motivation and emotion n.
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Motivation and Emotion

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Motivation and Emotion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Motivation and Emotion. The S ad Tale of the Aspiration Treadmill Daniel Kahneman ,, 2008 By George, Edgar, and Robbie. Are YOU Happy?. Generally accepted hypothesis. - Hedonic Adaptation Hedonic Treadmill. The “ Easterlin Paradox”. What is it?

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motivation and emotion

Motivation and Emotion

The Sad Tale of the Aspiration Treadmill

Daniel Kahneman,, 2008


George, Edgar, and Robbie

are you happy
Are YOU Happy?
  • Generally accepted hypothesis.

- Hedonic Adaptation

  • Hedonic Treadmill
the easterlin paradox
The “Easterlin Paradox”
  • What is it?

- Life satisfaction stays the same

- Standard of living goes up.

  • What does this mean?
  • Kahneman’s Hypothesis
aspiration treadmill
Aspiration Treadmill
  • Expectations vs. Reality

- Not hedonic

  • Kahneman’s Test

- Experienced Happiness > Life Satisfaction

  • Results?

- The Nobel Laureate was dead wrong….

so what makes us happy
So What Makes Us Happy……
  • Personality
  • Hedonic Value of Activities
  • Life Situation = Mixed Hedonic Value

Rich vs. Poor

comments and critiques
Comments and Critiques
  • Some Interesting Points…

- Hedonic Treadmill

- “Easterlin Paradox”

- Aspiration Treadmill

  • What we still want to know…

- Other ways to test Aspiration Treadmill

- Does a person’s personality change based on life satisfaction or aspirations

  • Which of the following is the most widely accepted?

a. aspiration treadmill b. Your treadmill

c. hedonic treadmill d. “Easterlin Paradox”

  • The Easterlin Paradox states that life satisfaction is affected by standard of living. True/False

3. The aspiration treadmill hypothesis is based upon the idea that happier people have higher expectations. True/False

4. Which factor(s) were tested in Kahneman’s study?

a. marital status b. financial well-being

c. education d. all of the above

  • Rich people aren’t that much happier than poor people because ______.

a. money isn’t hedonic

b. there are some things money can’t buy (but for everything else there’s master card, accepted anywhere people are happy

c. In order to make more money most people have to work more

6. Life satisfaction causes happiness. True/False

Answers: 1,c. 2,false. 3,true. 4,d. 5,c. 6,false.