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Transportation Projects in Trenton PowerPoint Presentation
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Transportation Projects in Trenton

Transportation Projects in Trenton

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Transportation Projects in Trenton

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  1. Transportation Projects in Trenton Public Information MeetingSeptember 25, 2007

  2. Welcome Purpose of Meeting • To update the citizens on transportation projects that are planned or that have occurred in Trenton and the region. • Two paving projects (Julia Spinney) • Intersection reconfiguration ( Julia Spinney) • Directional Signs ( Bruce Mattson) • Acadia Gateway Center ( Peggy Duval) • Other Regional projects • Ellsworth STAR center (Tracy Perez) • Sunrise Trail (Jim Fisher) • Scenic Byway (Jim Fisher) • Route 3/102 Intersection (Bruce Mattson)

  3. Route 3 Paving (overlay) Projects • There are two paving projects: • The first project is intended to begin at Route 204 and will end prior to the entrance to the proposed Acadia Gateway Center. • The second project is intended to complete the paving from that point to the Trenton bridge.

  4. Route 3 Paving (overlay) Projects • The work to be completed will be coordinated with other transportation projects in the corridor. • Include Route 230 intersection • Realignment of airport access road • Construction of turning lanes into the Acadia Gateway Center • Will be built 2009.

  5. Route 3 Paving (overlay) Projects • At this time, we are not building a third lane but will be looking at adding wider shoulders. • Utilities will be moved as part of this project. • Utility and right of way issues will be considered during design.

  6. Route 230 and Airport Road Realignment • There have been growing concerns regarding congestion and safety at the intersection of Routes 3 and 230. • The growth of local businesses and the increase in traffic on the airport access road have exacerbated the problem. • It is expected that the new intersection will improve safety and reduce congestion. • It is likely that this new intersection will require a traffic signal.

  7. Route 230 and Airport Road Realignment • The airport is currently in the process of reconfiguring their access road due to FAA requirements. • MaineDOT has seen this as an opportunity to consolidate and eliminate existing entrances onto Route 3. • The survey has just been completed and the design will be underway very soon. • The schedule for this project will be driven by the airport’s need to meet FAA requirements.

  8. Directional Signs • Acadia National Park is a major tourist destination (2-3 million visitors per year). • Route 3 is the only road to Mount Desert Island • Upwards of 21,000 vehicles/day • Residents frustrated with traffic volumes on Route 230. • MaineDOT reviewed existing directional signs to MDI.

  9. Directional Signs • Found that directional signs need to be improved in Ellsworth area.

  10. Additional New Major Signs

  11. New Trailblazer SignsEllsworth Area

  12. Trail Blazer Signs

  13. Trail Blazer Signs

  14. Trail Blazer Signs

  15. Trail Blazer Signs

  16. Trail Blazer Signs

  17. Directional Signs Conclusions • Improvements will help direct motorists to the best route to MDI via Route 3. • In the future, signing can be changed to reflect the Acadia Gateway Center as a tourist destination. • It is expected that the Acadia Gateway Center will draw additional visitor traffic off of Route 230 and on to Route 3.

  18. Acadia Gateway Center The Bangor to Acadia Corridor Study recommended development of an intermodal facility to reduce traffic congestion on Route 3 and in Acadia National Park. • Southern section of Route 3 corridor attracts highest volumes of traffic. • Identified high ridership levels between Trenton and MDI. • A Trenton Intermodal Facility/Acadia Gateway Center presents an opportunity for a world class facility to serve both residents and visitors.

  19. Acadia Gateway Center Phasing of the Project: • Phase I - Bus Maintenance Facility. • Phase II – Intermodal Facility and NPS Welcome Center. • Phase III – National Park Services Expanded Welcome Center, Theater and ancillary facilities.

  20. Acadia Gateway Center How will the Acadia Gateway Center Serve the Residents of Trenton? • Provide enhanced commuter transit and carpooling opportunities. • Reduce congestion on Route 3. • Improve safety on Route 3. • Enhance the character of the Route 3 Corridor.

  21. Acadia Gateway Center Acadia Gateway Center is being designed to accommodate requests from the community of Trenton: • Pedestrian-Bicycle Trail systems that can be safely used for recreational and educational purposes. • Provide community meeting rooms. • Provide NPS theater. • Provide a National Park type atmosphere. • Compliments scenic byway application.

  22. Acadia Gateway Center Where are we today in the development of Phase I of the Acadia Gateway Center? • Environmental Assessment completed in September 2006 identifies the Crippens Brook site as best alternative. • Offsite analysis looked at 15 potential sites. • Trenton Site had the least environmental impacts. • Cost to run busses greatly reduced in comparison to other sites. • Availability of the property. • Captures visitors before they cross the bridge.

  23. Acadia Gateway Center (Phase 1) Preliminary Design Contracted with Allied Engineering of Portland, Maine, Summer of 2007: • DMJM Harris of Boston, Mass. will continue to provide Architectural Design and Landscape Design services. • National Park Service will review site design. • Department of Transportation Engineers will provide Site Design and environmental permitting.

  24. Acadia Gateway Center (Phase 1) Schedule for Phase I • Spring 2008 – Develop & Submit Maine DEP Permits. • Spring 2008 – Public Meeting for Preliminary Design. • Late Fall 2008 – Final Design Complete. • Spring 2009 – Construction Begin. • Spring 2010 – Construction Complete.

  25. Phasing Plan

  26. Bus Maintenance Facility

  27. Bus Maintenance Facility Plan

  28. Other Projects of Regional Significance • Sunrise Trail ( Jim Fisher) • Ellsworth STAR Facility (Tracy Perez) • Scenic Byway (Jim Fisher) • Route 3/102 Intersection Improvement (Bruce Mattson)

  29. Benefits of Scenic Byway Designation • Community Recognition. • Economic Development. • Community Vision. • Partnering. • Federal Highway Administration Scenic Byway Grants • Increased Federal and State support for road improvements and safety. • New projects such as bikeways, information kiosks and scenic turn-outs.

  30. Scenic Resources • Viewsheds • From Airport Source: James Rae

  31. Trenton Character

  32. Trenton Character

  33. Trenton Character

  34. Corridor Enhancement Voluntary and Educational Programs. • Partnerships with local organizations • Trenton and MDI Chambers of Commerce. • Trenton Historic Society. • Local Initiatives • April Roadside Cleanup. • Tree planting program – Hancock Soil and Water Conservation.

  35. Corridor Enhancement Incentives and Disincentives • Grants • Local Programs • Partnership for business beautification. • Soil Conservation Service Assistance. • National Park Service Assistance. • Low interest loan program for preservation

  36. Corridor Enhancement National Scenic Byway Grants • Raised almost $2,000,000 for Schoodic National Scenic Byway and Acadia All American Road. • Annual Competitive Grant Opportunities. • Preference for new byways.

  37. Things you can do to support the Acadia All American Road • Participate in Public Meetings. • Help your local historical societies, garden clubs, and civic organizations to build partnerships. • Show your support to your select board and state representatives. • Join the Corridor Advocacy Group and bring new ideas.

  38. Route 3 and Route 102/198 Bar Harbor - Trenton

  39. Location Map

  40. 2005Study Area