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David Silipigno Gives Social Concerns Great Importance

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David Silipigno Gives Social Concerns Great Importance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David Silipigno is known for his foundation David B. Silipigno Foundation, online shopping mall ShopWurld and various other ventures.

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David Silipigno is known for his foundation David B. Silipigno Foundation, online shopping mall ShopWurld and various other ventures. He is both an entrepreneur and humanitarian and his charitable deeds have made him popular in and around the Saratoga County.
He is driven to bring a social change and gives great importance to the social concerns. His foundation helps underprivileged children in Saratoga County and its outlying communities.
Through his foundation, he funds many other organizations which contribute to the welfare of the society as well. The organizations which provide the youth with tools that are necessary to achieve success through education, sports, and community enrichment opportunities can get funds for their requirements from David B. Silipigno Foundation.
David Silipigno believes in sharing his success. He had become an entrepreneur at the age of 19 and has helped in employing numerous people since then.
He is the founder and/or consultant of five area businesses which include Principal Commercial, Industry Partners Title, Saratoga Venture Capital, First Guarantee Mortgage and Saratoga Studios. Silipigno is also co-founder of ShopWurld which is an internet shopping mall.
Silipigno also ventured successfully into movie productions and the first movie of which he was the executive producer was released on the 1st of May, 2009 in the New York City. The movie is a horror and psychological thriller and has been liked by the viewers.
David Silipigno thinks that it is the people who have achieved success should be more responsible towards the society and work towards its welfare. He leads by example; he and his staff participate in various charitable causes and donate whole heartedly.
For contributing to charitable causes, it is crucial to have sufficient funds and it was one of the reasons for David's partnership in ShopWurld. This venture of his has become popular locally as well internationally.
People who want to increase their income can become members of this risk-free venture and earn without selling any products or services or even making investments. This online venture is a great vehicle for fundraising as well. To know more about David Silipigno, please browse through
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