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Vision – Arkopharma Partnership. 2010. 1. Healthy world-view. Healthy lifestyle. Balanced nutrition. Healthy spirit. Healthy mind. Healthy organism. Healthy optimism. Healthy lifestyle :. Healthy attitude towards life. 2. stress. microbes , viruses. household exposure.

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    1. Vision – Arkopharma Partnership 2010 1

    2. Healthy world-view Healthy lifestyle Balanced nutrition Healthy spirit Healthy mind Healthy organism Healthy optimism Healthy lifestyle : Healthy attitude towards life 2

    3. stress microbes, viruses householdexposure The influence of negative environment's external factors on human health : Environmental pollution Solar radiation загрязнение окружающей среды Biologically active food supplements byVision – protection of your organism. 3

    4. Biologically active food supplements –vitamins and minerals additional source. Threpsology - Is a branch of science concerned with the role and significance of biologically active substances in food. Biologically active food supplements: • – are biologically active substances. • – are products of high-tech processing of natural plant material. • Biologically active food supplementsare recommended as a supplementary source of vitamins and minerals. 4

    5. Biologically active food supplements –vitamins and minerals additional source. Vitamin and mineral combinationof phytocomponents: • Includes biologically active substances obtained from well-known medicinal plants . 5

    6. Vision biologically active supplements Partnership withArkopharma • Arkopharma – the major European pharmaceutical concern. • Vision International People Group has been cooperating withArkopharma for over 10 years. According toIMS: Arkopharma holds key positions in the French pharmaceutical market 6

    7. Arkopharma: • The main factory is located in the south of France, inCarros (15 kilometers from Nice). • Arkopharma usesabout600 plant species. • There are 90 modern production lines in the factory. • The concern research department employs 90 specialists. • 4% of all the profits goes of research. Arkopharma – the world leader in manufacturing products based on medicinal plants. 7

    8. Arkopharma: • KEY DATAS: FACILITIES • Industrial activities area : 33.000m2 • production : 21.000m2 • warehouses : 12.000m2 •  capacity : 14.100 pallets •  occupancy rate 75% 1996:Start of Business between ARKOPHARMA and VISION PRODUCTION: -Dry Forms, -Liquid Forms 8

    9. Together,Vision International People GroupPublic Limited andArkopharma, have built another factory, Nutripharma, which is located in Ireland. Ireland - one of the most ecologically clean areas of the planet Earth. Arkopharma: Nutripharma. 1998:Creation of NUTRIPHARMA 9

    10. FACILITIES Factory’s area : 4.000m2 production : 2.000m2 warehouses : 2.000m2  capacity : 1.500 pallets  occupancy rate 90% Nutripharma: Key datas. 10

    11. Arkopharma: Nutripharma. Products forVision Direct Hit products are specifically designed to support the body in an active state.The structure of Direct Hit line includes four progressive complexes:each complex has its own mission, but all of them share one goal - aid the body in various stages of human life. 11

    12. Arkopharma: Nutripharma. Products forVision Restoration series BESTSELLERS Female series Men series Anti-stress series 12

    13. Arkopharma: Nutripharma. Products forVision New products forVision 13

    14. Effects of components of the Classic Hit products directed to the maintenance of human health in everyday life. Products of this line are the most popular thanks to the balanced composition and high quality. Classic Hit products forVision: Classic Hit products/USP: TheClassic Hit line –Vision basic products,proven by millions of satisfied customers. 14

    15. Classic Hit products forVision: Classic Hit products/USP: Antiox+ Detox+ This complex is recommended to protect the body from environmental negative factors. It helps to prevent premature age change and improve metabolism. bioactive supplements contribute to the normalization of the immune system, help toexteriorizetoxins. 15

    16. Classic Hit products forVision: Classic Hit products/USP: Pax+ Nutrimax+ Complex "Pax +", created by Melissa, lavender, poppies, in combination with vitamins and micronutrients, contributes to the normalization of nervous system. Complex "Nutrimax +" contains the necessary body of calcium, magnesium, iron, and wonderful vegetable ingredients that help to restore and maintain work of the urogenital system. 16

