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David Silipigno

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David Silipigno is a reputed entrepreneur from Saratoga Springs.

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David Silipigno

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David Silipigno is a reputed entrepreneur who was recently in news for raising voice against the overstated evaluation indicted to him by the city for his residence at Saratoga. The City alleged him two times the total amount of real assessment of his 20, 800 sq ft home at 36 Stony Brook Drive. As per the city's evaluation, David's residence was evaluated at the value of $9.3 Million for which he had to disburse taxes on $7.6 Million.


David made his mind to stand up against the city's evaluation and claimed that he was actually charged with double amount. The city was conscious of the outcomes of this case and on account of this it did not want David to bring this case in the front of judge and for this reason, he had to face a lot of criticism.


With a motive to solve the case of David, the city council voted on 20th July and chose Mayor Scott Johnson who evaluated the residence at $4.4 million for which he had to pay taxes on $3.6 million. Later on, the city settled on less than half of original evaluation, which was clearly the result of the action David took against the city. This property case not just gave justice to Silipigno, but also encouraged others going through similar situations to stand up against the city.


While speaking in an interview, David Silipigno told that the commissioner did not show any interest in solving the case; instead he was stressing more on the required paper work. He also stated that this was just an attempt of the city to collect money, which was ultimately not successful. The reports say that the city will be paying David Silipigno the amount of $180, 000 in credit and repayment.