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Podcasting in Education

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Podcasting in Education An exploration of the medium and its educational applications. Toyota USA Foundation sponsors our Podcasting in Education Initiative. Exploring podcasts in education What is a podcast? What tools are required? Where do I find content?

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podcasting in education

Podcasting in Education

An exploration of the medium and its educational applications.

Toyota USA Foundation sponsors our

Podcasting in Education Initiative.

exploring podcasts in education
Exploring podcasts in education
  • What is a podcast?
  • What tools are required?
  • Where do I find content?
  • What are the educational applications?
  • How do I begin?
what is a podcast
What is a podcast?
  • “The practice of making audio files available online in a way that allows software to automatically detect new files and download them.”Wikipedia
  • Podcasting is a means of one-to-many audio distribution via the Internet.
  • Term was coined from “iPod” and “Broadcast”
imagine if
Imagine if …

Podcasts are a new web resource to support life long learning. The WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE under your control.

the process
The process
  • Find a podcast of interest, add it to your subscription list in iTunes on your CPU.
  • Each time you launch iTunes or plug in your iPod, the most recent episodes will download into your personal library.
  • Listen at your convenience from your CPU or portable MP3 player.
actually it is not just audio
Actually, it is not just audio
  • Audio
  • Audio with images
  • Video
  • Photos
  • PDFs


Audio & Slides


the nature of the medium
The nature of the medium
  • A series of media based episodes, not one file.
  • Podcasts from hundreds of series can be managed and accessed from one application
  • Podcast are often informal journals with dated sequential entries.
the nature of the medium10
The nature of the medium
  • Almost all podcasts are free.
  • Technical & cost barrier is low for publishers of podcast series.
  • Involves an application to find, subscribe, manage, and access content from hundreds of sources in one window.


the nature of the medium11
The nature of the medium
  • Your library of podcast episodes is automatically updated with new content.
  • Content can be accessed from the CPU or a portable MP3 player.
  • Subscribing to a podcast series, simply means you have added the series to your list of automatically updating content.
the evolution of podcasts

Web-logs or Blogs

Dated entries to a personal online journal


Subscribe to a Summary Feed of all your favorite

Web sites

iTunes support

For aggregation of

Audio RSS feeds

iPod for portable Podcast Listening

The evolution of podcasts


strong points of podcasts
Strong points of podcasts?
  • Audio can be listened to while doing other things.
  • Adds a new dimension and learning style to the Internet.
  • Efficient access to hundreds of sources in one application.
where does the content come from
Where does the content come from?
  • Traditional print, radio, and video publishers are re-publishing existing and original content as podcasts.
  • Universities are supporting standard and distance learning courses with supplemental podcasts.
  • Museums and other organizations with an educational purpose.
  • Individual self-proclaimed content experts.
  • Over 15,000 audio books available from Audible.com.
tools required
Tools required?
  • iTunes for Windows or Macintosh, a free installation: www.apple.com/itunes/overview/
  • High speed access recommended
  • Optional iPod for portable listening
educational role
Educational role
  • Professional Development
  • Supplemental Textbook Materials
  • School-to-Home Communications
  • Faculty Lectures or
  • Daily announcements
educational role22
Educational role
  • Foreign Languages
  • Audiobooks
  • Speeches
  • Music programs
  • Test Preparation
  • Synchronized Slideshows
opportunities for authentic student products
Opportunities for authentic student products
  • Sound-seeing tours
  • Broadcast student audio plays
  • Interviews with content experts
  • Ongoing student produced “radio” talk shows about content learned
first exploration
First exploration
  • Download and install iTunes 7www.apple.com/itunes/overview/
first exploration26
First exploration
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select Podcasts inStore.
first exploration27
First exploration
  • Browse featured items
  • Then select a category
first exploration28
First exploration
  • Browse by New & Notable, Provider, Featured, or Top Podcast groupings.
first exploration29
First exploration
  • Read the series description
  • Note associated websites
  • Click the Subscribe button
first exploration30
First exploration
  • Navigate to the podcast section of your iTunes library.
first exploration31
First exploration
  • Expand the series title (small triangle icon)
  • Select episode, click Play button to listen
  • If video or photos, choose View: Artwork
  • Get passed episodes
first exploration32
First exploration
  • Connect iPod and select Podcasts tab.
  • Check Sync all unplayed episodes.
  • Check those podcasts you wish on your iPod.
  • Click apply.
online handout
Online handout
  • http://thetrc.org/Podcast_Ed/

El Paso Corporation sponsored the

2006-07 Pilot for the TRC

Podcasting in Education Initiative.

Toyota USA Foundation sponsors our

Podcasting in Education Initiative.