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A soldier’s tale

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A soldier’s tale. Montville Township High School Field Corps 2010. The characters. GI JOE Starts with long hair, shaves head. Guard puts uniform on the kid. Costume(s)? Civilian, military Is excited about joining the military, very patriotic person. JANE Spouse: wife.

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a soldier s tale

A soldier’s tale

Montville Township High School

Field Corps 2010

the characters
The characters
  • GI JOE
    • Starts with long hair, shaves head. Guard puts uniform on the kid.
    • Costume(s)?
      • Civilian, military
    • Is excited about joining the military, very patriotic person.
  • JANE
    • Spouse: wife.
    • How does the guard relate to this character?
      • Same costume?
  • Length: 40 seconds. Q=76-90
  • Interaction ofthe Joe and Jane character begins the show.
  • Staging to draw attention to the characters on side 1.
  • PROP: Door frame
    • Shows J&J together on the “inside”
    • Wreath on the door to display home.
    • When soldier leaves, wife puts ayellow ‘support troops ribbon’ on.
    • Can we build a house façade to further expand this idea?
  • MUSIC IDEA: The promise of living!!
    • Home’s musical theme or Joe/Jane together musical theme?
    • At 15-30 seconds into the show:
      • percussion groove enters underneath the melody
      • fromsoft to loud for transition into enlistment
  • Curvilinear forms predominantly
  • Flag ensemble on left side (1)
  • IMPACT???
    • Loud musical cadence
    • Celebrating -> Joe & Jane holding each other?
  • Character leaves the field of view.
    • How will we transition him off?
    • Where does he go?
    • Focus needs to be redirected
  • Length: 1:15-1:20
  • Grabbing the soldier
    • Bugle call?
    • Patriotic music
      • loud
  • Flags full guard
  • Blocks that fill in line by line.
  • Focusto the center of the field.
    • trailing with guard to simulate running after the car leaves.
  • IMPACT: patriotic music.
boot camp
  • Length: 40-60 seconds. Q=144-152
  • Percussion feature
  • Visual feature: Modern Dance/Visual Tutti Moment
    • IMPACT
    • IDEA Reference: Rhythm nation/across the universe
  • POSSIBLE Rhythmic Chant “this is my rifle”
      • numbers (cavies 2002-esque) “1 and 4”
      • Lefts and rights: “your left… your left… left right left”
      • Interactions between members, sergeant/private maneuvers.
        • Push ups, jumping jacks.
    • Culmination of visual/percussion feature.
    • Fix their hats, brush off their shoulders (cavaliers)
  • Blockish square, straight line forms and transformations. Block pass through.
  • Length: 40 seconds
  • Patriotic music
  • IMPACT is mid phrase cut off of patriotic song.
    • Interrupted with percussion
    • ?? Visual pause, everyone looks and frozen.
  • Siren to signal deployment?
  • Bring out rifle line, battle stations!
  • Drumline will lead left to right playing ‘call to arms’
    • Winds add in and fall into a block (sequenced visuals)
ballade letters longing for home
  • Ballade q=80-90?
  • 90 seconds
  • Characters:
    • GI JOE
      • Quote “my dearest love, I’ve been thinking of you”
    • Wife
      • Quote “I remember the days when”
  • Color guard on 7-8ft flags,sabres, solo dance (jane/joe).
  • Letter writing scene
    • First man writes (1st phrase)
    • Wife’s reply(2nd phrase)
      • Suite francaise: female’s theme
    • 3rd phrase: dance moment
  • Interaction between the home and away?
    • They get closer to each other until they are back to back.
  • Ending
    • Soft and sweet
    • Separation of characters
    • Jane gets enveloped by flags << perspective of Joe dreaming about Jane.
    • Can reuse the percussion groove
    • Drum major transition
  • Q=164-172 (FAST)
  • Start with LOUD aggressive percussion chop-a-riffic
  • Contrary motion
  • Weapons and blades and flags
    • Roles of weapons and blades?
  • Battle acting, who plays during that?
    • Who will act, how will we act?
  • How will we address death on the field?
    • Too difficult? Too emotional? Crowd reactions?
    • Midwest/Southern judge first read reaction?
    • death
climax resolution
Climax & Resolution
  • End of the battle
  • Death of the soldier
    • Triangle flag to the home family (wife)
      • inappropriate? Too emotional?
    • Soft ending.
    • Emotion as the last impact?
  • Alt.- ending of the battle scene in mystery over who is dead.
    • Reveal the character at the end as a reunion to the female character.
    • Patriotic music ending
      • Quote from earlier?