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Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch – In Hindsight PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch – In Hindsight

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Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch – In Hindsight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch – In Hindsight. A Panel Discussion @TCEA2011. Suren Ramasubbu CEO HuffPost Blogger. Linda Cross District Technology Coordinator. Jennifer Wivagg Technology Coordinator. David Hogan High School – Maths /Physics. Agenda. Overview

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Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch – In Hindsight

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mobile learning using the ipod touch in hindsight
Mobile Learning Using The iPod Touch – In Hindsight

A Panel Discussion @TCEA2011

Suren Ramasubbu

CEO Mobicip.comHuffPost Blogger

Linda Cross

District Technology Coordinator

Jennifer Wivagg

Technology Coordinator

David Hogan

High School – Maths/Physics

  • Overview
  • Initiation
  • Budget
  • Leadership support & approval
  • Deployment challenges
  • Acceptable use, security, device management
  • Loss / damage
  • Student tasks and projects
  • Impact on student achievement
jump links
Jump Links
  • Title
  • Agenda
  • Comal
  • Jim Ned CISD
  • Appendix
individualized instruction and learning using the ipod touch
Individualized Instruction and Learning Using The iPod Touch

How ELL Students Use the iPod touch as a Tool to help with English Language Acquisition

Jennifer Wivagg, Instructional Media Specialist


Located between Austin and San Antonio

600 Square Miles

17,000 students PreK-12

ell student trends at cisd
ELL Student Trends at CISD
  • Consistently score lower on standardized tests.
  • Often have few learning resources at home.
  • Limited exposure to academic English outside of school.
ell program goals
ELL Program Goals
  • Increase English language acquisition and fluency
  • Provide students with anywhere/anytime learning
  • Improve standardized test scores
proposed solution
Proposed Solution
  • Provide all ELL middle school students with a mobile device with the following access:
      • Audio Textbook in English
      • English Music and Videos
      • Internet Access
      • Voice Recording Capability
      • Learning Tools such as translators, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
      • Educational Games
  • Students will be able to take home the mobile device.


Third Generation

iPod Touch


Fourth Generation

iPod Touch

  • Parent Meeting (Required)
    • Outline program guidelines
    • Permission slip
    • Student Responsibility
    • Overview of the device
  • Teacher Training
    • Individual/Group
    • In-class with students
    • Ongoing
classroom equipment
Classroom Equipment
  • iPod Touch Cases
  • Touch Screen Protectors
  • Classroom Computer For Syncing
  • Apple iPod Learning Lab
    • Bretford Cart
      • Connects 40 iPods to Computer
  • Differentiated/Individualized instruction
  • Anywhere/anytime access
  • Meets all levels of ELPS instruction
  • Motivating
  • Formal and Informal Learning
  • Situated meaning

“Videos are helpful when a teacher explains a lesson and maybe I don’t get it, the iPod can show a video clip on how it’s done.”

-Emily, Grade 6

activities and outcomes
Activities and Outcomes

Voice Recordings

  • Students use Voice Memos and read or respond to prompts.
  • Helps improve fluency and comprehension.
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Helps teachers with progress monitoring.
activities and outcomes1
Activities and Outcomes


  • Instant access to information
  • Student-centered
  • Multiple modalities (text, images, sounds)

Research/Reference Tools

  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Internet (Mobicip)
  • Glossaries
  • Maps

JW: Ya'll talked about the dictionary, ya'll used that a lot. If you didn't know a word last year, when you were at school, what did you do? How did you find the answer?

Belen: We didn't do anything

Unintelligible talk

Sophia: We asked a person, or a teacher, same thing.

JW: Or did you ever just not do anything?

Several: Yeah

Sophia: We asked a person or did nothing.

activities and outcomes2
Activities and Outcomes


  • Textbooks and novels are available to students in an audio format.
  • ELL students can listen as they read.
  • Helps with English pronunciation and comprehension.
  • Provides textbook support at home.
activities and outcomes3
Activities and Outcomes


  • Educational and Games reinforce concepts.
  • Game apps used as rewards for meeting educational goals.
  • Individualized instruction

“I like Word Warp because they give you letters and you discover words with the letters they give you.”

