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They Never Stopped Caring

They Never Stopped Caring. By: Nicole Brozovic. Papa, after we get done eating, do you want to go outside and play catch with me?. Well, you should eat more. Your too skinny. You need to put some meat on your bones. Make sure you eat up!. Sure, once we have finished. I will. No, I’m good.

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They Never Stopped Caring

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  1. They Never Stopped Caring By: Nicole Brozovic

  2. Papa, after we get done eating, do you want to go outside and play catch with me? Well, you should eat more. Your too skinny. You need to put some meat on your bones. Make sure you eat up! Sure, once we have finished. I will. No, I’m good. Do you want any more?

  3. I always enjoy the summer too. I am glad you get to stay with us during the season. I haven’t thought about it. I am just enjoying the summer! Good catch Nicole! Me too. I love spending time with you and Mimi. Thank You! Are you getting ready for school?

  4. I am so glad we all get to spend time together. I hope it is always like this. It was good. How was your day? Wow! You learned another card game! Yep. It is a lot of fun to play. But, there is a lot to remember. Good. Papa taught me how to play pinochle today. Yes. The point values get very tricky. Hey Mom. Do you want to play? Yes, I would love to play Thanks for teaching me this game Papa. Hi Mom! How was work? Good. Your welcome.

  5. We like it here so much. Papa and I have been wanting to do it for a while. So, we got a really good deal and we bought one. Mom just got home. I am going to get her. Hold on. Plus, it is right by Grandma and Grandpa’s condo. Hi Nicole! It is Mimi. How are you doing? Why did you do that? Well, Papa and I just bought a condo. Is Mom home yet? Mimi and Papa are in Vegas. I wish they were at home instead. No, not yet. So, how is Vegas? I’m doing good. Hello RING!


  7. Can you please send Nicole Brozovic down to the office ready to leave? Mrs. Wurzbuger Yes? Sure. I’m glad Mimi and Papa are back. I wish they were not moving to Vegas. What is going on? Why do I have to go home right now?

  8. Papa was in the garage getting some food for Mimi. Mimi said that he did not come back, and she heard a noise. She went to see what happened and saw that Papa had collapsed. She called the hospital. Dad, I’m scared. What if Papa isn’t alright? We are going to see what is happening right now. What happened? Is everything going to be okay? We have to go to the hospital Nicole. Papa had an emergency Everything will work out Nicole. Why did you have to pick me up from school? He is there now in emergency surgery. So, we need to go to the hospital right now to meet Mimi and Mommy.

  9. I am please to say that Phil has made it out of surgery. He had an aneurism in his aorta that burst. Thank you so much. This was very serious, because very few people survive. We were lucky he got into surgery so quickly. Since we fixed the problem, he should make a full recovery. He will be coming out of recovery soon. We are going to put him in the intensive care unit. You will be able to see him in a little bit. yes Catherine

  10. I am so glad that Papa is going to be okay. I was afraid he wasn’t going to be alright. How can you be happy about that? It is horrible that they are moving. I do not want them to go. Well, I think Vegas gave Papa something to look forward too. Moving to Vegas has been Mimi and Papa’s dream. Papa wanted to do that before he dies. Yes, of course you are good enough. He has you and he loves you very much. I know he doesn’t want anything to happen to you. I am sure that he is thinking of you as well. I still think Mimi and Papa should stay here because of me. Why do they want to leave me? I understand what you are saying. But why doesn’t he want to stay around because of me? We all were Nicole. I am glad everything worked out the way it did. Now I am really glad they were moving to Vegas. So, it is something that he has in the back of his mind. It probably helped keep him going. Do you understand? Aren’t I good enough?

  11. Well, Papa did get better. While he was recovering, we packed Mimi and Papa up to move them to Vegas. I got to go with them and spend the whole summer. I knew I was going to have a ton of fun.

  12. I like it too. Papa, you are Porky and Mimi, you are Petunia. I thought this would be a good welcome picture for you. That is why I put “Welcome to Las Vegas” on it. You colored it in very nicely. Make sure you put the date on it so we remember when you made it. Wow. That is really nice. I liked how you colored in the picture of Porky and Petunia Pig dancing. Okay. I am going to hang it on the fridge. Thank you very much for this beautiful picture. Look at the picture I colored for you and Mimi. Okay, I will. Nicole, what are you doing? That’s a great idea. I’m coloring a picture for you and Papa. Papa, come here! Alright, all finished.

  13. Well, I spent the rest of the summer in Las Vegas. It was really hard saying good-bye and going back home. I had never been away from Mimi and Papa before. I just did not want them to forget me. Every time I went back to Vegas, I saw the picture I colored for Mimi and Papa on the fridge. Mimi put it in a Ziploc bag to preserve it. I was always with them, and they were always with me. I would call Mimi on the phone all the time and ask how to make food. I would also call Papa just to talk. On top of that, we would write letters to each other. After a while, I realized they did not forget about me. I knew this because we were always communicating with each other.

  14. THE END

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