New senior secondary nss academic structure
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New Senior Secondary (NSS) Academic Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An introduction. New Senior Secondary (NSS) Academic Structure. S4 : 2009-2010 S5 : 2010-2011 S6 : 2011-2012. An introduction. Whole Curriculum Framework School’s plan Universities’ minimum entrance requirements Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination

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New senior secondary nss academic structure

An introduction

New Senior Secondary (NSS) Academic Structure

S4 : 2009-2010

S5 : 2010-2011

S6 : 2011-2012

An introduction
An introduction

  • Whole Curriculum Framework

  • School’s plan

  • Universities’ minimum entrance requirements

  • Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination

  • Student Learning Profile (SLP)

  • Useful links

1 the whole curriculum framework

2-3 Elective Subjects out of 20 subjects or out of courses in career-oriented studies (Applied Learning)


Other Learning Experiencesincluding moral and civic education, community service, aesthetic and physical development, career-related experiences


Physical & Aesthetic Development

Moral and Civic Education

Career-related Experiences

Intellectual Development

Community Service

1. The Whole Curriculum Framework

4 Core Subjects: Chinese Language,

English Language,


Liberal Studies (LS)



New senior secondary nss academic structure

The Conceptual Framework of Other Learning Experiences in New Senior Secondary Curriculum


Mass Media

Suggested forms of experience

※ Discussion in class teacher periods

※Participation in student organizations

※National education courses/programmes ※ School assemblies

Suggested forms of experience

※ Learning different art forms through formal lessons

※ Community arts activities such as attending concerts, visiting art galleries and museums



Moral and Civic Education

Aesthetic Development

To become active, informed and responsible citizens

To develop career aspirations and positive work ethics

Five Core


(e.g. Perseverance, Respect for Others, Responsibility, National Identity, Commitment)

Generic Skills

(e.g. Creativity,Collaborationskills, etc.)


To adopt a

healthy living style

Social Service Organizations and Groups

To respect for plural values

Natural Environment

Suggested forms of experience

※ Workplace guided visit ※ Job shadowing

※ School-Business partnership programme ※ Career talks

※ Project learning on future careers

Physical Development

Career-related Experiences

Suggested forms of experience

※ Structured PE lessons

※ Sports days

Community Service


Religious Organizations

Suggested forms of experience

※ Visit the centres for the deprived communities

※ Be a member in a uniformed group regularly serving the community

※ Clean HK campaigns

Industrial and Commercial Organizations


From Education Bureau

Other learning experiences ole
Other Learning Experiences (OLE) New Senior Secondary Curriculum

  • Suggested time allocation breakdown over 3 years

2 school s plan
2. School’s Plan New Senior Secondary Curriculum

  • Core subjects

    • English Language

    • Chinese language or one foreign language

    • Liberal Studies (LS)

    • Mathematics

      • Compulsory Part

      • Extended Modules (optional)

Elective subjects to be offered in nssc 2009 2010 tentative
Elective subjects to be offered in NSSC 2009-2010 (Tentative)

Personal, Social and Humanities Education

  • Geography

  • Economics

  • Tourism & Hospitality Studies (THS)

  • Chinese History

  • History

    Technology Education

  • Business, Accounting and Financial Studies

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Technology and Living (formerly Home Economics)

Elective … (Tentative)

Science Education

  • Biology (NOT choose this with Combined Science (Bio + …) )

  • Chemistry (NOT choose this with Combined Science (Chem + ) )

  • Physics (NOT choose this with Combined Science (Phy + …) )

  • Combined Science

    • Bio+Chem

    • Chem+Phy Choose only one

    • Bio+Phy

Applied learning
Applied Learning (Tentative)

  • Enabling students to understand fundamental concepts & theories through application & practice, & to develop their generic skills in authentic context

  • Six areas of studies

    • Applied Science;

    • Business, Management and Law;

    • Creative Studies;

    • Engineering and Production;

    • Media and Communication;

    • Services.

  • Provided by other institutions

  • S5 & S6

Actions by school
Actions by school (Tentative)

  • Week-based time table will be adopted in 08/09

  • Some rooms will be converted to make more classrooms available

  • Teachers are actively receiving trainings on NSS

  • Subject departments have drawn up plans to prepare for the changes

Actions by school1
Actions by school (Tentative)

  • S.1 & S.2 students are learning to prepare their SLPs

  • Talks & displays on NSS for parents were held

  • Preliminary survey of parents’ preference on electives was conducted

3 universities minimum entrance requirements
3. Universities’ minimum entrance requirements (Tentative)

*Individual programmes may have additional requirements. **X = Elective

University entrance requirements updated 18 2 08
University Entrance requirements updated 18.2.08 (Tentative)

  • Specific requirements for certain courses / faculties:

    • Engineering / Science / Finance / Actuarial Science Extended Module of Mathematics

    • Engineering / Science / Medicine / Health Studies / Dental / Nursing / Bioinformatics / Sports Science & Leisure Management / Speech & Hearing Sciences Science subjects

    • For details, click 

Languages other than chinese
Languages other than Chinese (Tentative)

  • Universities would continue their current practice of accepting other languages as an alternative to Chinese Language under the new “334” structure.

  • Some institutions will consider other languages only if an applicant has not taken Chinese Language.

4 hong kong diploma of secondary education hkdse examination
4. Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination

  • Standards-referencing: reporting candidates' results against a set of descriptors, indicating the standards achieved in terms of knowledge and skills regardless of the performance of the other candidates taking the same examination.

  • School Based Assessment (SBA)

  • 5 levels of performance: 5 = highest & 1 = lowest

  • The Level 5 candidates with the best performance will be awarded a 5**, and the next top group awarded a 5*

  • A performance below Level 1 = "Unclassified“

5 student learning profile slp
5. Student Learning Profile (SLP) examination

  • What would be in the SLP? e.g.

    • Personal particulars of the student

    • School internal results (i.e. from school report cards)

    • Basic information of Other Learning Experiences

    • List of major awards and achievements gained

    • ‘Student’s Self-Account’

New senior secondary nss academic structure

Aims of the SLP: examination

  • Reflects a concern for whole-person development

  • To motivate learning and engagement

  • To recognize non-academic achievements

  • To give employers and higher education institutions a more complete picture of the individual and his/her achievements

Our S.1 and S.2 students are now preparing their SLPs

6 useful links
6. Useful links examination

  • NSS School Information Network

  • H.K.Examinations & Assessment Authority

  • Education Bureau

  • Talks for parents

New senior secondary nss academic structure

Thank you examination