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Data can tell us stories PowerPoint Presentation
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Data can tell us stories

Data can tell us stories

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Data can tell us stories

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  1. IAOS Conference Kiev 12 - 14 September 2012 Data can tell us stories New approaches for an effective e-dissemination of statistics Enrico Giovannini* *ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

  2. Outline • Objectives • Main features of “Noi Italia” • Selection of contents • Multi-medial dissemination • An overview of “Noi Italia 2012 • 100 indicators to understand the country we live in” • - The results of dissemination 2

  3. Objectives • To comply with the below statement of the Code of Practice for European statistics: • “European Statistics should be presented in a clear and understandable form, disseminated in a suitable and convenient manner, available and accessible on an impartial basis with supporting metadata and guidance” • To give users an overview of the most important social, economic and environmental aspects of the country in which they live. • To compare how Italy is positioned with respect to the other EUcountries and highlight regional differences within the national context. 3

  4. Main Features of Noi Italia “Noi Italia – 100 statistics to understand the country we live in” is: • A digital product available on web; • Based on factsheets (about 120) grouped in 19 thematic sectors. Each factsheet is realised following the 5Ws and one H principle in order to make up a story • Atool that allow usersto visualize dynamic graphs linked to the text. • Available in English version from the website . 4

  5. Selection of contents The indicators have been selected: • In order to provide a general framework for understanding the different economic, social, demographic and environmental aspects of Italy; • in view of the main targets defined in Europe 2020 strategy (former Lisbon strategy), to understand where Italy and the others European country are positioned about it. • considering the Community Support Framework (CSF), in order to analyse a development pathway and to reduce social hardship for the Italian southern regions. 5

  6. Multimedial Dissemination (1) • Results have been achieved through the use of a powerful and innovative data visualisation component (vislet eXplorer), based on widget technologies and on a GeoAnalytics Visualization tool, Statistics eXplorer(1) • Statistics eXplorer is a web compliant application which enables users: • to explore simultaneously spatial, temporal and multivariate data; • to discover interesting relationships; • to share their incremental discoveries with other people; • the dynamic object (vislet) has been integrated in a distributed Web environment (Typo 3). • (1) developed by NComVA AB (Norrköping Communicative Visual Analytics) a spin-off company from the Norrköping Visualization Centre at Linkoping University 6

  7. Multimedial Dissemination (2) 7

  8. An overview – The Home Page 119 factsheets are proposed, arranged in 19 thematic sectors ranging from economic, social, demographic to environmental fields  8

  9. An overview – The second level Spotlights on main topics  Topics per Sector Highlights on Sector 9

  10. An overview – The Factsheet level • Download area • graphs for all EU countries; • tables with the last years data for Italian regions (NutsUTS2); • map for Italian regions related to the most recent data; • time series for the indicators. Thematic topic at a glance • Metadata area • definition of indicators and measurements unit. Dynamic graph Comparison of EU countries Sources, Publications and Web links area Storytelling Embedding code Choropleth map Comparison of the Italian regions (Nuts2) Dynamic graph Dynamic Bar chart Time Series animation Embedding code Storytelling 10

  11. Thematic topic at a glance 11

  12. Download area Users can download: • time series indicators related to the Nuts2 level. • Nuts2 level comparison within the Italian territory through graphs, tables and maps. • European graphs and tables; 12

  13. Metadata area Metadata provided explain: • reference survey - main publications • description of how indicators are calculated, the reference legislation and the unit of measurement • institutions that collect data • some hyperlinks that enable users to further analyse aspects related to the indicators 13

  14. Comparison of EU countries – Dynamic Bar chart 14

  15. Comparisonof the Italian regions (Nuts2) – Dynamic Bar chart & Storytelling 15

  16. Comparison of the Italian regions (Nuts2) – Choropleth map & Storytelling 16

  17. Comparison of the Italian regions (Nuts2) – Time Series animation  17

  18. Comparison of the Italian regions (Nuts2) – Time Series animation 18

  19. Embedding code 19

  20. The results ofdissemination From January to August: Number of access: 133.856 Number of website visits: 1.445 Pages visited: 17.013 Broadband used 1.11 GB Poverty and Neet (Not in Education, Employment or Training) people were the most attractive themes for press and tv agency 231 news captured from press agency during the product’s presentation 20

  21. Dissemination Enhance the dissemination of Noi Italia to schools, in order to improve the statistical literacy of young generations NEXT STEPS: Upgrade the way to download files and dynamic graphs Possibility to share dynamic graphs on web English version available with dynamic graphs 21

  22. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Enrico Giovannini 22