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Podcasting in Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Podcasting in Education

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Podcasting in Education
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Podcasting in Education

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  1. Podcasting in Education An exploration of the medium and its educational applications. Toyota USA Foundation sponsors our Podcasting in Education Initiative.

  2. Exploring podcasts in education • What is a podcast? • What tools are required? • Where do I find content? • What are the educational applications? • How do I begin?

  3. What is a podcast? • “The practice of making audio files available online in a way that allows software to automatically detect new files and download them.”Wikipedia • Podcasting is a means of one-to-many audio distribution via the Internet. • Term was coined from “iPod” and “Broadcast”

  4. Imagine if … Podcasts are a new web resource to support life long learning. The WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE under your control.

  5. The process • Find a podcast of interest, add it to your subscription list in iTunes on your CPU. • Each time you launch iTunes or plug in your iPod, the most recent episodes will download into your personal library. • Listen at your convenience from your CPU or portable MP3 player.

  6. The re-birth of radio?

  7. Actually, it is not just audio • Audio • Audio with images • Video • Photos • PDFs Video Audio & Slides Photos

  8. Isn’t it just downloadable media? DOWNLOAD

  9. The nature of the medium • A series of media based episodes, not one file. • Podcasts from hundreds of series can be managed and accessed from one application • Podcast are often informal journals with dated sequential entries.

  10. The nature of the medium • Almost all podcasts are free. • Technical & cost barrier is low for publishers of podcast series. • Involves an application to find, subscribe, manage, and access content from hundreds of sources in one window. iTunes

  11. The nature of the medium • Your library of podcast episodes is automatically updated with new content. • Content can be accessed from the CPU or a portable MP3 player. • Subscribing to a podcast series, simply means you have added the series to your list of automatically updating content.

  12. Web-logs or Blogs Dated entries to a personal online journal RSS Subscribe to a Summary Feed of all your favorite Web sites iTunes support For aggregation of Audio RSS feeds iPod for portable Podcast Listening The evolution of podcasts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog

  13. Podcasts Sources

  14. Podcasts Sources

  15. Podcasts Sources

  16. Podcasts Sources

  17. Podcasts Sources

  18. Strong points of podcasts? • Audio can be listened to while doing other things. • Adds a new dimension and learning style to the Internet. • Efficient access to hundreds of sources in one application.

  19. Where does the content come from? • Traditional print, radio, and video publishers are re-publishing existing and original content as podcasts. • Universities are supporting standard and distance learning courses with supplemental podcasts. • Museums and other organizations with an educational purpose. • Individual self-proclaimed content experts. • Over 15,000 audio books available from Audible.com.

  20. Tools required? • iTunes for Windows or Macintosh, a free installation: www.apple.com/itunes/overview/ • High speed access recommended • Optional iPod for portable listening

  21. Educational role • Professional Development • Supplemental Textbook Materials • School-to-Home Communications • Faculty Lectures or • Daily announcements

  22. Educational role • Foreign Languages • Audiobooks • Speeches • Music programs • Test Preparation • Synchronized Slideshows

  23. Opportunities for authentic student products • Sound-seeing tours • Broadcast student audio plays • Interviews with content experts • Ongoing student produced “radio” talk shows about content learned

  24. How to explore the Podcast World

  25. First exploration • Download and install iTunes 7www.apple.com/itunes/overview/

  26. First exploration • Launch iTunes • Select Podcasts inStore.

  27. First exploration • Browse featured items • Then select a category

  28. First exploration • Browse by New & Notable, Provider, Featured, or Top Podcast groupings.

  29. First exploration • Read the series description • Note associated websites • Click the Subscribe button

  30. First exploration • Navigate to the podcast section of your iTunes library.

  31. First exploration • Expand the series title (small triangle icon) • Select episode, click Play button to listen • If video or photos, choose View: Artwork • Get passed episodes

  32. First exploration • Connect iPod and select Podcasts tab. • Check Sync all unplayed episodes. • Check those podcasts you wish on your iPod. • Click apply.

  33. Online handout • http://thetrc.org/Podcast_Ed/ El Paso Corporation sponsored the 2006-07 Pilot for the TRC Podcasting in Education Initiative. Toyota USA Foundation sponsors our Podcasting in Education Initiative.