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Open Source Tools

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Open Source Tools

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  1. Open Source Tools Towards a Free technologie for a Free, collaborative and competitive Society

  2. ISSAE Cnam Liban (UL) FLOSS commitement since 1997 ISSAE Cnam Liban at Lebanese University (LU) is a public institution of higher education associated to Cnam (Paris) : Teaching in Lebanon => French diploma Mission and rôle : Cooperate to achieve the main goals and objectives of the project. It will improve the quality of its educational programs in computer science by developing and adopting courses in Open Source Software (OSS) technologies. (1) Leading WP.6: entrepreneurship model; (2)hosting national technology center (3.4); (3)developing material in OSS technology (4.4); (4) establishing partnership with enterprise (5.1); and (5)developing a framework to initiate a sample start-up/ spin-off company in cooperation with NDU (6.1). LU will participate in all project activities and will promote the adoption of open source technologies as feasible alternatives to proprietary software in local communities and organizations.

  3. Comments--- for speeking –- • I was an activist in the field of Open Source, trying to raise Awareness, to provide trainings and to advocate for this cause. When I had your support in this project (). I started to establish partnerships and to foster Networking. I tried to incorporate my "Open Source Lebanese Movement" within the frame of the "Lebanese Development Network-LDN" an NGO working in the field of Capacity Building and Networking of NGOs, Corporate Sector, Municipalities, Universities, Schools, Groups of Activists. This platform will enable me to go faster in my mission and to implement Open Source Strategies effeciently by using the existing resources and enhancing the accesibility to different kinds of Organizations. • Then, this program is implemented within the Academic frame at UL and the Civil Society through LDN. Moreover, the communication strategy we have as well as the social marketing we use facilitate working on different problematics (such as employement or other) by permanently using Open Sources Tools and Elaborating its Strategy..

  4. Lebanese Development Network-LDN • Mission “LDN - The Lebanese Development Network” is an NGO dedicated to assist individuals, communities and institutions build their capacities by conveying knowledge and improving practical performance to enable them manage the changing social requirements, catch opportunities and meet the development challenges • Strategic Priorities Capacity Building Networking Social Marketing

  5. Open Source Lebanese Movement • Mission OSLM is an online program dedicated to assist private and public sectors build their ICT platforms by fostering Networks, sharing experiences, identifying Best Practises and enhancing Performance • Strategy 1. Building Partnerships & Fostering Networks (Governments, NGOs, Universities, etc.) 2. Disseminating Best Practices at the local, regional and International Levels 3. Cooperating with the Media and using the Social Media Tools

  6. Services 1. Awareness Sessions 2. Capacity Building Trainings 3. Consultancy Services 4. Coaching 5. Advocacy (Lobbying & Campaign) • Competitive Advantage A new lebanese initiative based on previous experiences at the academic and civil society levels

  7. Values Freedom Confidentiality Free Maximum Benefits

  8. Success Stories 1. Implementing of In house educational information system at CNAM based on free and open source products and tools 2. Creating a full platform and tools for the interconnectivity among all the Lebanese Universities´ Sites.

  9. 2. «Daedalus» Project Using Open Source Tools for Career Advising Project over 7 Countries in the Mediteranean to enhance youth and women employement and to build the links between the Job seekers and the Entrepreneurs

  10. Main Challenges in Lebanon • The Lebanese Mentality which matches free to unuseful service • The resistance to change • The rarety of activists and ressources for open Source trend • The passive rôle of the Government

  11. Thank you !