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Beautiful Skin with Neways exclusive skin care range PowerPoint Presentation
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Beautiful Skin with Neways exclusive skin care range

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Beautiful Skin with Neways exclusive skin care range
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Beautiful Skin with Neways exclusive skin care range

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  1. Beautiful Skin with Newaysexclusive skin care range

  2. The 3 Layers of the Skin • Epidermis • Dermis • Hypodermis

  3. Signs of Ageing • Skin becomes dryer • Blemishes appear • Loses its elasticity • Becomes thinner and start to sag • Fine lines turn into deeper wrinkles

  4. Factors affecting quality of skin • Diet – for better skin eat more fruit and vegetables • Water Intake- drink 3 litres of water a day • Stress- reduce stress • Exercise – helps remove toxins from body

  5. Neways 3 step system • Cleanse- cleanse from the 3rd layer not just the surface • Nourish- all 3 layers • Activate- repair skin damage and turn back the clock

  6. The Surface of the Skin • Like a mesh where large particles cannot penetrate • Imagine a tennis ball and tennis racket • The secret of anti-ageing science is using ingredients with small particle sizes to penetrate the surface of the skin.

  7. Cleansers

  8. TLC Cleansing Lotion • Make up remover • Gentlest cleanser • Use with cotton wool or water • Very economical lasts a long time

  9. Milky Cleanser • Dry delicate or mature skin • Removes make-up and impurities • Enriched with sweet almond oil • Leaves skin feeling soft • Use with water or pads

  10. Extra Gentle Cleanser • Acts like a vacuum cleaner- sucks oil, pollutants out of middle layer of the skin and releases dead skin cells • Makes skin look clearer and brighter • Good for normal skin

  11. 1st Impression Cleanser • Deep pore cleanser • Effective grease and oil emulsifying agents • Use after two weeks of using Extra Gentle • Rinse 7-10 times • Not recommended for sensitive skin

  12. Eliminator …As A Toner • Gets rid of spots • Removes blemishes • Freshens skin • Promotes skin healing • For irritated or infected skin • Prevents the recurrance of spots • Tightens the pores

  13. Skin Food – Neways Moisturisers

  14. Wrinkle Garde • Rosa Mosqueta Organically grown in Chile’s AndesMountains • University of Concepcion in Chile, where it was evaluated in a two-year study ending in 1983. The researchers tested the oil on two groups: People with various forms of scarring, and people with wrinkles resulting from age and sun damage. They found that application of the oil minimized scarring (old as well as recent) and wrinkles, and helped to even out skin tone.

  15. Good For… • Burns • Age spots • Dry skin • Premature aging • Radiation burns • Scar tissue • Stretch marks (prevents and heals) • Sunburn • Wrinkles • Safe for use on the delicate skin around the eyes • Nappy rash and skin irritation Rosa Mosqueta Plant

  16. Retention Plus – Wrinkle Smoother • Reconditions skin • Ceramide 6- human identical oil from plants • Cross-Linked elastin • Rich in anti-oxidants • Powerful wrinkle fighter that easily penetrates the skin • Massage lightly into face and neck

  17. Circles and Lines • Stimulates skins production of collagen and elastin • Uses collagen from algae not crude bovine • Gives skin its bounce back • Great as an eye cream and around the mouth

  18. Skin Enhancer • Most powerful skin product in range • Nourishes and regenerates the skin • Enriched with vitamins, enzymes and nutrients • Penetrate deeply into the skin cells

  19. Night Science • Jam packed with luscious nutrients (mushroom extracts) • Intensively nourishes, moisturises and hydrates the skin • Works alongside the body’s natural repair systems • Used nightly, combats pollution and sun damage

  20. Resurrection Bio-Mist™

  21. Haberlea Rhodopensis Leaf Extract

  22. Haberlea Rhodopensis Leaf Extract

  23. Resurrection Bio-Mist™ • a breakthrough in: • Skin revitalization and tone • Accumulation of beneficial antioxidants • Maintenance of nutrients in skin • Improved moisture content resulting in a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and improvement in your skin’s suppleness

  24. Resurrection Bio-Mist™ Bad Stuff: Irritants that rob your skin’s natural moisture Good Stuff: Natural moisture and oils

  25. Resurrection Bio-Mist™ Protection created when Resurrection Bio-Mist is applied to your skin

  26. Resurrection Bio-Mist™ In order for your skin’s proteins to maintain proper structure, a layer of water should continuously surround them. Tests have shown that substances such as those found in resurrection plants, can form a protective layer of water around those proteins.

  27. Resurrection Bio-Mist™ Improvement on Skin Wrinkles after two-week treatment with placebo cream with 3% Resurrection Plant Serum cream Skin appearance is dramatically improved, showing a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and a significant improvement of suppleness.

  28. Resurrection Bio-Mist™

  29. H2O Bio-Mist EL-P Nu-cell Apricots Soaking in Various Products

  30. H2O Bio-Mist EL-P Nu-cell After 8 Hours of Re-hydration

  31. H2O Bio-Mist EL-P Nu-cell After 5 Hours of Dehydration

  32. Bio-Mist H2O Nu-cell EL-P After 36 Hours of Dehydration

  33. Dare to Compare the Industry’s Top Moisturizers and Re-hydration Products

  34. Resurrection Bio-Mist™ • Formulated with a mild, natural botanical scent that vanishes two to three minutes after application of product. • Formulated to help the skin MAINTAIN its moisture - so be sure to drink eight glasses of water everyday and use this product in conjunction with other Neways skin care products.

  35. Important Points • Neways products cleanse and nourish all 3 layers of the skin • It is not uncommon to develop spots and blemishes during the first 90 days of using the products- this is detoxification • Pollution, bacteria and other toxins are held deep within the skin layers, Neways products pull them out of your skin

  36. Transform Your Skin System

  37. Morning Milky cleanser Eliminator Wrinkle Garde BioMist Evening Milky Cleanser Eliminator Wrinkle Garde Night Science Biomist Part 1- 6 weeks

  38. Morning Milky Cleanser Eliminator Wrinkle Garde Circles and Lines Retention Plus Biomist Evening Milky Cleanser Eliminator Wrinkle Garde Circles and Lines Retention Plus Night Science Biomist Part 2 – 6 Weeks

  39. Morning Milky Cleanser Eliminator Wrinkle Garde Retention Plus Circles and Lines Skin Enhancer Biomist Evening Milky Cleanser Eliminator Wrinkle Garde Retention Plus Circles and Lines Night Science Biomist Part 3 – 6 weeks +

  40. Additional Skin Care Products