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Podcasting in Learning. M. Ann Bock, PhD, RD, LD Professor. So What’s a Podcast?.

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Podcasting in learning

Podcasting in Learning

M. Ann Bock, PhD, RD, LD


So what s a podcast
So What’s a Podcast?

  • To put it simply, a Podcast is an audio file, a MP3, most likely, in talk show format, along with a way to subscribe to the show and have it automatically delivered to your iPod when you plug in to iTunes. The show isn’t live, so you can listen to it whenever you want.

  • Put another way, it is DIY Radio

So why podcast
So Why Podcast?

  • Provides faculty with an opportunity to provide verbal explanation of written material in asynchronous environment

  • Allows faculty to post audio material that can be downloaded for listening via computer or MP3 device.

  • MP3 format provides high quality audio

So why podcast 2
So Why Podcast? 2

  • Fulfills student need to hear an explanation of course material

  • Allows student to review materials as many times as they want

  • Allows student to study in a multitude of environments

Student remarks
Student Remarks

  • “I love it. I can listen to it when I drive to and from El Paso.”

  • “It is wonderful. I can listen to your presentation over and over until I get it.”

  • “It makes all the difference in the world when I can hear you.”

Bock approach
Bock Approach

  • Create handouts –

    • Class notes

    • PowerPoint

  • Save handouts in .PDF format and upload to WebCT for printing

  • Do Podcasts

Bock approach 2
Bock Approach 2

  • Record podcast using software that allows audio capture & saving as MP3 file

    • Record material in segments (20 min max per podcast) – Chunk material

    • Use your lecture notes or write a script – Remember you must make the material clear; need to be very descriptive – Have the handouts you have given the students and describe what you see on the handout verbally.

Bock approach 3
Bock Approach 3

  • Save the podcast as an MP3 file

  • Use Windows Media Player to burn it to an audio CD

Real world podcasts
Real World Podcasts

  • Outside of academia, an MP3 file is created using software such as Audio Hijack, Hot Key Sound Recorder or Audacity

  • Upload the audio (MP3) file to a server

  • Set up a blog at livejournal.com (LJ) & add a blog entry that includes the “a href” tags and the uploaded MP3 file web location

  • Set up account on feedburner.com (FB)

Real world podcasts 2
Real World Podcasts 2

  • Enter the RSS feed URL provided by LJ

  • Find and Select Smartcast option in FB

  • FB will provide the new RSS feed URL

  • Download iPodder, enter the RSS feed URL provided by FB & set your schedule

  • iTunes to hear Podcast and add to MP3 device

In conclusion
In conclusion

  • Door prizes/evaluation

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    • 3:00 p.m.

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