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Canadian Weather PowerPoint Presentation
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Canadian Weather

Canadian Weather

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Canadian Weather

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  1. Canadian Weather It’s infamous.

  2. Winter • Yes, it’s long and hard. It lasts from November to April ish. • On January 23rd, 2013 it was -28 degrees and -40 with the wind chill. On that day, Ottawa was the coldest capital city in the world. • Some days are so cold and snowy that school and work are cancelled. Though, in Ottawa that’s infrequent. • Quit your whining and put on a tuque (a hat).

  3. Winter cont’d • What do people do in the winter? • Mostly, people stay at home and watch movies and hockey. Lame. • Ottawa’s hockey team is the Ottawa Senators, they could be good, I don’t know, nor do I care.

  4. Winter Sports • Other people go skiing at a nearby ski hill, • Go snowshoeing in Gatineau park, • Go curling at a local rink, • Go skating on the canal, • Or, my favorite, go to the Spa Nordik in Chelsea.

  5. Winter Sports cont’d

  6. Curling Club • Grab your friends, an ugly sweater (or purple jumpsuit) and some clean sneakers and hit the ice for some “Hurry Hard!!” • Drinking is encouraged but be careful to keep your footing while on the ice. • The new hipster sport.

  7. Snow Goddess • Meanwhile, others, like me, go about their socialite lives. Nothing can stop me!

  8. Spring • We live in die with February’s Groundhog Day. If Wiarton Willie doesn’t see his shadow, because cosmetic testing has blinded him, then Spring comes early. HOORAH! • Spring is rainy. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” • Bust out your Hunter Wellies and a brolly and smell the lovely sent of wet grass, the smell of hope. • In April, we bury the dead who weren’t so lucky to survive winter’s hardships. Poor Shopify will be obliterated.

  9. Summer • Ottawa summers, much to peoples’ disbelief, are hot and humid. • What do people do in such muggy weather, other than get married? • Well, people bike and run along the canal. • People have picnics and play volleyball on our beach. • People play ultimate Frisbee, a stupid game I regret mentioning. • The lucky ones canoe along the Ottawa river. • And the luckiest, get away for camping and cottaging.

  10. Summer Sports HOPE Beach Volleyball Tournament Ultimate Frisbee

  11. The Best of Summer Cottaging Camping

  12. Fall • Fall is gorgeous. • Drive out to Gatineau Park to view the changing colour of the leaves. It is a magnificent sight to behold. • Spend Labour Day enjoying the last dregs of summer enjoying BBQ at a cottage. • Sweater weather means you get to sport your favorite jackets, scarves and mitts.