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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy

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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Future Technologies Sub-Strategy. Irena Bojanova Chair, Cloud Computing STC Future Technologies Sub-Strategy, IEEE CS March 22, 2013. Updates. Open Volunteer Positions:

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IEEE Computer SocietyCloud ComputingFuture Technologies Sub-Strategy

  • Irena Bojanova
  • Chair, Cloud Computing STCFuture Technologies Sub-Strategy, IEEE CS
  • March 22, 2013
  • Open Volunteer Positions:

20 applications for Membership officers, Content Curators, Social Media Extraordinaire, Vice-Chair

 None so far for Secretary and Treasurer

 Will wait at least a week more – for any traveling members to respond Have to discuss a simple and objective selection process:

  • Group leader(s) recommends suitable candidates to Chair for consent and approval. Chair  informs the candidates (selected or not this time)
  • Criteria: better match to the task based on background (qualification, experience, interest, and if needed a skills test).
  • 1year at the position, then evaluate
  • TCS question: should we go through the procedure each year?  Yes
  • New meeting time? Friday is not working.  will send new doodle pool
  • Reminders:
    • Use group mailing lists for e-mails to all group members
        • Updates on members lists will be sent to Group Leads weekly
        • Lesson learned: Bcc when using any of CC STC mailing lists, if response to the whole group is not needed
  • Post documents on > “Your Group” Documents
  • Regularly update status here:
staff updates
Staff Updates

As a reminder CC STC leadership team – this list is meant to cover all open items with staff. If there are ANY open issues that you are waiting on staff for please make sure they are on this list.

  • Course work for CLOUD 2013- staff agrees with your assessment that these cannot be offered in a price range that LJ finds acceptable, so this is now closed – please inform us if your view of this item is different Jia?
  • Blog post – staff strongly encourages you to not wait until commenting is in place. This is live and linked to in numerous places.
  • Question on TCS/collaboration with conferences – we’ll make sure this is discussed with Martin in the weekly updates staff has with him
staff updates1
Staff Updates
  • Template for newsletter – we should have this in the next few days
  • There had been a request from the conferences group for a leads email list, but a request for what the name of the list should be is still outstanding Jia?
  • Please submit preliminary prioritized list of conferences to have either trifold brochure or prototype magazine sent to by April 15. Prioritized list is needed as funding is limited, and publication costs will be traded off with shipping costs.

Same as previous weeks but low priority

  • Waiting on Staff - 9x11 flyer – also in the hands of staff, but because of the additional work with the tri-fold this will be delayed (Jan 11)
  • Waiting on Vol - Marketing plan – still waiting on a clear, focused goal on the volunteer side before continuing discussions, timing flexible (Dec 15)



Wes Chou

  • Added chair welcome and volunteer postings
  • View document at


  • It is the High-Tech Wild, Wild West out there.
  • Although the CC marketplace is still chaotic, it is:
  • Exciting
  • Fast-growing
  • Full of opportunities.