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School Project Administration. Indus Integrated Information Management Limited. The Project: To impart learning service at Government aided Schools For school students in Class VI to XII -Curriculum is provided by School Education Department Govt. of West Bengal.

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School project administration

School Project Administration

Indus Integrated Information Management Limited

School project administration

The Project:

To impart learning service at Government aided Schools

For school students in Class VI to XII

-Curriculum is provided by School Education Department

Govt. of West Bengal.

The scale of operation is broken down in phases where in

each phase there are 100 schools.

As Delivery partner of IBM we are responsible for learning service

Delivery in 400 schools currently.

School project administration

  • The Challenge:

  • Expected number of students is between 30,000 to 40,000 per

  • 100 schools.

  • -Onsite delivery of service across the length & breadth

  • of the state of West Bengal.

  • Associated Workload of managing a work force of 586

  • men/women involved in the delivery process.

  • To adapt to the varied demography, Socio-economic & cultural

  • parameters of different regions.

  • -To ensure customer delight.

School project administration

  • Success:

  • High level of Customer satisfaction and viability.

  • Course material in vernacular for all standards.

  • Deployment & retention of a highly motivated team for the L.S. delivery process,

  • Total No. 528 quality faculties are deployed at school level.

  • Total No.33 Sr./Proj.Exe with MCA/BE are deployed at cluster level.

  • Imparting quality IT-training in West-Bengal.

  • Quality of delivery ensured through carefully selected faculties and teach-the-

  • trainer program.

  • So far approximately 161,000 students has been trained, evaluated & certified by the program (largest L.S. Project in APAC by IBM).

-Looking forward to increased span of operation by some multiple

of current number of schools by the end of this academic session.

School project administration

Recruitment Process:

Publication of Advertisement in Local News Papers

Collection and Short listing of CVs

Conduct Decentralized Technical & Personality Interview through out the State

Conduct Decentralized Written Test through out the State

Final Selection and Issuing the Offer Letter to the Right Candidate

80 Hrs Teacher’s Training Program for the Selected Candidate

Deployment of Successful Candidates to Schools

School project administration






Sr. Faculty

Sr. Faculty

Sr. Project Ex.

Ex. Faculty

Ex. Faculty

Project Ex.






Project Coordinator

Delivery Structure

Cluster Plan

School project administration

Project Director

Project Manager

Account Manager

Project Coordinator


Project Team Hierarchy:

Account Executive

School project administration

Roles & Responsibilities:

Project Manager

Monitor the activities of Project Coordinators and ensure adherence to applicable SLA’s, including:

  • Faculty Availability

  • Faculty Delivery Quality

  • Own and resolve customer sat issues arising out of implementers’ responsibilities.

  • Liaison with Customer Administration organization to follow up Payments

  • and other procedural matters.

  • Own and resolve issues of support from school administration that are not resolved

  • at local level.

  • Adherence to Curriculum Delivery Schedules

  • Participate in all IBM Project reviews

  • Participate in all reviews with Customer.

  • Ensure accurate and authenticated billing from

  • Implementation Partner to IBM as per agreed terms.

School project administration

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Responsibilities of Sr. Project Executive

  • Maintain daily track of Faculty deployed in the schools under his charge.

  • üSubstitute for Faculty who are absent/on leave.

  • üEscalate and arrange for replacement where such substitution is not possible.

  • üReceive, review and maintain weekly reports from Faculties.

  • üProvide technical support to Faculties as required.

  • üCompile monthly reports, get the same endorsed from School Administration and

  • forward to Project Office.

  • üTaking at least 20 classes in a week.

  • üReporting to Project coordinator

  • üDelivery monitoring & assessment.

  • üTroubleshooting & Feedback collections.

School project administration

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Responsibilities of Project Executive

  • üResponsible for taking emergency classes in the absence of regular faculties &

  • Coordinating operation as directed by Sr. Faculty.

  • üTaking at least 20 classes per week.

  • üCollection of Student Feedback & Summarising.

  • üExamination / Result Coordination.

  • üActing as a deputy to Sr. Faculty.

  • üMonthly Payment follow-up at each school under his purview, and escalate to Sr.

  • Instructor/Project Coordinator in the event of any delay/shortfall fees collection by the

  • school administration.

School project administration

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Faculty Responsibilities:

  • Each Faculty will carry out the following duties:

  • üConduct classes as per curriculum and timetable drawn up.

  • üSupervise Lab Practice sessions.

  • üConduct Tests quizzes and examinations, collect and correct answer sheets.

  • üPrepare and put up mark-lists.

  • üReport matters of discipline (irregular attendance, improper behavior etc.) or any other difficulty

  • encountered

  • üArrange for appropriate certification from IBM and distribute certificates

  • üInstructor will conduct a ‘Teach the Trainer’ program for select school faculty.

