david b silipigno foundation supports various charitable causes n.
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David B. Silipigno

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David Silipigno is a leading entrepreneur and lifelong humanitarian based in Saratoga Springs. He is also the founder of David B. Silipigno Foundation, an organization for the upliftment of underprivileged children.

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David Silipigno, the founder of David B. Silipigno Foundation, has achieved successes in every aspect of his life be it charity, business or creating ideas. He has been accredited with many awards and honors for his charitable trust which is proactively working to help deprived and underprivileged children. In 2009, he was awarded ‘The Spirit of Service' for doing great humanitarian work by the Arthritis Foundation.


The foundation is active across Saratoga County for improving the lives of neglected children. The foundation provides a positive environment to help them improve their physical and emotional well being. With the support of innovative programs that includes educational, community enrichment and athletic initiatives the organization has directly worked throughout the capital region.


David B. Silipigno Foundation was incepted with a vision to provide a positive environment to children which is full of possibilities and opportunities to make them confident to oppose suppression, self-doubt and mistreatment. David B. Silipigno Foundation works by benefiting children to get better living conditions, proper education, opportunities etc.


David has also been teaching mortgage since past 18 years and has founded five business areas that include First Guarantee Mortgage, Industry Partners Title, Saratoga Studios, Saratoga Venture Capital and The Principal Commercial. To find more about him, please log on to http://www.davidbsilipignofoundation.com