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Co-Teaching Pilot. Elaine Neugebauer Marianne Trachok November, 2009. PPS Vision and Mission Statement. Vision: Excellence for All PPS Mission Statement - The PPS will be one of America’s premier school districts, student-focused, well-managed, and innovative.

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Co teaching pilot

Co-Teaching Pilot

Elaine Neugebauer

Marianne Trachok

November, 2009

Pps vision and mission statement
PPS Vision and Mission Statement

  • Vision: Excellence for All

  • PPS Mission Statement

    - The PPS will be one of America’s premier school districts, student-focused, well-managed, and innovative.

    - We will hold ourselves accountable for preparing all children to achieve academic excellence and strength of character, so they have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life.

  • Professional Development Mission Statement

    - To provide high quality Professional Development to the learning community of the PPS that supports the District’s Excellence for All Strategies and is aligned with the National Professional Development Standards to support and enhance research based instruction for all students.

Pattan s mission
PaTTAN’s Mission

The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Education working in partnership with families and local education agencies to support programs and services to improve student learning and achievement.

Pde s commitment to least restrictive environment lre
PDE’s Commitment to Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

Our goal for each child is to ensure IEP teams begin with the general education setting with the use of supplementary aids and services before considering a more restrictive environment.

Today s objectives
Today’s Objectives

Participants will…

Review advantages to co-teaching

Explore fundamentals of co-teaching

Compare the active roles of co teachers in the co-taught classroom

Discuss the benefits to the collaborative teaching rubric

Review the instructional planning meeting document

Ice breaker activity
Ice-Breaker Activity

  • Each person chooses two advantages to co-teaching (general educator / special educator)

  • Choices are shared with partners

  • Teams choose two advantages of co-teaching for students

  • A list of advantages to co-teaching commonalities is developed and noted on a post-it

  • Post-its are placed on large post it for sharing

Fundamentals of co teaching
Fundamentals of Co-teaching

  • Yours, Mine or Ours?

  • Who Grades Student Work?

  • Where’s my Space?

  • What about Parents?

  • When Do We Plan?


Identify co teaching models described in each scenario…

  • Station Teaching

  • Support Teaching

  • Team Teaching

  • Large group / Small group Teaching

  • Parallel Teaching

Collaborative teaching rubric four corners activity
Collaborative Teaching RubricFour Corners Activity

  • Lesson Presentation

  • Student Interaction

  • Physical Characteristics

  • Communication

  • Student Focus

  • Discipline in the Class

  • Lesson Development

Co teaching series
Co-teaching Series

  • Team Planning Worksheet

  • Briefly summarize the areas/issues that need to be addressed and/or improved upon.

  • Complete the table with your partner.

Be an active co teacher gloria lodato wilson
Be an Active Co-Teacher---Gloria Lodato Wilson

Please review the article in pairs (even – odd) and share information with a partner.

  • Graze

  • Poke, Prod, and Cue

  • Land

  • Target

  • Pair up

  • Form a mini group

  • Observe Student Behaviors

  • Observe Student Questions

  • Etc., etc, etc……

Co teaching in the classroom
Co-teaching in the Classroom:

Active Roles

Card Sort Activity

If one person is doing this…….

The other person can be doing this……

Touch base planning
Touch Base Planning

Co teachers should carve out thirty minutes each week to reflect on “teaching and learning” of the class.

Discuss reflections

Student profiles
Student Profiles

  • Final Grades

  • Summative Data Reading and Math

  • Benchmark Data

  • IEP Goals

Instructional planning meeting
Instructional Planning Meeting

  • Set Agenda

  • What has the student learned this week?

  • Announcements

  • Instructional Planning

  • To do’s for next meeting

Video marilyn friend
Video: Marilyn Friend

  • Watch the video description of co teaching approaches.

  • Reflect on the examples of coteaching with your partner.

Strategies for finding co planning time
Strategies for Finding Co-planning Time

Use other adult to help cover classes

Find funds for substitute teachers

Experiment with late arrival and early dismissal days

Stay late once a month

Reduce other work to save time to meet

National Institute for Urban School Improvement, 2005

Co teaching best practices
Co-teaching: best practices

Attend co-teaching workshops together as a team

Find co-planning time

Decide content and how it will be taught

Help to design instructional alternatives

Listen actively and share decisions

Try different co-teaching configurations

A guide to co teaching
A Guide to Co-Teaching

Richard Villa

For next time…..

  • Read Chapters 2 & 3

  • Day-to Day Workings of Co-Teaching Teams

  • Supportive Teaching

  • Pay particular attention to frequently asked questions on pages 25 & 26



Thank you for your attention and enthusiasm concerning co-teaching

Share any concerns, thoughts and ideas with your partner concerning co-teaching.

December professional development
December Professional Development

Saturday, December 5 8:30 – 11:30 am


Thursday, December 10 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Contact information www pattan net

Elaine Neugebauer

[email protected]


Pittsburgh Public Schools

Marianne Trachok

[email protected]


Contact Information

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Edward G. Rendell, Governor

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Gerald L. Zahorchak, D.Ed., Secretary

Diane Castelbuono, Deputy Secretary

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

John J. Tommasini, Director

Bureau of Special Education

Patricia Hozella, Assistant Director

Bureau of Special Education