  • üFaculty will compile weekly reports with details of classes conducted, portions completed,

  • tests held etc. and submit the same to Sr. Faculty.

School project administration

  • Detail Of Duty Hours

  • Assumptions:

  • üFor 100 schools proposed in this project, we assume that there are 2 sections per

  • class i.e.,14 units per school (VI – XII).

  • üKeeping in line with the spirit of Government of West Bengal Notification No. 772-Edn(s)

  • dated 08-07-74.

  • “The teaching load for a teacher should normally be 36 periods per week.”

  • üThere are 50-roll strength per unit.

School project administration








1 no. Full Time

1 no. Sr. Proj ex.


1 No Proj. ex.

will also take classes


For each school,

Note :

 1.For tutorial of additional subjects of class 9 & 10 as well as Computer Science Programme for class XI & XII, the faculty can be

deployed for a maximum of 12 hours per week. The faculty will execute taking of these classes with direct support from the

Sr. Proj ex. & Proj. ex.

2. If the no. of units exceed 12 with enrollment increasing proportionately, the scope of deploying faculty will be

definitely increased accordingly.

School project administration

Quality Assurance

Close Monitoring of Delivery process

Exhaustive teach the trainer program prior to delivery

Quality Manpower

Online Communication Through internet technology with

Delivery points

School project administration

Escalation Procedure

Sr./Proj. ex. Polls every faculty

Under him/her in the morning


If the faculty has come

No problem



If Proj ex.

can replace him

Replacement is sent within 2 hours


Sr/ex. Informs

project coordinator

Replacement is sent from other

Nearby clusters within 1 day

School project administration

Quality Assurance

  • Qualification & Experience:

  • ·Faculty : Graduate with Diploma in Computer science

  • Or, A graduate in Computer Science from a recognized university

  • · ProjectExecutive: Recognized degree/diploma like B.E.,MCA etc

  • & at least 1 years experience in teaching IT subjects

  • ·Sr. Project Executive: Recognized degree/diploma like B.E.,MCA etc at least 2 years

    • experience in teaching IT subjects

  • ·All Faculties with ability to teach in English/Bengali/Hindi/Urdu as required.

  • School project administration

    Quality Assurance

    The Lead Team:

    School project administration

    Quality Assurance

    • Tracking Items:

    • The items that will be tracked are the following:

    • ·Curriculum related (books, coverage, tests, labs, etc.)

    • ·Student related (exceptionally good / bad, scholarship, curriculum related)

    • ·Faculty related (Subject matter competence, delivery skills, student handling, punctuality, leave and absenteeism,

    • cooperation with other faculties)

    • ·School related (System availability, support facilities, a/c, power supply)

    • ·Cluster related (Faculty availability, reporting discipline)

    • ·Certificate management (availability in time, accuracy)

    School project administration

    Examination Process:

    Preparation of multiple sets of MCQ type question papers. Total marks will be 70 for Theory and 30 for Practical

    Moderation of question papers by IBM

    Communication to the Schools for Conducting Examination.

    Printing of question paper as per the registration figure.

    Send Sealed Question Papers and Answer Sheet to the School

    Conduct the Examination at School.

    3 layer check by PE,TIC and HM and send the collated result for Certificate Printing

    Collection of Answer Sheet and distribute the copies within the Cluster for checking.

    Distribution of Certificate to the Successful Candidates

    School project administration

    Quality Assurance

    • ·Customer Satisfaction shall be measured on the basis of monthly reports

    • from the school. Satisfaction rating will be computed according to

    • IBM’s Net Satisfaction Index as under:

    • ·Very Satisfied :85%

    • ·Satisfied :75%

    • ·Neither / Nor :50%

    • ·Dissatisfied :25%

    • · Very Dissatisfied :0%

    • The basis of the ratings are as under:

      • Instructor Communication

      • Punctuality

      • Class Discipline

      • Behavior & Presentation

      • Overall Satisfaction

    IIIM LTD school project team has the credit of achieving 98 % IBM’s Net Satisfaction Index.

    School project administration


    • Quality monitoring through IBM project management process by Project

    • Management Team.

    • Quality of delivery ensured through carefully selected faculties

    • and teach-the-trainer programme.

    • Ensured faculty availability across the geography and throughout

    • the curriculum.

    • Distributed control close to delivery point through cluster

    • Architecture.

    • Motivation of the faculties ensured through good pay package,

    • Insurance cover, provident fund and performance guided

    • Incentives along with definite career growth path.

    • Experienced leadership to ensure quality and viability.

    • Ensure 100% uptime of machines through IBM help desk and support.

    • Delivery supported by text books in students mother tongue Bengali.