smarter infrastructure for oil and gas n.
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Smarter Infrastructure For Oil and Gas PowerPoint Presentation
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Smarter Infrastructure For Oil and Gas

Smarter Infrastructure For Oil and Gas

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Smarter Infrastructure For Oil and Gas

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  1. Smarter Infrastructure For Oil and Gas SCADA - The Value and Existing Systems Phil Goulet, Vice President, Schneider Electric December 3, 2013

  2. SCADA Smart Infrastructure Objectives • From a SCADA Supplier Perspective, The Benefits of Internet Protocols Everywhere and Publish & Subscription of Data • Ease Of Implementation • Long Term Cost of Ownership Benefits, for Suppliers & Clients

  3. Schneider Electric – the global specialist in energy management billion € sales (last twelve months) of sales in new economies(last twelve months) people in 100+ countries of sales devoted to R&D Balanced geographies WesternEurope 32% North America 23% Asia Pacific27% Rest of World18% Diversified end markets Utilities & Infrastructure 24% Industrial & machines 22% Data centres 16% Non-residential buildings 29% Residential 9%

  4. Schneider Electric's SCADA Presence Crude Oil and Refined Products Approximately 124,000 miles or 50% of the crude oil and refined product pipelines in North America have a Schneider Electric SCADA System installed Gas Transmission Over 140,000 miles or 40% of gas transmission pipe in North America has a Schneider Electric SCADA System installed LDC (Local Natural Gas Distribution Companies) Approximately 1/3 of all North American natural gas customers receive natural gas from a gas distribution system monitored and controlled by a Schneider Electric SCADA System Oil & Gas Production Over 100,000 wells in North America have a Schneider Electric SCADA System installed Schneider Electric is an SCADA industry leader with a long history in the engineering and installation of pipeline SCADA systems OASyS, Simsuite Leak Detection, Citech, ClearScada & soon Invensys/Wonderware

  5. We Control, manage and optimize Oil & Gas Pipelines "I conserve our enterprise resources" Software suite • StruxureWare for O&G Enterprise Logistics, Billing & Transactions Logistics, Billing & Transactions Shift Hand over, Doc & Audit Trail KPI - Dashboard Reporting Enterprise Network "I optimize our operations and assets" Pipeline Scheduling & Power Optimization Asset Mngt (GIS, Field Maintenace Work Flow Operations Simulation Suite EFM (Flow) Validation & Verification Liquid Suite Gas Suite MiddleWare (ESB, API’s) SCADA SCADA Security Main Control Center Backup C.C. “I control our facilities processes" Energy Mngt & Control Pipeline Monitor & Control Security Monitoring Control Network Security Local DCS / SCADA Local SCADA SIL 3 Energy SIL Optional Local HMI PLC / RTU Fuel Loading Control Local HMI Gateway Flow Meter WS PACIS Local HMI Field Networks Wireless Access Controller MV Protection Local HMI Wired HV Protection Pumping Control PLC- SIL3 R/IO Analyzers Gas Quality Accutech Tanks Mngt Pig / Interface Quality Instruments field networks Analog Instruments RTU Field Access Control Motor Controllers Metering Station Block Valve Station Pumping / Compress Stations Terminal Station

  6. SCADA Topologies Hierarchical

  7. Client Client Client-Server Architecture request request response NETWORK Server request response response

  8. Business Trends • SCADA Trends • Situational Awareness FASTER • Plug & Play • Highly Regulated • Environmental Trends • More Data to Further Enable the Business • Empowering Decision Makers to Optimize the Business • Computer Technology • Virtualization • Cloud Computing • SaaS Model & Hosted • N-1 Software Support Mindset • Data Integration

  9. Implementation Of Pub/Sub in the Field • Parallel Operation • Previous Generation & MQTT /IP Protocols can Co-Exist • Testing and Quality Assurance • All Field Communications, Data, Screens, Reports, etc. Can be Validated prior to Actual In Production • Test, Development & Quality Assurance Systems can now be Run Against Actual Field Data, Real Time, Operational Environment

  10. SCADA Facts: • Custom Proprietary Protocols are of No Value Any More • The Oil & Gas Industry has Changed Substantially just in the last 5 Years, SCADA Solutions need to Keep Up • Just Implementing an IP Enabled Device Every Where Helps But Doesn’t Get you All the Business Value

  11. Smarter SCADA Infrastructure Transformation Benefits: From the SCADA Supplier Perspective

  12. Smarter SCADA Infrastructure New Opportunities: From the SCADA Supplier Perspective

  13. Thank You Phil Goulet, Vice President, Schneider Electric 403 615 3797