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Online-spil…. Online-games…. Online-game demo:. Movie: Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Stats for online-games?. ”online battle may represent the opening round of the next console cycle, in which online features are likely to play a huge - and perhaps pre-eminent - role. Wired, 2003

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  1. Online-spil…. Online-games…

  2. Online-game demo: Movie: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  3. Stats for online-games? ”online battle may represent the opening round of the next console cycle, in which online features are likely to play a huge - and perhaps pre-eminent - role. Wired, 2003 DFC intelligence: Online game market will grow from $875 millions in 2002 to over $5 billion in 2008. Estimate that 198 millions will play online i 2008 with over 100 millions consoles with online capability. Estimate that the usage of online games will go from 7,5 billion hours in 2002 to 35 billion hours by 2008, an increase of 450%.

  4. Background Masters Degree in Psychology PhD Student at IT-University of Copenhagen, Written two Danish books and several articles on computer games and learning. Heavily involved in game community: Digra, Game-studies, Game-research, AOIR, DAC, IGDA Earlier consulting: Framfab, Incircle, EQ, Game-Research. Still consult on game related issues. Reports on eSports, online gaming, and Computer game Risks.

  5. Online-games agenda Introducing online games Online-games characteristics Social aspects of online gaming Future of online gaming

  6. What are online-games? Several perceptions: …General public: Counter-Strike and Everquest (Dangerous and well known) …Among players: Counter-Strike, Quake, and Everquest (Leading edge) …Among researchers: Muds and Everquest (social) …Game developers: Quake, Everquest, Age of Empires (technical) …Prophets: The Sims Online, Majestic, or Nokia Game (revolution) social technical Online games dangerous revolution

  7. Facts about online-games In South Korea hotspot for online-games more than 5,4 millions are active in online-games compared to 700.000 in US. 100.000 Sims Online250.000 Asherons Call, Ultima online, Dark Age of Camelot 300.00 Star Wars Galaxies450.000 Everquest3.200.000 Lineage: The blood pledge(pay app. 10$ a month) Zone.com have up to 160.000 online at peak hours. 10% of players in Game-research survey played more than 30 hours a week

  8. Online-games roots 1963 1972 1985 1995 2000 Action Air Warrior Space war MazeAir Fight FPS Doom Quake Unreal CS RTCW Classical Strategy(TBS) Trade Wars Star Trade Empire RTS C&C StarCraft AOE AOK Adventure MUDS MUD1 Habitat MMORPG Meridian 59 Everquest Sims Online Simulation IL- Sturmovik

  9. Online-games examples Action MMORPG RTS Quake III Anarchy Online Age of Empires II Unreal Ultima online Star Craft

  10. Genres and development Massively Multiplayer online games (MMOG) FPS: Fast to learn – hard to master, social through clans and in-game talk. Very competitive. RTS: Medium learning curve, deep, social is limited. TBS: High learning curve, deep, social a big part. Killers, Achievers, ExplorersSocializers, MMORPG: Conflict, levels, action in centre, demand many hours in time not in mastery social still important MUDS: Social and role-play crucial!Can be hard to learn, more control of game Classical games Simple, easy, known, fast to play WordCardPuzzle/Strategy Classic ArcadeTriviaSports Casino TriviaClassic Board ….

  11. Online-games agenda Introducing online games Online-games characteristics Social aspects of online gaming Future of online gaming

  12. Survey on online-games…. The survey was conducted online at www.game-research.com and was hosted by the web bureau Framfab. A total of 680 online gamers took the survey within a period of two months. One may expect that experienced online gamers will be more inclined to take such a survey than newcomers. Thus the numbers may be higher than if we had access to all online gamers. More results are available in our reports which can be bought for 150 Euro through Game-research.com.

