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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy

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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy. Irena Bojanova Chair, Cloud Computing STC Future Technologies Sub-Strategy, IEEE CS March 15, 2013. Updates. Working groups members Discussed with Mooney and Jia

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Presentation Transcript

IEEE Computer SocietyCloud ComputingFuture Technologies Sub-Strategy

  • Irena Bojanova
  • Chair, Cloud Computing STCFuture Technologies Sub-Strategy, IEEE CS
  • March 15, 2013
  • Working groups members
    • Discussed with Mooney and Jia
    • Suggest all Leaders to contact group members, get confirmation on involvement and CV/ resume
    • List on Group page only active volunteers
    • Chuck is also contacting Standards Group members for involvement in CS standards development
  • New meeting time ?
  • Received e-mail about posted positions
  • CS CC STC page on IEEE CCI portal:
  • Reminders:
    • Use group mailing lists for e-mails to all group members

 Updates on members lists will be sent to Group Leads weekly

  • Post documents on > “Your Group” Documents
  • Regularly update status here:
staff updates
Staff Updates
  • IMPORTANT – STILL OUTSTANDING - Query about course work for CLOUD 2013 – staff waiting on LJ for acceptable price range

 They are not responding. I would suggest you to remove this item from your list.

  • 3 additional web page editors added – staff believes this is complete, please confirm

 Yes, I confirmed this is done.

  • CLOSER TCS – Staff shared new TCS process for STCs with Irena, and believe this is in the hands of volunteers, please confirm

 Yes.

  • Template for newsletter –preview of template next week, had said 18th but exact day unclear (delayed in part by dealing with other urgent requests from the CC STC, apologies), live for use after April 5
  • Please confirm which group is producing a newsletter – Wes or San? Either way, the template we’re producing (which will be used across the STCs) should be used

 Newsletter Group is producing the newsletter – nothing has changed there. San’s proposal is something different and has nothing to do with the Newsletter.

staff updates1
Staff Updates
  • Please submit preliminary prioritized list of conferences to have either trifold brochure or prototype magazine sent to by April 15. Tri-fold brochure is ready now but no list has been given to us so none have been printed. Prototype magazine should be final in mid-May. Approximate number requested would also be helpful. Prioritized list is needed as funding is limited, and publication costs will be traded off with shipping costs.

 Conferences Group is working on ranking the 140+ conferences. At this point we are sure we want the tri-fold brochure sent to the following conferences: CLOUD, CloudCom, eScience, SC, CCEM

Same as Previous weeks but low priority

  • Waiting on Staff - 9x11 flyer – also in the hands of staff, but because of the additional work with the tri-fold this will be delayed (Jan 11)
  • Waiting on Vol - Marketing plan – still waiting on a clear, focused goal on the volunteer side before continuing discussions, timing flexible (Dec 15)

 I would suggest you to remove this item from your list for now.




Wes Chou

  • Added volunteer postings
  • View document at
publications group
Publications Group

Leader: San Murugesan

  • Contents: Relevant, helpful information related to cloud computing: news, brief info on recent developments, highlights of cloud articles in CS (and IEEE) publications, CFPs, links to helpful resources (reports, white papers, books, tools), info resources on a particular topic (bimonthly), and more.
  • Format: In PDF. Suitable for viewing on multiple devices (PCs, iPad, e-books, smart phones).
  • Delivery:Mailed to subscribers (free subscription, compliments of IEEE CS) and also accessible from the bulletin website. This website will also be linked at relevant IEEE and CS Websites.
  • Complements Other CS Publications. Transactions on Cloud Computing and Cloud computing magazine (to be launched), as well as the Web sites CCI portal and Computing Now.
  • Launch date proposed: July 2013.

Proposal for a monthly IEEE-CS Bulletin on Cloud Computing Ecosystem


cloud computing guide update
Cloud Computing Guide update


Mooney Sherman


Eric BurgerChuck HamistraAleksanderKaradimce

Lizhe WangGayn Winters

Gerry Higenberg

Ryan Oliver

  • Gerry has been very active and has recruited several new members.
  • The mapping of question 1 is in progress.
  • I have setup Google drive for sharing the group documents.

Online Presence


Chris Miyachi

Eltijani Osman


Dade Ronan

  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
    • Postings were made this week M-W-F
    • Keep sending us interesting articles to post. (
  • Job Postings were made to newsletter, web, and email.
  • Our group mail template has been created.
  • Announcement about CC STC will be published soon on one of Middle East newspapers.
  • Twitter and Facebook feedson Online Presence page


  • It is the High-Tech Wild, Wild West out there.
  • Although the CC marketplace is still chaotic, it is:
  • Exciting
  • Fast-growing
  • Full of opportunities.