.
  • The possibility of nanorobots was first proposed by Richard Feyman in his talk “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” in 1959.
features of nanorobots
Features of Nanorobots
  • Nanorobots can be categorized into two groups called autonomous robots and insect robots.
  • A major asset of nanorobots is that they require very little energy to operate.
  • Durability is another potential asset, may remain operational for years, decades or centuries.
  • High speed is also a significant consideration. It can operate much faster than their larger counterparts.
nanorobots in medicine
Nanorobots in medicine
  • It’s structure will have two spaces consisting of interior and exterior.
  • They will communicate with doctor by encoding messages to acoustic signals.
  • The production of nanorobots has taken a step closer to real application due to technological advancements such as AFM , bionic motors, nanotanks, DNA as computer, and nano robotics arms.
  • Leonard Adleman confirmed that DNA is programmable in computers.
applications using nanorobots
Applications using Nanorobots
  • To cure skin disease and as cosmetic cream.
  • Can be used a a mouthwash to do all brushing and flossing.
  • Would augment immune system by finding and killing bacteria and viruses.
  • It would prevent heart attack , kill cancer cells etc.
  • To monitor potentially dangerous microorganisms in the ocean.
fractal robots
Fractal Robots
  • Fractal robot is a new kind of robot made from motorized cubic bricks that move under computer control.
  • These cubic motorized bricks can be programmed to move and shuffle themselves to change shape to make objects likes a house potentially in a few seconds because of their motorized internal mechanisms.
fractal robot example
Fractal Robot Example
  • Example of a Dog shaped fractal robot changing into a couch
fractal robots and nanotechnology
Fractal Robots and Nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology materials are very costly.
  • On the other hand, molecular nanotechnology consumes hundreds of millions of dollars in research funding and does not produce a profit at this moment in time because it is a very difficult subject to research and develop.
  • Fractal robots are a half way house between the difficult extremes of molecular nanotechnology and practical ease of electromechanical engineering. They can implement Digital Matter Control products and prepare us for the coming future.
fractal robots nanotechnology compatible computers
Fractal Robots & Nanotechnology Compatible Computers
  • The design of a fractal nanocomputer is not an easy task using conventional principles.
  • However, using fractal nanotechnology principles, the exercise reduces to a fairly simple exercise where you build a fractal nanocomputer at the large scale and providing you followed fractal principles, the computer technology scales downward to whatever resolution limit imposed by the technology you are using.
employing the functionality of the built in microcontroller of a robotic cube
Employing the functionality of the Built-in Microcontroller of a Robotic Cube
  • All active robotic cubes have a limited microcontroller to perform basic operations such as communications and control of internal mechanisms.
  • To make a fractal nanocomputer, you can increase the power of the microcontroller and / or farm out existing functionality to turn the system into a fractal nanotechnology compatible computer.
  • Small robotic cubes can be added to the same structure increasing the power.
employing the power of the fractal operating system
Employing the power of the fractal operating system
  • The fractal operating system plays a crucial role in making the integration of the system seamless and feasible even if there are billions of CPUs in the collective.
  • A fractal operating system uses a number of features to achieve these goals.
  • 1. Seamless integration of software, data and hardware
  • 2. Transparent data communications
  • 3. Data compression at all levels including communications
  • 4. Awareness of built in self repair
self repair in fractal robots
  • Self repair is an important breakthrough for realizing micro and nanotechnology related end goals.
  • Three different kinds of self repair

-Cube replacement

-Usage of plates to construct the cubes.

-Using smaller fractal machines to affect self repair inside large cubes.

features of fractal robots
Features of fractal robots
  • Communication of Power & Data
  • Internal Battery
  • Technology today
  • Costs - feasible
  • Guaranteed Sales
  • Increased demand
applications of fractal robots
Applications of fractal robots
  • It can be used in medicine.
  • In mining.
  • Using fractal robots it is possible to build even a space station.
  • Can be used to build roads and clear mines
  • In agriculture
  • All of the current developments in technology directs human a step closer to nanorobots production.
  • Nanorobots can theoretically destroy all common diseases of the 20th century, thereby ending much of the pain and suffering.
  • Although research into nanorobots is in its preliminary stages, the promise of such technology is endless.
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