-Karina, Grade 6

activities and outcomes4
Activities and Outcomes


  • Teachers download videos that correspond to topics in their core classes.
  • Provides student with additional instruction in a different format.
activities and outcomes5
Activities and Outcomes

Creating Media

  • Audio and Video Podcasts
  • Students take pictures of words they need to identify.
  • Students create an video oral history of their live. (Interview with family members)
sample activity comic touch
Sample Activity-Comic Touch
  • The teacher assigns a list of vocabulary words to the students.
  • The students first must find a picture on the Internet (Mobicip) that represents the vocabulary word in some way.
  • The student then uses the application, Comic Touch, to create a comic panel that represents their assigned vocabulary words.
imentor program
iMentor Program

Mentoring program with high school students and middle school ELL students

Students use videos downloaded on the iPods to facilitate discussion.

  • Time
  • Management
  • Purchasing apps
  • Loss/theft of devices
  • Lack of curriculum integrating the iPod touch
  • Lack of framework
  • Training teachers
contact information

Contact Information

Jennifer Wivagg, instructional media specialist


JNCISD BLI: Bright Light Initiative

  • Jim Ned CISD
  • Tuscola, TX
  • 1:1 iPod Touch Initiative

JNCISD BLI: Bright Light Initiative

Linda Cross

District Technology Coordinator

David Hogan

High School - Math/



1:1 at HS

24/7 “mobile” technology

No “powering down” at school

Preparing students for 21st Century



Definitely top down: Supt. Dr. Brant Myers and the board decided to use stimulus money to implement a 1:1 at the high school (with 24/7 filtered access and rights to download their own apps and music)

iPod touch chosen over laptops due to cost, portability

Joint meetings with Apple, Abilene Christian University, and Region 14 staff showed need to add teacher laptops

Mobicip filter chosen to monitor student use 24/7

StudyWiz chosen to integrate online classwork


JNCISD BLI: Timeline & Implementation

October 2009Teachers issued an iPod touch and a MacBook

November/December 2009Teachers trained on iPods,Macs, and StudyWiz (4 days)

February 2010All 330 HS students issued iPod touch devices


JNCISD BLI: Budget Issues & Constraint

Stimulus money purchased iPods and teacher MacBooks for the 1:1 initiative

Remaining budget allowed for adding 70 classroom MacBooks for student projects

No funds for purchasing apps

No funds to hire extra personnel 2009-2010 (desperately needed for deployment)

Added one full-time tech specialist 2010-2011


JNCISD BLI: Deployment Challenges

  • Anticipating “adequate” wireless coverage
  • Teachers need 6 mo. to 1 yr. to learn and prepare before student devices are issued (esp. if changing OS)
  • Charging 350 iPods before issuing them each year
  • Initially no volume purchasing of apps (Apple added this)
  • Students
    • Can’t sync with multiple computers without losing apps
    • Didn’t all have accessible email and iTunes accounts
    • Didn’t turn in all equipment on due date (more paperwork)

JNCISD BLI: Deployment Challenges

  • Profiles lost if students “reset” their devices (Profiles set types and age level of apps allowed, disable Safari, etc.)
  • How to handle the loss of installation codes when seniors leave (since apps such as Mobicip are installed by students)
  • Teachers would like for students to be able to do more word processing and printing from the iPod touch
  • Need an experienced full-time assistant already on staff for the daily iPod troubleshooting and to handle devices sent in for warranty repair as well as arranging for local repairs, monitoring wireless radios, checking Mobicip reports, repairing profiles, issuing replacements, etc.

