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EDI- The “IT” Thing!

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EDI- The “IT” Thing! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EDI (or Electronic Data Interchange) is the interchange of the structured data by agreed message standards, from one computer to another. Read more!

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EDI- The “IT” Thing!

EDI (or Electronic Data Interchange) is the interchange of the structured data by agreed message

standards, from one computer to another. It allows routine business transactions between computers.

EDI can bring strategic, operational, and provide opportunity benefits to the organisations which

obviously mean faster processes, reduced cables; improved cash flows et al. Not to mention these

transactions are secure. It seems as though everything is done electronically. Correspondence is

performed through emails businesses communicate with one another by sending forms and bills from

one computer to another. It would be incorrect to say that EDI means simply shooting emails back and


It has come to encompass sending bills, cheques and other important documents with proper

formatting. An exchange from person to person via a USB can also be called as a form of EDI. The biggest

feature of this EDI is that human interaction is when involved when one has to do some proofreading or

error correction. The two parties involved in the process are trading partners. The trading partners are

responsible for conferring with each other about the forms to be sent and the purpose that they serve.

This one of the few occasions on which there is a human interaction involved.

Shipping and billing mistakes are eradicated in the EDI format. The sender’s and receivers’ respective

computers will reconcile any discrepancies, and the process then can continue. The EDI technology not

only reduces costly errors but a great deal of time is saved by eliminating the need for huge amounts of

paper. Since all data and transactions are stored electronically, there is no need for any record keeping

and maintenance. It saves time and money, not to mention the inventory involved. There is no more

pouring over scads of information that could take hours.

EDI continues to prove its major business value by lowering costs, improving speeds, accuracy and

business efficiency. The greatest of the benefits come at the strategic level. Such is the quantum of the

transaction is that they amount to 20 billion per year and are still growing. For buyers, that handle

numerous transactions, using EDI can result in millions of dollars of annual savings due to early payment

discounts. From a financial perspective alone, there are impressive benefits of implementing this

process. Needless to say, it improves transaction speed and visibility while decreasing the amount of

money you can spend on manual processes.

EDI can speed up your business cycle by 61%. Exchanges transactions in minutes instead of days. It

improves data quality, reducing at least 30-40% of the reduction in the transaction errors. It can also

reduce order to cash cycle time by more than 40%, improving business partners transactions and

relationships. Automative paper-based task allows you to concentrate on higher priority tasks and

provides them with tools to be more productive. Quick processing of accurate business documents leads

to less re-working of orders, fewer stock outs and fewer cancelled orders. Shortening the order process

reduction of inventory levels.



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