  13. Average age for online-gamers are 24 years with 95% of all online players between 15-31 years Few newcomers! 75% of online-gamers have played 1-5 years online. 96% have had internet access more than a year 67 % have more than 256 kb bandwidth 75% have bought online within last 6 month 95% have a computer that is less than 3 years old. Action is most popular Who are online-gamers? Source: Game-Research, 2002

  14. Online-games is kind of social community 92% play from at home – majority play both alone and with other physically, Most play both with friends from real, acquaintances, friends from online. Almost 50% have met people from the in real-life. It is a time-consuming and demanding hobby 54% play from 0-12 hours online 10 % play more than 30 hours a week 91% play too much online 33% play usually or always too much. People play significantly longer online than offline. What are online-games? Source: Game-Research, 2002

  15. Social dynamics: You can always play and it is easy to switch on the computer, and locate someone to play with or against. Money: You can get in a money jam. It cost money to be online however; with flat rate, this problem is becoming smaller, however other incentives are coming. Conditioning: There will slowly emerge conditioning – friends will ask, when do you come online, shall we play tomorrow, need to get just this item, or beat this opponent etc. The more you play the more friends you get and the more your social life is taking place online. Competition and fantasies: The dream for prestige, higher rating and big money. The hunt for the last kill Flow: There are no breaks and no end in multiplayer games – one game take the other. If you play computer games offline or in LAN you will at some point grew weary. Online-game addiction?

  16. Online-game demo: Movie: Everquest

  17. Play time online-games: Hours pr. week Source: Game-Research, 2002

  18. Top 5 problems: ”To many immature idiots” ”Whinners” Source: Game-Research, 2002

  19. Online-games agenda Introducing online games Online-games characteristics Social aspects of online gaming Future of online gaming

  20. Social and different: Online-games are to high degree thriving communities, where a story is constructed in shared space. The players take the game universe new places, and attach new meanings…. “Besides fighting and levelling up, I kept my dogs happy and would take them for a stroll on ogre beach for exercise every morning. I guess they enjoyed ogre meat rather than the regular meat I got from the merchants.They would grieve to me how they lost their money. It was a typical life, after gaining some levels we would be back in town talking about our Lineage: the bloodpledge life, and most importantly our real lives also.” ShinobiMage (2001)

  21. Gender bending: A big issue over the years, and had a surge for a couple of years in relation to online games 55% thinks there are disadvantages to playing a female avatar: • Sexual advances, harassments, comments and problems causes by above - 45% • Treated like stupid or ignorant because of gender - 12% • Gameplay disadvantages in some games - 6% Source: Wright, 2001

  22. Gender bending reasons Genres for gender-bending: RPGs 67%Action 53% Fighting games 17% Other: 9% Why Males Play as FemalesGameplay Advantage (60%) Adds to the RPG Experience (25%)Gender Exploration (19%)Visual Stimulation (23%)Better Modelling (14%)Adds Variety (13%) Female Sounds (6%)Amusement (6%)Habit (6%) Female Models are Faster & Harder to See (19%) Other Players Give you Goodies (16%) Better Skills (14%) Psychological Edge (11%) Anecdote about Syrenia DAOC/Ultima Online/Anarchy Online Source: Wright, 2001

  23. Social interaction: “74% disagreed with the statement that communication/chat with other players is a necessary but not appealing part of online gaming 86% agreed that communication/chat is an appealing part of online gaming 79% agreed that online games should focus heavily on communication features enabling cooperation between players (pooling resources with allies, teaming up etc.) “ Smith, 2002 N=302,hardcore-gamers Source: Game-Research, 2002

  24. Gossip and communication: They want to gossip and have more tools for communication Source: Game-Research, 2002

  25. Recognizable identity: • Important experiences: • People look or communication/interaction • People want to recognize each other - persistent identity • Problems in all genres, not just MMORPG! Source: Game-Research, 2002

  26. Communities: • Communities online: • In connection with the game. Mods, forum, in-game, screenshots, game experiments, training, eSports, clans, competition • Around the game not as such anything to do with the game.Everyday life, forums, chat. • Social relations in game betweens avatars,which is a necessary part of the game dynamics. Alignment, love affairs, role-play. The new mod Air buccaneer based on unreal engine.

