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PPF Project Final Presentation. PPF Project Final Presentation. Matthew Brune Katie Trujillo Darrien Furr Anne Paradise Colin Fitzgerald. Intro:.

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PPF Project Final Presentation

PPF Project Final Presentation

Matthew BruneKatie Trujillo

Darrien Furr

Anne Paradise

Colin Fitzgerald


Main Purpose of Presentation: showcase our team’s work over the semester, our team’s accomplishments, and what we learned about teamwork-What We Will Cover:- Community Partnerships - Community Involvement - Earth Day Theme

- Float Design

- Creativity

- Sustainability

- Teamwork

Main purpose of project: Gain valuable experience working as part of a team and raise awareness for the Year of the Bat

Community Partners:

Taylor Elementary School

-Arranged to come in and talk to 2 classes (40 students)- Classroom Activities (Bat Masks, Bat Facts)- Sent home a word searchand permission slip to come to Earth Day Parade-One student marched and handed out facts on Earth Day!

-Met with Education Curator, Gail Janeczek-Year of the Bat- E-mail verification of facts/info-Rep went to parade to march with us-Anne volunteered during school vacation week

Community Involvement:

-Approx. 40 New Bedford students and families with wordsearch and friends- Few UMass friends (2)- Earth Day parade onlookers received 30 bat facts

Earth Day Theme:

Mission: Year of the BatRaise awareness of the importance of Bats and White Nose Syndrome; a disease that has been associated with the deaths of over 5.5 million bats in North AmericaHelped the Buttonwood Park Zoo send its Year of the Bat messageto New Bedford community schools through information sessions, creative activities, crossword puzzles, bat fact handouts, and the visual presentation of our float at the parade!


-No harm to the environment (100 % recycled material float)Lasting Effects: -Team Unity (lasting within UMD and NB communities)- Information and awareness raised- Bat House/Bat Garden on Campus (recycled) (Bats eat  Insects eat  Plants in garden- Generating contact with others trying to accomplish similar goals (Chance Perks)

On Campus Bat House/ Garden:

- Recycled bat house- Built behind DellWest housing on UMD Campus- Designed as a place for bats to nest close to water and food- Seeded plants in garden that attract insects that bats eat-Sustainable project that will remain on campus for years to come


-Thinking “Outside the Box”- Year of the Bat  Batman- Batman Symbol, highly recognizable- Float design- Float materials (what to use, where to get it- Who to work with, how to send their message-Wiki design/Image

Team Work:

Katie Role: Team LeaderSkills: Leadership, Community Service, Organized, Time Management, CommunicationAnneRole: Team SecretarySkills: Time Management, Communication, Problem Solving, ResourcefulDarrienRole: Schedule CoordinatorSkills: Leadership, Listening Skills, Accountability, Easy-going, Pays attention to detailColinRole: Team AdviserSkills: Leadership, Communication, Community Building, Construction, CreativityMattRole: Float CoordinatorSkills: Design/Art, Communication, Leadership, Creativity, Carpentry, Materials

Delegation of Roles Based on Strengths of each Team Member

Teamwork: Lessons Learned

1. Majority of the group willing to do anything for the group

2. Motivation and morale were always upbeat when we were at meetings

3. Developed trust over time, and set and obtained realistic goals based on learned accountability

4. Majority of the group is willing to help each other out and assist with things such as edits

5. Group involvement, unity, and having all group members present


What We Accomplished:- Raised awareness for Bats/White Nose Syndrome- Worked with community partners Buttonwood Park Zoo and Taylor Elementary- Designed and built float using 100% recycled materials- Marched in Earth Day Parade-Built an on campus, sustainable bat house and garden- Maintained and uploaded Wiki website featuring updates and class assignments- Gained valuable experience working in teams- Learned what it takes to succeed in a team environment- Learned about our own strengths and weaknesses as team members- Improved those skills and became excellent team members!Symbolic Meaning: Gotham City signals the bat symbol when they are in need; we used it as a representation of how the city of New Bedford needed us and we answered their call!