    17. Classic Hit products forVision: Classic Hit products/USP: Chromevital+ Recommended for the normalization of the exchange substances that control body weight, reduce risk of pathologies that can be a result of excess weight. The main component of bioactive supplement "Chromevital +" – EleutherococcusSpiny-supporting ability of the body to resist the adverse environmental effects. Algae Spirulinahelps to cleanse your body and stimulatesmetabolism. Guarana and kola nut extractcan improve concentration andovercome fatigue. Sveltform+ 17

    18. Classic Hit products forVision: Classic Hit products/USP: Lifepac Junior+ Bioactive supplements “Lifepac Senior” combine the full range of vitamins and mineral substances. It is recommended to supplement the daily diet, increasing the tone and feeling good. Promotes maintenance of children's healthy teeth, nails and hair. Lifepac Senior 18

    19. Powder capsules process: Cutting Sieving Decontamination Plants “ready to be used” Raw plants Freeze grinding 1 2 Powder Bottles 3 Mixing Packaging Blisters Encapsulation 19

    20. Classic Hit products forVision: Source materials for production Vision products are produced using raw materials from different regions of the planet, which, according to experts, are the most favorable for the cultivation of plant components. 20

    21. Classic Hit products forVision: Source materials for production When selecting the region accounted for the following parameters: • Air rarefaction degree. • The height of the growth area above the sea level. • The mean annual temperature. • The humidity level. • The ultraviolet radiation intensity. • The orientation o the growth area as concerns the four corners of the earth and the wind rose. 21

    22. Classic Hit products forVision: Products prior to their production 40% • All the plants are bought around the world for new laboratory's creations. 25% 20% 15% In America In Africa In Asia In Europe Each new product is given its birth by theResearch and Development Department. 22

    23. Freeze grinding Classic Hit products forVision: Production process Freeze grinding is utilized at the manufacture of Vision biologically active food supplements: • Efficient handling of received raw materials for food supplements. • Allows to retain beneficial properties of the plant components. Is a process of grinding plants down to the dusk-like state without using high temperatures, with the impact of liquid nitrogen. 23

    24. Classic Hit products forVision: Freeze grinding 3 2 The average grinding temperature of the plants is near to – 100° C The plants are dried, cut and frozen in liquid nitrogen before being ground FREEZE GRINDING 4 At this very low temperature, the plant becomes very easy to be broken and powdered 1 Liquid nitrogen (boiling point : – 196° C) is used to obtain the required temperature 24

    25. Nitrogen Whirlpool Plants admission Metal detector Liquid nitrogen -196°c Cryogenic Conveyor -120°C Powder -5°C Grinder Freeze grinding: 25

    26. Freeze grinding: 100% PLANT ORIGIN The gelatine has been discarded by ARKOPHARMA to avoid any question about a product of animal origin. The envelope of the capsule is made from cellulose of plant origin, and contribute to the natural excipient All ARKOCAPS are made with constituents of 100% plant origin. 26

    27. Quality Assurance: • All Vision products have passed multiple laboratory research. • Vision products are guaranteed safety. • Vision bioactive supplements are produced under conditions that fully conform to GMP standards. 27

    28. Quality Assurance: • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards are the rules worked out in the U.S.A. in 1963 for producing pharmaceuticals. 28

    29. Clinical test of BAFS Vision: RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES NUTRITION RESEARCH INSTITUTE headed by Victor A.Tutelyan has conducted clinical tests of Vision biologically active food supplements in the Classic Hit and Direct Hit series. 29

    30. Prospects of Vision – Arkopharma cooperation. New developments and plans: According to the worldwide trends and using nanotechnologies, Arkopharma works out new unequal products. 30

    31. THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION! 2010 31