the case for vm based cloudlets in mobile computing n.
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The Case for VM-based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing PowerPoint Presentation
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The Case for VM-based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing

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The Case for VM-based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Source: IEEE Pervasive Computing, Vol. 8, Issue.4, Oct.2009, pp. 14 – 23 Author: Satyanarayanan, M. , Bahl, P. , Caceres, R. , Davies, N. Adviser: Chia-Nian Shyi Speaker: 趙家寬 Date: 2010/11/2. The Case for VM-based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing. Introduction.

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the case for vm based cloudlets in mobile computing

Source: IEEE Pervasive Computing, Vol. 8, Issue.4, Oct.2009, pp. 14 – 23

Author: Satyanarayanan, M. , Bahl, P. , Caceres, R. , Davies, N.

Adviser: Chia-Nian Shyi

Speaker: 趙家寬

Date: 2010/11/2

The Case for VM-based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing

  • We have developed the core concepts, techniques and mechanisms for mobile computing.
  • Mobile computing seamlessly augments the cognitive abilities of users.
    • Speech recognition
    • Natural language processing
    • Computer vision and graphics
    • Machine learning
    • Augmented reality
    • Planning and decision-making
  • Exploit virtual Machine (VM) technology to rapidly instantiate customized service software on a nearby cloudlet, then uses that service over a wireless LAN.
  • Cloudlet also simplifies the challenge of meeting bandwidth demand of multiple users, such as HD video and high-resolution images.
resource poor mobile hardware
Resource-Poor Mobile Hardware
  • Mobile hardware is necessarily resource-poor relative to static client and server hardware.
  • Improving size, weight and battery life are higher priorities than enhancing compute power.
  • Resource poverty is a major obstacle for many applications with the potential to seamlessly augment human cognition.
the limits of cloud computing
The Limits of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud computing - solution to the resource poverty of mobile devices.
  • Long WAN latencies are a fundamental obstacle.
  • WAN delays in the critical path of user interaction can hurt usability.
the limits of cloud computing1
The Limits of Cloud Computing
  • Lagar-Cavilla et al shows latency can negatively impact interactive response in spite of adequate bandwidth.
how cloudlets can help
How Cloudlets Can Help
  • Resource poverty of a mobile device can be addressed by using a nearby resource-rich cloudlet.
  • The end-to-end response time of applications executing in the cloudlet needs to be fast (few milliseconds) and predictable.
how cloudlets can help1
How Cloudlets Can Help
  • Cloudlets are decentralized and widely-dispersed Internet infrastructure.
how cloudlets can help2
How Cloudlets Can Help
  • A cloudlet only contains soft state such as cache copies of data or code that is available elsewhere.
transient cloudlet customization
Transient Cloudlet Customization
  • A key challenge is to simplify cloudlet management.
  • Solution is transient customization of cloudlet infrastructure using hardware virtual machine (VM) technology.
  • Pre-use customization and Post-use cleanup.
transient cloudlet customization1
Transient Cloudlet Customization
  • Two different approaches to delivering VM state to infrastructure.
  • VM migration approach
    • Already-executing VM is first suspended, processor, disk and memory state are then transferred, VM execution is resumed at the destination.
transient cloudlet customization2
Transient Cloudlet Customization
  • The other approach is called dynamic VM synthesis.
transient cloudlet customization3
Transient Cloudlet Customization
  • Dynamic VM synthesis differs cloud in two key ways. First its performance is determined solely by local resources:
    • Bandwidth to cloudlet
    • Compute power of the cloudlet
  • Second, WAN failures do not affect synthesis.
dynamic vm synthesis
Dynamic VM Synthesis
  • A proof-of-concept prototype called Kimberley.
  • The controller of the transient binding between mobile device and cloudlet called Kimberley Control Manager (KCM).
dynamic vm synthesis1
Dynamic VM Synthesis
  • The first step in the binding sequence is the establishment of a secure TCP tunnel using SSL between KCM on a device and a cloudlet.
  • After successful authentication, the cloudlet KCM executes a command that fetches the VM overlay from the mobile device.
dynamic vm synthesis2
Dynamic VM Synthesis
  • Decrypts and decompresses it, and applies the overlay to the base VM.
  • The VM is then launched, and is ready to provide services to the mobile device.
dynamic vm synthesis3
Dynamic VM Synthesis
  • For use in cloudlets, rapid VM synthesis is important.
  • Cloudlet handoffs should be as rapid, invisible and seamless.
dynamic vm synthesis4
Dynamic VM Synthesis
  • Significant improvement is needed for real-world deployment.
  • The major contributors to VM synthesis time are (a) overlay transmission and (b) decompressing and applying the overlay on the cloudlet.
dynamic vm synthesis5
Dynamic VM Synthesis
  • To reduce decompression and overlay application times, can exploit parallelism.
  • Partitioning the VM image into four parts will allow a four-core cloudlet to synthesize the parts.
  • Resource poverty is a fundamental constraint.
  • A vision of mobile computing that breaks free of this fundamental constraint.
  • Mobile users seamlessly utilize nearby computers to obtain the resource benefits of cloud computing without incurring WAN delays and jitter.