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EEX 3257. LESSON PLANNING: Objectives. LESSON OBJECTIVE. What should you accomplish by the end of this lesson? – Write a precise lesson objective addressing one of the 6 levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. A Teacher’s Task is to Uncover What Should Be Learned.

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eex 3257

EEX 3257


lesson objective

What should you accomplish by the end of this lesson?

–Write a precise lesson objective addressing one of the 6 levels of Bloom’s taxonomy

a teacher s task is to uncover what should be learned
A Teacher’s Task is to Uncover What Should Be Learned

Stop asking, What activity am I going to do? What video should I show? What information should I cover?

Start asking, What do I want my students to learn, achieve, accomplish?

Remember learning has everything to do with what the student accomplishes not what the teacher covers

creating effective lessons
Creating Effective Lessons
  • Ineffective lessons involve the teacher telling the class what will be covered.
  • Effective lessons let the students know up front what they are to master or accomplish at the end of the lesson.
  • Effective lessons begin with well-defined goals and objectives.
what are objectives and how do they help teachers
What Are Objectives and How Do They Help Teachers?
  • Objectives are what a student must achieve to accomplish what the teacher states is to be learned, comprehended, or mastered.
  • Objectives help teachers assign and assess.
creating effective objectives
Creating Effective Objectives
  • Consider three important learning levels when developing student goals and objectives
    • Acquisition:  What information or skill has been acquired?
    • Comprehension: Does the student show an understanding of what has been learned?
    • Mastery: Can the student use what has been comprehended?
how do you write objectives
How Do You Write Objectives?
  • First: Consider the learning level:
  • –Acquisition:  Students demonstrate knowledge of information, a skill, or strategy
  • –Comprehension:  Students demonstrate they understand information, a skill, or strategy
  • –Mastery:  Students demonstrate they can apply learning, or analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information they have learned
how do you write objectives1
How Do You Write Objectives?
  • Second: Write the Objective

– Consider objectives from various learning levels

– Pick a verb that clearly states what you want the students to do.  The verb must be active (e.g., describe, compare, construct, explain)

– Complete the sentence (Describe what happens when 2 molds grow together.)

more tips for writing objective
More Tips for Writing Objective
  • Objectives must be written before that lesson begins. They guide what activities and materials to use.
  • The more understandable the sentence (objective), the greater the chance that the student will do what is intended.
  • Do not use verbs that convey unobservable behaviors (e.g., understand, enjoy, appreciate)
keys to assignment success
Keys to Assignment Success
  • Structure

– The assignment must have a consistent and familiar format that the students can recognize

– The assignment should be posed daily and in a consistent location

  • Preciseness

– The assignment must state clearly and simply what students are to accomplish

  • Accomplishment

– Give the students objectives so they know what they are responsible for accomplishing and procedures for meeting those objectives

verbs to use
Verbs to Use
  • Recall

– Memorize, tell, identify

  • Comprehension

– Describe, summarize, retell in your own words

  • Application

– Construct, demonstrate, determine

  • Analysis

– Analyze, compare, distinguish

  • Synthesis

– Predict, compose, invent

  • Evaluation

– Appraise, judge, support