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Technology Management Team’s Vision & Goals PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Management Team’s Vision & Goals

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Technology Management Team’s Vision & Goals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Management Team’s Vision & Goals
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  1. Technology Management Team’s Vision & Goals CONTOSO Corporation Aug13,09

  2. Company Background • Contoso is working on Wireless 1xEvDo application to handle high speed 3G application data transfer (voice, video data) in mobile phones while working toward a full blown future 4G application. • Product/project is built on code developed by different teams; firmware in China, protocol in Scotland, DSP in Spokane, system testing, learn ware and user training in Redmond.

  3. 1xEvDo Project Situation • Prior to start the project: • Reorganization prior to start of the project resulted in loss of some team members. • Release the project: • Beta version of the software was released on time to selected customers with the following feedbacks • After the release: • Feedback from the customers: • Significant number of new critical and serious • Some of previously reported defects were not fixed • Customers are not happy with the quality of the product and might go with the competitors.   • Feedback from the Internals: • Lack of up to date critical documentation such as system design documents, product documents, system testing and learn “ware” did not help the situation.

  4. SWOT Analysis of Situation

  5. Technology Management Team ToDo List • Turn the situation around • Capture new customers and target market share in crucial markets of China, Korea and Japan. • Establish the team vision • Communicate Short-term and long-term goals to all stakeholders

  6. Vision “Excellence in management and delivery of projects to enable Contoso to be a worldwide leader in innovative wireless application solutions.” • Mission “To enable project management best practices and promote adherence to standards and measurements for sustained success.”

  7. Short-Term Goals • Assign a global PM • Integrate the geographically disparate development teams • Introduce and use new technology, training, team-building tools • Apply well-documented processes, ground rules and procedures • Improve customer relationship • Short-term customer relationship strategy • Assign a dedicated on-site customer support team for top beta customers • Allocate more resources to 1xEvDo project • Request temporary staffing to from other internal teams • Focus on defect resolution • Assign critical defects to appropriate developers • Set the timeline for the fixes • Focus on filling the gaps in the documentation • Assign a dedicated person to bring up-to-date product design documentation • Facilitate needed training to the team • Bring external trainer to fill in the gaps

  8. Long-Term Goals • Establish Project business plan development process to ensure user expectations are met • Establish and track measurable project metrics and management reporting guidelines • Set and meet established project exist criteria: scope, schedule, and budget expectations • Minimize project risks by proactive project governance and phased review process • Establish repository of best practices in project management • Achieve accountability in the consistent delivery of products and services • Enhance capabilities in managing IT projects • Establish a collaborative IT project management environment • Consistent Data collection and Reporting • Portfolio of IT developed and maintained projects • PMO governance