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Open Source Network Management Tools

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Open Source Network Management Tools. Bruce Zamaere Overview. Introduction NOC Philosophy Available Tools. introduction.

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open source network management tools

Open Source Network Management Tools

Bruce Zamaere

  • Introduction
  • NOC Philosophy
  • Available Tools
  • wikipedia: “A network operations center (or NOC, pronounced “nock”) is one or more locations from which control is exercised over a computer, television broadcast, or telecommunications network.”
functions of a noc
Functions of a NOC
  • Responsible for monitoring the network for alarms or adverse conditions (e.g. power failures, link failure)
  • NOC staff analyze problems, troubleshooting, collaborate with other technicians on site.
  • NOC tracks issues/problems until they are resolved.
  • Problems not solved within a specified time frame can be escalated to the appropriate personnel.
  • Standard Operating Procedures exists that detail how to remedy issues/problems.
noc philosophy
NOC Philosophy

(Adapted from RedHat documentation)

  • Automate everything
  • Document everything
  • Communicate as much as possible
  • Know your resources
  • Know your users
  • Know your business
  • Security cannot be an afterthought
  • Plan ahead
  • NOCs are dedicated to monitoring and coordinating network operations.
  • This requires that the following functional areas are addressed:
  • Multi Router Traffic Grapher
  • Based on SNMP
  • Used to monitor traffic load on network links.
  • Many hacks exist to allow you to monitor other things (e.g. incoming / outgoing emails, cache hits and misses)
weathermap 4rrd
Weathermap 4RRD
  • Generates network weather maps.
  • Shows the network link utilization on the network map by color scheme
  • Data used to create graph are acquired from RRDTool databases or MRTG HTML files
  • an enterprise-class network and server monitoring system.
  • Useful for:
    • Monitoring of network services.
    • Monitoring of host resources (processor load, disk usage, system logs)
    • Contact notifications when service or host problems occur and get resolved (via e-mail, SMS).
    • You can define event handlers that execute when triggered by certain events. (Proactive problem resolution)
  • Functionalities
    • High performance
      • A single instance of OpenNMS supports monitoring of a large number of nodes.
    • Automation
      • OpenNMS minimizes the amount of manual configuration.
    • Rule-based configuration
      • Flexible rules can be used to specify what services are polled on what devices.
  • Functionalities
    • Performance monitoring
    • User alerts
    • Monitoring of log files
    • Logging services
    • Capacity planning
    • Assuring and monitoring of SLA
    • High level view of IT resources and services
    • Graphical representation of collected information
    • Network maps
  • Similar to MRTG.
  • Based on RRDtool.
  • Offers excellent graphing capabilities.
  • Has extensive templates.
  • Network probe that shows network activity just like “top”.
request tracker
Request Tracker
  • Tracks data/conversations/requests.
  • Convenient for end users.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Easy to install (hmm…)
security tools
Security Tools
  • Some security tools to consider:
    • NetFilter IP Tables – Firewall
    • WireShark – Protocol analyzer
    • Snort – Intrusion detection
    • Netcat – Feature rich tool. Great for debugging.
    • Nessus – Vulnerability scanner
    • Many many more…
recommended reading
Recommended Reading
  • Practice of System and Network administration by Thomas A. Limoncelli
  • How to accelerate your Internet E-book
  • Red Hat Linux Network Management Tools (CD-ROM included) (Paperback) By Steven Maxwell.