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OED ONLINE 線上牛津英語大辭典 簡介 與 檢索指引 ... PowerPoint Presentation
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OED ONLINE 線上牛津英語大辭典 簡介 與 檢索指引 ...

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OED ONLINE 線上牛津英語大辭典 簡介 與 檢索指引 ...
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OED ONLINE 線上牛津英語大辭典 簡介 與 檢索指引 ...

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  1. OED ONLINE線上牛津英語大辭典簡介與檢索指引...

  2. Thebiggest dictionary of any language in the world • 全球公認最大最權威的字典 Unrivalled breadth and depth無以倫比的廣度和深度 • Includes definitions of over 600,000 words(超過六十萬個英文字) • Usage illustrated by over 1.5 million quotations(闡釋了超過150萬個引文) • 舉世唯一提供記載了近千年英語發展史之大字典 • Covers words and phrases from across the English-speaking world (涵括了英語世界的一切字詞與片語) www.oed.com

  3. nice Type here to do a quick search for a word於此輸入關鍵詞做快速查詢 And then click here然後按此“FIND WORD”

  4. Click on a result to go to the definition按任一查詢結果(字彙或片語)將連結至其字義全文 Results from a Find Word search for“nice” (將顯示出查詢結果)

  5. Click here to see the entry without quotations按此鍵則圖示由紅轉藍,引文將被隱藏 The original meaning of NICE!首先闡釋此字彙之最初含義 Quotations from a wide range of sources illustrate meanings and show usage以廣泛之引文與原始資料解釋此字彙之含義

  6. How many senses of NICE are there? Click on Entry Map to find out.(按左下角之 ENTRY MAP將可查明 NICE 這個字彙在歷史中有多少個含義) Scroll through the entry to see how much NICE has changed in meaning over time! (由下拉卷軸將看到此一字彙之含義從古至今做了多少改變) As the OED is a historical dictionary, the oldest meaning of each wordappears First.(OED既為一語言史學研究辭典,因此每一字彙越早期之含義則編排在越前面)

  7. There are 17 different senses - use this list to navigate through the history of NICE(移動左側卷軸,可點選瀏覽 NICE這個字彙在歷史中的17個含義及其演變過程) The chronological coverage of the OED means that modern senses follow older meanings(OED係依年代前後排列而記載,藉以彰顯該字彙現代的字義乃跟隨較早的意含而演變)

  8. Click on the Date Chart button to see at a glance when each sense was in common usage(按上方 DATE CHART可一覽此字彙的某個含義在那個年代開始被普遍使用) Click on the List byDate button to see which other words entered English in 1290, the same year as NICE(按下方 LIST BY DATE可於左側視窗瀏覽該時期還有那些字詞與此字彙同時進入英語)

  9. 115 different types of phobia… including Anglophobia!得115筆查詢結果 Select the number of results displayed per page here可以選定每一網頁條列之查詢結果數 Type *phobia to find all words ending in phobia以萬用字元 * 號查詢 *phobia Wildcards can be used in all search boxes…(Wildcards萬用字元可用於OED中的任何檢索視窗)*represents any number of missing letters (including 0) (Wildcards * 號代表缺了任何數目之英文字母,也包括 0)? represents 1 missing letter(Wildcards ?號代表獨缺一個英文字母)

  10. 63 results are found To find all 6 letter words starting MIN, simply type min???以萬用字元 ?號查詢 min???

  11. Click here to find which other fields you can search(按此將發現尚有其它九種檢索選項) Click Simple Search to open the full text search window(按左下方之“Simple Search”將出現一個可做全文檢索之查詢視窗) Further search options are available from all webpages(於OED 的任何網頁中尚有其他檢索選項)

  12. Type a word or phrase in the box to find it in the full text of the Dictionary, or in a selected area from the drop-down list(鍵入一字詞或片語做全文查詢。或由下拉式選單,選擇您所欲查詢之方式)

  13. How many English words owe a debt to Urdu? Type URDU in the “Search for” box, select Language Names from the drop-down list, and click return to get a list.

  14. Click here to search for one word or phrase in association with another按 MORE OPTIONS 可做此字彙與另一個字彙或片語間之“鄰近字查尋” Proximity searching鄰近字查尋

  15. 鄰近字查尋範例(一)Know the meaning but not the word?(查詢知道字義而未知拼法之字彙) …and here’s the word ! Here’s how to find the term for beer mat collectors! It’s always a good idea to use an * at the end of each word as the definition could describe the activity as collector, collecting etc.(善用Wildcards *更容易獲得所欲查詢之結果)

  16. …and here’s the list Here’s how to find all quotations from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice... Click here to move to Advanced Search(按 ADVANCED SEARCH可做進階檢索) 鄰近字查尋範例(二)

  17. 進階檢索範例 (一) Here’s how to find nouns - or other parts of speech(於此欄點選過濾欲查詢之詞性) Which nouns derive from Hindi, entered English between 1800 and 1990, and relate to food? Here’s how to find out...

  18. 進階檢索範例 (二) Words to do with music that have come into the language since 1980?

  19. Click the NEW button to see the entries in the New Edition(得到查詢結果後,若再按此NEW鍵可連結至新版之詞條)

  20. 進階檢索範例 (三) Take a crossword clue such as: “Which word describes a type of dance and a type of sauce?” Here’s how to find out...

  21. …and here’s the answer!

  22. Oxford English Dictionary Online • “The ultimate authority on the English language as well as a history of English speech and thought from its infancy to the present day” The Times • “The greatest continuing work of scholarship that this century has produced” Newsweek • “An essential acquisition for all libraries” Library Journal www.oed.com

  23. An enormous project • The updating of the OED is the world’s largest humanities research project • Editorial work alone costs OUP £3 million per year! • 80 in-house lexicographers(詞典編纂者), researchers and systems engineers working on the project • 200 specialist advisers • Numerous external contributors • At least 6000 new and revised definitions published online each year www.oed.com

  24. Further information • Full details about the OED and OED Online are available at http://www.oed.com • A detailed tour is available at http://dictionary.oed.com/tour/ • Help with using OED online • http://www.oed.com/help/ www.oed.com