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David Silipigno Saratoga Springs PowerPoint Presentation
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David Silipigno Saratoga Springs

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David Silipigno Saratoga Springs
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David Silipigno Saratoga Springs

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  1. David Silipigno Is Known For His Humanitarian Actions

  2. A leading businessman from Saratoga County, David Silipigno has achieved great heights and is appreciated worldwide for his humanitarian actions. He started his first company NFC (National Finance Corp.) at the age of 19. With NFC, he created about 600 jobs for people living in that area. David Silipigno started many other ventures later which were a total success.

  3. David Silipigno has been working hard for the welfare of children and unprivileged sections of the society through the foundation he started, the David B. Silipigno Foundation. David believes that for the society to make progress, it is essential that the successful people contribute to the welfare of underprivileged ones. Although David succeeded in his ventures, he always made sure that he contributed a major portion of his successes in charitable trusts.

  4. His only wish is to create opportunities for people to achieve a society that is full of possibilities and positive opportunities for everyone. David also established his charitable trust, David B. Silipigno Foundation to help poor and needy children by providing essential facilities like food, education, accommodation and a chance for better life. The organization is also attached with several other organizations like the Arthritis Foundation, Catholic Charities, American Red Cross, Saratoga Center for Family, Mental Health Foundation, YMCA of Saratoga.

  5. About David Silipigno David Silipigno is a leading entrepreneur and lifelong humanitarian based in Saratoga Springs. He is also the Founder of David B. Silipigno Foundation, an organization for the upliftment of underprivileged children. David has also been teaching mortgage since past 18 years and has founded five business areas that include First Guarantee Mortgage, Industry Partners Title, Saratoga Studios, Saratoga Venture Capital and The Principal Commercial. To find more about him, please log on to http://www.davidsilipignoblog.com