  27. Ex. of communication in CS Performance Talk Re-locaters (blaming something else for a "failed" performance) Competence boosts (statistics talk, personal boasts and responses) Vulnerability/confusion/apologies for failure talk Final showdown talkGame strategy/tactical talk Team talk Game Conflict Talk Camping and Cheating accusations/disputesAWP Talk (one-shot kill sniper rifle) Kicking, banning & rules Above most central… Source: Wright,, Boria, & Breidenbach, 2002

  28. Ex. of communication in CS Insult/Distancing Talk Taunting talk/trash talk/ritual insults Explicit gendered, radicalised or homophobic talk (the status of game player, not just exclamations and responses) Pissed off talk/exclamations/surprise   Game Technical/External Talk Ping rate/lag talk Talk about technical matters and other game/computer related matters Talk about other games Creative Game Talk Names, naming and identity talkJoking, irony and word play Map creations, map judging, and logo comments and designs Changing game rules and technical limits Kilde: Wright,, Boria, & Breidenbach, 2002

  29. Online-games agenda Introducing online games Online-games characteristics Social aspects of online gaming Future of online gaming

  30. Existing MMOG paradigm… Sub-culture Main-stream 51 MMOG today and more than 120 in development Gameplay in existing28 games with role playing elements (54 %)11 games with real time strategy game play (26%)6 games where game play is focused on driving a vehicle (12%)5 games which are mainly focused on battle (10%)2 games combine role playing elements and real time strategy (4%) Source: Eladhari, 2003

  31. Existing MMOG paradigm… Features in development:Create objects within the gameDeeper characterizationDynamic systems for quest assignments Evolve stories that affect the world Group dynamics with emergent political and economic systems Themes in games in development4 games with historic world themes (5%)24 worlds with a science fiction or post apocalyptic themes (36%)26 worlds with a general fantasy themes (38%)9 games with unique worlds (14%)5 worlds inspired by comics or anime (7%) Source: Eladhari, 2003

  32. Majestic – a new genre? “It plays you the suspense thriller that infiltrates your life throughthe internet, fax and telephone” Majestic goes across different media and set the game up in the zone between real and play – in a new way.

  33. “In essence, Majestic is being set up to be a giant wild-goose chase over the Internet. You'll be fed clues through the various on- and offline technologies mentioned earlier, and you'll use them to progress through the game. Some puzzles can't be solved by using the Majestic Alliance or the Web site, however. Sometimes, for example, you will have to physically call a phone number received through an arcane fax or e-mail to listen to someone's voice-mail messages” Majestic – a new genre?

  34. Majestic – a new genre? The game is made up by a thin client – the interface below.

  35. What the future holds… Broadband penetration (South Korea 70% vs. 14% in US/Nordic Countries) Console going online – new generation in 2005 (add-on  built in) eSports going on television (Subculture  mainstream) Interest for Game cafés on the rise (draws in new market) Cross media integration Online games for everybody… With the fun and the perils

  36. Thank you… Questions, comments or consulting. sen@itu.dk or egenfeldt@game-research.com Slides at www.itu.dk/people/sen Links: www.game-research.com www.itu.dk

  37. Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Simon (2003). Online-spil: Start the game already in: Spillets verden. Gads Forlag. In press. Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Simon (2002). Online Gaming Habits. http://www.game-research.com/art_online_gaming.asp Eladhari, Mirjam(2003).Trends in MMOG development. http://www.game-research.com/art_trends_in_mmog.asp Koster, Raph (2000). Online World Timeline.http://www.legendmud.org/raph/gaming/mudtimeline.html Morris, Sue (1999a). Online Gaming Culture.http://www.game-culture.com/articles/onlinegaming.html Mulligan, Jessica (2003). Developing online Games. New Riders. Smith, Jonas H. (2002). The Architectures of Trust: Supporting Cooperation in the Computer-Supported Community. Masters thesis, Copenhagen University. http://www.gamasutra.com/education/theses/20020410/smith_01.htm Wright, Kathryn (2001). Genderbending in games. WomenGamers.comhttp://www.womengamers.com/articles/gender.html Wright, Talmadge, Boria, Eric & Breidenbach, Paul (2002). Creative Player Actions in FPS Online Video Games http://www.gamestudies.org/0202/wright/ References:

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