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SolidWorks 2013 New Features PowerPoint Presentation
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SolidWorks 2013 New Features

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SolidWorks 2013 New Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SolidWorks 2013 New Features. Feature Set 1. Mostly drawing enhancements First of many cross-product collaboration tools: eDrawings Markup Import. . Show Hidden Bodies in Parts. Just like ‘Show Hidden Components’ in assemblies. Assembly Performance Offenders.

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SolidWorks 2013 New Features

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. SolidWorks 2013 New Features

    2. Feature Set 1 • Mostly drawing enhancements • First of many cross-product collaboration tools: eDrawings Markup Import.

    3. Show Hidden Bodies in Parts • Just like ‘Show Hidden Components’ in assemblies

    4. Assembly Performance Offenders • Ordered list of all components and patterns that slow dow graphics display

    5. eDrawings Markup Imports • Copy markups directly from eDrawings file to .slddrw file

    6. Quick Section Views • Create complex section views with on-screen pop-up toolbar

    7. Revision Clouds • Call out drawing changes with eDrawings-like cloud lines

    8. Feature Set 2 • Miscellaneous features

    9. Snapshots in any Document • Started in 2012 for assemblies only. Now includes parts.

    10. Simulation Sub-Modeling • Run simulations on small subsections of models, with forces and features defined in larger context.

    11. Bounding-Box Cutlist Properties • Parametric properties based on length, width, thickness, etc. for any part/body BOM Properties

    12. 3DVia Composer Cameras • Make complex, multi-view animations

    13. Feature Set 3 • Assembly enhancements • Make it easier to find, fit, and insert components quickly.

    14. Quick-Pick Document Type • Easy filter buttons in ‘Open’ window for parts, assemblies, and drawings

    15. Envelope Enhancements • Any part or assembly can be used as an envelope, and, when inserted into drawings, envelope components can have their own line font.

    16. Insert Multiple Parts • In ‘Insert Component,’ select multiple components, and insert them one after the other, without stopping

    17. Feature Set 4 • Improve model visualization • Improved exploded views and cosmetic threads.  • Improved model creation • Improved wizards for plastic mounting bosses and dowel holes.

    18. Multiple Exploded Views • More than one exploded view without creating new configs

    19. Rotate Exploded Parts • Rotate parts about any axis in an exploded view.

    20. Favorites Folder • Create a folder at the top with all your most important/most edited features, sketches, ref geometry, etc.

    21. Plastic Boss Mount Control • Edit every aspect of mounting bosses.

    22. Cosmetic Threads… • Now you can show shaded cosmetic threads without the dotted lines.

    23. …and Dowel Holes • Create dowel holes with the hole wizard. Dowel hole symbols are automatically inserted into drawings.

    24. Thread Interference Control • Pair and ignore interference caused by threads.

    25. Feature Set 5 • Improvements to existing functionality • Patterns, equations, thin extrudes.

    26. Surface Intersect • Similar to Cut with Surface, but you can add and remove material at the same time.

    27. Extrude Multiple Thin Contours • Finally.

    28. Equation Entry Everywhere • The next step in the overhaul of equations, started in 2012. Now create full equations in any PropertyManager.

    29. Vary Pattern Dimensions • Create a feature pattern, even if you don’t want them spaced at regular intervals.

    30. Feature Set 6 • Collaboration tools • Features that allow different SolidWorks products to collaborate more effectively. 

    31. EPDM – Collaborate with Others • Contact info and an Instant Messaging client built into EPDM. Integrates with MS Communicator, email, etc.

    32. DraftSight – EPDM Checkout • The beginning of DraftSight integration into ‘real’ SolidWorks products.

    33. DraftSight – Copy Sketches • Copy entitles directly from DraftSight into a new sketch in SolidWorks

    34. Previous Release Interoperability!!! • Open SolidWorks 2013 Files in 2012 SP5. • Any changes made in one version are carried over to the other, with no data loss. • No need to save in special format.