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david b silipigno foundation works for the benefits of young children n.
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David Silipigno

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David Silipigno
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David Silipigno

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  1. David B. Silipigno Foundation Works For The Benefits Of Young Children

  2. David Silipigno is a well known businessman and a social worker from Saratoga County. David Silipigno founded David B. Silipigno Foundation for uplifting the weaker sections of the society by helping them with charities and donations. The foundation promotes several causes and actively organizes various events.

  3. David B. Silipigno Foundation has also worked with collaboration with many other charitable trusts like- Arthritis Foundation, Saratoga Center for Family, Catholic Charities, Mental Health Foundation, YMCA of Saratoga etc. by actively supporting their causes.

  4. David Silipigno is a successful businessman who ventured into businesses at an early age and founded several companies namely, Principal Commercial, Industry Partners Title, Saratoga Venture Capital, First Guarantee Mortgage and Saratoga Studios. Other than these, his first company NFC (National Finance Corp.) was widely renowned for its accomplishments.

  5. David Silipigno had established and managed NFC when he was only 19 years of age and gained valuable experience, fame and success. Other than this, he tried and succeeded in co-producing a movie as well. Under his co-production, his first movie 'The Skeptic' was released in New York in May 2009 and it was widely appreciated by audiences for its thriller and horror combination.

  6. About David Silipigno David Silipigno is a leading entrepreneur and lifelong humanitarian based in Saratoga Springs. He is also the founder of David B. Silipigno Foundation, an organization for the upliftment of underprivileged children. David has been teaching mortgage since past 18 years and has founded five business areas that include First Guarantee Mortgage, Industry Partners Title, Saratoga Studios, Saratoga Venture Capital and The Principal Commercial. His first business venture was National Finance Corp. (NFC) that created many employment opportunities for the youth of Saratoga County. To find more about him, please log on to http://www.davidbsilipignofoundation.com