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Scodoo - School Administration System

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Scodoo - School Administration System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AUTOMATE PROCESSES, MANAGE RESOURCES, TRACK OPERATIONS Online services, invoicing, fee payment, school stores & more. Digital workflows for paperless administration of your schools, Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards to track key operational metrics, Track budgets, IFRS standard accounting, HR & Employee portals, payroll, legal & compliance and more…

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scodoo school administration software


Automate your school with

enterprise class ERP solution

what is scodoo
What is SCODOO?
  • SCODOO a quality cloud hosted school administration software that meet the needs of school. Certain features of this software reveal it can provide great academic experience.
  • It is used to manage student enrollment, fee management, purchase, store, library, payroll & more.
what scodoo has
What SCODOO has?
  • Scodoo has 25 core modules, Each can be developed according the requirments of the schools.
  • Different Access Rights to person’s handling the scodoo – Leaders, Principal and Employee’s.
  • Accounts Security – Persons who has permissions to see the accounting details / workflow of the school.
  • Handling Admission process, Payroll, Human Resource, Employee Management etc..
why scodoo
  • Go Paperless – Automate your School Administrative Process Online from Anywhere & Anytime.
  • Engage with Parents Online – Parents can fill their children’s admission form online, Pay school fee online, track the grade of their child’s from their home.
  • Flexible Fee Invoicing – Parent can pay their child school fee in instalments and invoice will generated for the fee payment.
  • Monitor School Budget – Leaders can monitor and manage the budget and accounting of the school easily.
features of scodoo
Features of SCODOO:
  • Human Resource Management
  • Flexible School Fee Management
  • Student Registration / Re-Registration
  • Student Data Management
  • Student Performance Tracking
  • Employee Management System
more crafted features
More Crafted Features:
  • Library Management System
  • School Bus Tracking System
  • Sales & Accounting
  • Biometric Attendance Management
  • Cloud based Data Security
  • Parent Communication and more
scodoo trusted by many international schools
SCODOO Trusted by Many International Schools

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