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Endnote, book

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Endnote, book
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Endnote, book

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  1. 2 examples of a secondary source Endnote, book Bibliography, Documentation Quote, book Coal water

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  4. What was the agricultural revolution? Humans started hunting and gathering instead of farming Humans started hunting animals Humans started farming instead of hunting and gathering Humans started fishing

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  7. What question would a historian not ask when evaluating a source? How the source was produced Why the source was produced When the source was produced Where the source was produced

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  10. What is an example of a Fossil? a metal bowl An imprint of a plant, animal or human. a painting None of the above

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  13. What is a Primary Source? Written records of human events Cleaning, organizing, and storing artifacts The place where the information was found A source that was created at the time of the event

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  16. Stories passed down by word of mouth is Prehistory History Oral Tradition Social Class

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  19. What was the Iceman’s axe made out of? Copper Metal Iron Wood

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  22. What does the law of superposition state? If an object if 5 feet below the surface or higher, it is less than a thousand years old. Artifacts at the bottom layer of the Earth can be the same age as artifacts found at the top layers. Artifacts found in higher layers in the ground are the oldest, and artifacts found in the bottom layers of the Earth are newer. Artifacts in the bottom layers of the Earth are the oldest, and the ones found near the top are the newest.

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  25. the term Paleolithic means New Stone Age Middle Stone Age Old Stone Age Rock of Ages

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  28. Events that took place before the invention of writing are known as Prehistory History Archaeology Primary Sources

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  31. Measuring the amount of Carbon 14 in once living things to determine the age of the material is known as Cultural Dating Dendrochronology Radio Carbon Dating Isotope Measuring

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  34. Nomadic people get there food by Agriculture & Fishing Farming & Herding Fishing & Herding Hunting & Gathering

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  37. The New Stone age is often called The Mesolithic Era The Neolithic Era Paleolithic Era The Mesozoic Era

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  40. What professional is dedicated to studying the written record of humans Historian Anthropologist Archaeologist Paleotologist

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  43. The study of what is ancient History Botony Archaeology Anthropolgy

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  46. The abbreviation B.C.E. stands for Before Christian Era Before Common Era Before Cenozoic Era None of the above

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  49. A professional dedicated to the study of ancient people & artifacts is known as a(n) Anthropologist Historian Paleotologist Archaeologist

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