t h e t i g e r r i s i n g n.
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T h e T i g e r R i s i n g PowerPoint Presentation
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T h e T i g e r R i s i n g

T h e T i g e r R i s i n g

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T h e T i g e r R i s i n g

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  1. The TigerRising ByKateDiCamillo TylerG.

  2. In the kentuky star motel, at school, and at the Beauchamp gas station and in the woods. The main characters were This story took place… (setting) A boy named rob horton, a girl named Sistine, and the tiger. The other characters are a man named beauchamp, robs dad, willie may, and billy and nortanthreemonger.

  3. I thought the biggest problem was: The problem was solved when That the tiger was locked in the cage because beauchamp didn`t know where to put the tiger. Rob and sistine free the tiger after rob gets the keys from beauchamp.

  4. At the beginning… Rob is in the woods and finds the tiger near a old beauchamp gas station. Then he meets a girl named sistine on the school bus. Then at school rob went to the principal office. After school sistine sits with rob on the school bus.

  5. Then, Sistine becomes friends with rob. Rob tells her about the tiger and shows her the tiger in the cage.

  6. Next, The man beauchamp tells rob to feed the tiger. He gives him the keys to the cage and a bag of meat. Rob shows the keys to sistine.

  7. At the end, At the end rob and sistine free the tiger but then robs father shots the tiger. Then they bury the tiger.

  8. The best part of the story was when Rob sees the tiger for the first time.

  9. I didn’t like When rob and sistine free the tiger and robs dad shot the tiger.