JNCISD BLI: Daily Management

  • Students required to bring iPod touch daily (charged & ready to go)—some just want to use their phone instead
  • No unfiltered browsers (Safari disabled in profiles but returns if they Reset their devices—against policy)
  • Personal devices not allowed (very hard to enforce and we’ve talked of possibly changing this)
  • Most initial problems caused by students syncing with multiple computers and losing their required apps
  • Mobicip reports aid in locating problem users for principal and assistant principal to deal with
  • Experimenting with Find My iPhone app (released Nov. 2010) to locate lost iPods (if they are connected to a wireless network)


Screenshot of reports available from Mobicip website


JNCISD BLI: Loss, Damage, Insurance

  • We had been told to expect about a 5% loss rate.
  • The damages were more than anticipated but some of the accessory damage was due to the quality of the issued items. We’ve learned from that.
  • Local repair options are cheaper than mailing in
  • Students were informed of the availability of a $50 deductible $30 per yr. insurance plan through a link on our high school homepage

JNCISD BLI: Science Classroom

  • Assignment: Use 3D Brain app to label a diagram of the brain regions. Choose a substructure of the brain to find its location, function, disorders, and effects of its damage. Create and share 4-6 slide PowerPoint

Rhonda Wise - HS Science


JNCISD BLI: Science Classroom

Listen to science-based podcasts such as “brainstuff” from

Give a summation of what they listened to, using the notes application on their i-Touch

A report is then sent to me through the messaging system of Studywiz.

Chris Holson - HS Science



I could not live without them [iPods] now. Students master the material faster and retain the information from the repetition. I also use them for TAKS –Debbie Cook, HS Math & UIL Coach

Current Events

2nd at state

… missed 1st place by 1 question

Calculator Application

3rd at state… missed 1st place by 2 questions


JNCISD BLI: Spanish Classroom

  • Make their own vocabulary flash cards with Study Flash app to study each chapter (front to back or flip )
  • Take notes in the Notepad app.  (Notes don’t get crumpled in the bottom of a backpack and after summer break their notes are still there for second-year Spanish.)
  • Use exercises for grammar and vocabulary
  • Use Calendar app to record every Spanish assignment (organization and responsibility)
  • Renee Guerra - HS Spanish

JNCISD BLI: Business, College Prep, UIL Classroom

  • Stocks app to check five stock prices on a daily basis for two months and Loan Calculator app to calculate payments and interest for 15- and 30-year mortgages
  • SAT vocabulary app.
  • UIL students use gFlash app to study vocabulary, people (astronauts), places, etc. for their particular event. This has contributed greatly to UIL success since they are much easier to carry around.
  • Kay Whitton, Bus., Accounting, College Prep.

JNCISD BLI: Social Studies Classroom

  • Apps--Google maps & earth, compass, currency calculator, historical quotes
  • United Streaming videos thru Studywiz
  • Students access podcasts outside of class and do assessments in Studywiz
  • Sociology tests as well as personality and trait exams online
  • I have recorded over a PowerPoint using the MacBook and then uploaded into Studywiz for use when I had to be out of school that day—also useful when many students are going to be absentCoach Hutt - Social Studies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • TAKS website for practice tests 24/7—results emailed to teacher Hutt & Coach Avery)

JNCISD BLI: Special EducationClassroom

My students:

use the “spell check” app for daily editing

actually type their two-paragraph essays on iPods and print each week (they seem to have difficulty with the big computers)

take online quizzes for math and do a screen shot of the grade to show me later

Kerri Key, Special Ed.


JNCISD BLI: English Classroom

  • Students memorize quotes from Julius Caesar and study for tests using uploaded quotes and notes in Studywiz. After syncing, these are available offline in eLocker without wifi.
  • Use The Complete Works of Shakespeare app—to read the play without a textbook
  •  Access folder on eLocker for the Pre-AP vocabulary words
  • Use and an online thesaurus
  • RaeNelle Allen - HS English

JNCISD BLI: Weekly iPod Internet Access

Taken from weekly Mobicip reports

* Itemized on next slide

oct 5th oct 11 th 2010

JNCISD BLI: Weekly iPod Internet Access


Oct. 5th – Oct. 11th, 2010

This week was one of the highest use weeks since we issued the iPods: 19,600 accesses


JNCISD BLI: Resource Links

  • (District Home Page)
  • (BLI Resource Hub)
  • (Bright Light Initiative)
  • for social studies)
  • and personality tests online)
  • TAKS website for practice tests 24/7—results emailed to teacher
  • (to access all links on this page, use toolbar)


Jim Ned CISD

Rated An Exemplary District


“Colt McCoy’s High School”