team foundation server the answer to all project management problems n.
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Team Foundation Server the answer to all project management problems? PowerPoint Presentation
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Team Foundation Server the answer to all project management problems?

Team Foundation Server the answer to all project management problems?

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Team Foundation Server the answer to all project management problems?

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  1. Team Foundation Server the answer to all project management problems? Richard FennellBlack Marble Engineer DirectorMVP (Team System) VBug Conference 2008

  2. Agenda • The Need for Team Foundation Server • Components of Team Foundation Server • Customisation using Add-ins and the API • The future.......

  3. Software Projects Need... • Source Code Control • Work Item tracking • Project Management • Document Repositories • Communications • Remote Access

  4. Excel Project Team System Web Access Operations, QA and Help Desk Non-Microsoft Developer Visual Studio Team SystemApplication Life Cycle Management (ALM) Solution

  5. Dev Team (Remote) Dev Team (Local) Build Server Business User Win 2003 Server SQL Server 2005 IIS 6.0 Version Control Proxy (Remote) Active Directory HTTP / S TCP/IP Team Foundation Server Team System Architecture

  6. Versions • Team Foundation Server 1.0 (early 2006) • Team Foundation Server 1.0 SP1 (late 2006) • Team Foundation Server ‘Orcas’ Beta (Q2 2007) • Team Foundation Server 2008 (Q4 2007) • Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 (Q3 2008) • Team Foundation Server 2010 ‘Rosario’ in CTP

  7. Versions • Workgroup Edition (5 named users) • Free to licensed users of Team Suite (or one of the role-based Team Editions) with MSDN Premium subscription. • Standard Edition • Server License plus either: • a licensed copy of Team Suite (or one of the role-based Team Editions) per user • or a Team Explorer CAL per user

  8. TFS 2008 Enhancements • SharePoint 2007 support • Enable use of a separate SharePoint farm. • Support for SQL Named Instances • Windows & SQL Server 2008 (Beta) support • Installation on a domain controller • Non-default ports & web sites

  9. TFS 2008 Enhancements • Add support for checkin policy overrides to the warehouse (an oversight from V1). • Destroy • Get Latest On Checkout • Performance & Scale improvements • Simplify installation • In-place upgrade from TFS 2005

  10. TFS 2008 SP1 Enhancements • SQL 2008 RTM Support • Improved Source Control dialogs • Drag files/folders from Windows Explorer • Check date/time columns in Source Control • Ribbon support for Office 2007 • Visual SourceSafe migration tool improvements • Create Team Projects with a script

  11. TFS 2008 System Requirements NB: Application Tier (AT) must be on 32bit Operating System Source -

  12. Installation Tips • Read and follow the MSDN walk-thru • Do not deviate from the walk-thru • Not even for a moment • And keep trying over and over...... • Using a VPC for the front end server can help as you can commit/roll back as you go.

  13. Installation Tips • Make sure there are no domain/group policies you have forgotten • If the reporting service configuration stage fails make sure you drop (and delete) the DB files • Use the log files if you have problems • Use AD groups for security

  14. Tips for VSS Users • TFS does NOT perform a “get latest” on checkout • “get latest” and “check out” are 2 separate ops • “get latest” is explicit in TFS, controlled by the user • Provides a consistent snapshot of code • TFS does NOT add a file until checked in • There are migration tools but do you need them?

  15. Workspaces • Workspaces provide Isolated areas • Unlike VSS a single PC can have many workspaces • Workspaces are a powerful tool with branching

  16. Branching Image source: Patterns & Practices Team Development with TFS Guide

  17. demo Visual Studio & TFS

  18. TFS Tools & Add-ins

  19. Visual Studio Power Tools • MSSCCI provider for other IDEs • Team Foundation Power Toys • Tfpt.exe command line tools • Process Template Editor • Check In Policy Pack • Test Tools Build Task • Best Practice Analyzer

  20. Power Tool Build Notification Tray

  21. Team System Web Access

  22. Microsoft Office as a Client

  23. Integration with Project Server • Project Server 2007 VSTS Connector available on CodePlex Project Server Team Foundation Server Connector Event Handlers Biztalk Event Handlers Config DB Mapping DB

  24. Attrice Team Foundation Sidekicks

  25. Other Cool Tools • SVNBridge – Allows SubVersion client to access TFS • Personify Design’s TeamLook Outlook Add-in • Microsoft Israel’s Team System Outlook Add-in • TeamPrise Client Suite – TFS access from Macs, Linux and Eclipse IDE • NB all clients still need a Team Explorer CAL (maybe!)

  26. demo Add-ins & Tools

  27. TFS API & Customisation

  28. Process Template Editor • You can write your own process template • Or make edits to existing ones Personal Workspace v1.0 Process Process MeNtOR TeamGuide Scrum Template (CodePlex) Scrum Template (Conchango) Scrum Template (Microsoft eScrum) Scrum Template (Scrumptious) XP for Team System (Extreme Programming) Cognizant FDD Process  Content Bridge for VSTS IRIS Process Author IRIS Process Live MSF for Agile Software Development MSF for CMMI® Process Improvement

  29. Using the TFS API • Team Explorer installs all the DLLs are in the GAC, but doesn’t registered them for Visual Studio • Can write own desktop clients to do anything you can in Team Explorer or the command line

  30. Visual Studio Team Build Drop Location Team Foundation Client Create build type Start build View Reports Application Tier Team Build Web Services Build Machine Data Tier Sources Work items Team Build data Team Foundation warehouse MSBuild

  31. Using the TFS Event Handling TFS Your Application TFS queues the build Access the TFS web services only via the 32bit TFS API Create a local build queue view object TFS raises BuildQueue StatusChanged Event Register event handler for status changed Build finishes On status changed request build details from build view TFS raises BuildQueue StatusChanged Event

  32. Our build monitor

  33. The Future for TFS • Release Types • Servicing : Service Packs etc. • Out of Band releases: Power Tools • Visual Studio 2010 ‘Rosario’

  34. Visual Studio 2010 • Improved Architecture design surfaces • Manual Testing tools & Lab Manager • Gated Check-in • Greatly improved Team Build process • And much much more............

  35. So is TFS the answer to all project management problems?

  36. Good VSTS Resources • Patterns & Practices Team Development with TFS Guide • • “How Do I?” Video for Visual Studio Team System • • Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Virtual Labs • • Team System Widgets •

  37. Good VSTS Blogs • Brian Harry (Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server ) • • Rob Caron (Lead Product Manager for Developer Content Strategy at Microsoft) •

  38. For Further Information • My random thoughts ‘But it works on my PC!’ • You can also get in touch via: Email – Website –