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How to get natural healthy glowing skin? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get natural healthy glowing skin?

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How to get natural healthy glowing skin?
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How to get natural healthy glowing skin?

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  1. How to Get Natural Healthy Glowing Skin? It is said that "Beauty is only skin deep", but ask a doctor or your skin specialist, and they will tell you how alive and necessary the skin is. The skin is the first layer of our immune systems, and it goes much deeper than just its appearance. This is why your skin requires a lot of care and protection. Like any other part of your body, the skin also appears to be healthy, ill, well-nourished or malnourished. Age plays an important role in causing dullness in your skin, and making it appear unhealthy. Lifestyle, food, pollution etc. adds to the dark spots, age spots and dark circles, which ends up making your skin appear unhealthy. A little skin care can help you bring back color to your skin, and make it appear healthy. Want to add glow to your skin with natural skin care, while reducing the number of dark and age spots? Here are a few things you must do. Start with Healthy Diet "Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments" ~ Bethenny Frankel Good health starts with good diet, which is why a nutritious diet should be a part of your everyday meal. Skin impurities and problems arise from digestive issues, which are caused by unhealthy diet that lack in micro- nutrients and vitamins. If you want clear and glowing skin, you should include foods that are rich in proteins and vitamins. A must for your diet includes broccoli, tomato, beet, white meat, grains such as buckwheat and brown rice as well as fish and nuts. Make sure you consume less than 45g of sugar and salt on a daily basis for clear and glowing skin. Exercise your Way to Glow Working out is an essential and incredible way of making your skin glow naturally. With indoor aerobic exercises, you can increase the blood & oxygen flow to your skin, which in turn neutralizes the effects of oxidative as well as radical stress. Excess oil and cellular debris are cleansed from your skin as a result. Make exercising a daily habit. You can include basic cardio exercises or cycling, skipping, running etc. outdoor activities as your

  2. way to exercise. It not only cuts down fats in your body, but also makes your skin glow naturally. Hydrate your System Keeping your skin hydrated with the necessary amounts of water and juices can benefit you with clear and flawless skin. Water removes the toxins and wastes from your body, and purifies the impurities. Say goodbye to excess oil and dirt by keeping your system hydrated. You should have at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day to bring in noticeable change to your skin. You can get rid of both dryness and wrinkles with a hydrated system. Cleanse your Skin It is equally important to hydrate your skin from the outside as it is from within. You should wash your face with water, and a good cleanser at least twice a day for good results. Don’t use hot/warm water to cleanse your skin from outside. Cold water is best when it comes to removing the bacteria and dirt from the skin and it helps open the pores around your skin. Make sure you use natural skin cleansers and homemade products to keep your skin clean and flawless. Exfoliate Regularly While cleansing, toning and moisturizing tops our list in keeping the skin clean, we tend to ignore exfoliation. You can remove dead skin cells with exfoliation. Go natural with exfoliation, and include ingredients such as Bengal gram, flour, oats, orange peels, fuller earth and lentils to conduct exfoliation on your skin. With periodic exfoliation of the skin, you can get rid of blackheads, impurities owing to dust & dirt as well as dead skin cells. You can also clean hair follicles and clogged pores with exfoliation to reduce acne, and get clean and glowing skin. Make sure you clean away your makeup each night properly, using the right cleanser and toner. Clean your skin after the makeup has been removed. Getting naturally glowing skin is a result of healthy lifestyle. So, get started now!