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TNO Innovative drying setup PowerPoint Presentation
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TNO Innovative drying setup

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TNO Innovative drying setup - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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moisture removal from wet drying air via zeolite technology. monodisperse droplet generation via printing technology. TNO Innovative drying setup. drying tower designed specifically for printed droplets. product collection: monodisperse, dry particles. Powder production via printing.

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Presentation Transcript

moisture removal from wet drying air

via zeolite technology

monodisperse droplet generation

via printing technology


Innovative drying setup

drying tower designed

specifically for printed droplets

product collection:

monodisperse, dry particles

powder production via printing
Powder production via printing





are dried in

a tower



is obtained

high viscosity

printing head

(inkjet type)

advantages of printing powders
Advantages of printing powders

Energy saving

start from high solid content product stream

optimal drying conditions due to monodisperse drops

Optimal powders

monodisperse powders (tunable size)

homogeneous product properties (miscibility, flowability, dissolution)

no fines (less downtime, no product loss)

high density powders possible


wide range of product streams can be used

mild process: very low shear (compared to spray drying)

drying with zeolite technology
Drying with zeolite technology

recycle dry processing air



drying disk

water removal

zeolite sorption dryer unit

installed at Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier.

super heated steam

cooling air

water removal

wet processing air



dry air

advantages of zeolite sorption drying
Advantages of zeolite sorption drying

Energy saving

efficient drying due to use of zeolites and super heated steam

Optimal conditions

drying air with stabile, low water content (Aw) possible

no longer dependent on atmospheric conditions (outside air)

closed loop possible

reduced compound loss (e.g. fragrances)

other drying gasses possible (e.g. N2)

less/no scrubbers or filters needed


can be combined with existing processes (e.g. spray drying)

powder production via innovative drying
Powder production via innovative drying…

…can result in high performance, well defined powder products.

… can result in significant increases in production volume or alternatively a reduction in plant size.

…allows significant energy savings to be made on various points of the process.

For more information contact Mr. Daniël van der Linden / +31 88 866 54 04