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University of Richmond Presentation. University of Richmond Plans for 2009 MCAT Support for the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance. Presentation by R. Kirk Jonas, Ph.D. Interim Associate Provost University of Richmond November 20, 2008.

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University of Richmond Presentation

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University of RichmondPlans for 2009 MCAT Support for the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance

  • Presentation by R. Kirk Jonas, Ph.D.
  • Interim Associate Provost
  • University of Richmond
  • November 20, 2008

The University of Richmond and the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance MCAT Program Overview

  • As part of its proposal for membership in the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance, the University of Richmond proposed hosting a summer preparation program for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
  • While the University of Richmond does not have a medical school, it has a highly successful MCAT preparation program that runs during the school year.
  • The University of Richmond adapted this two semester preparatory course to a one month summer program, first hosted in the Summer of 2006.

The 2006, 2007, 2008 MCAT Preparatory Programs

  • In June 2006, the University of Richmond provided the MCAT preparation program for 10 HBCU/minority students.
  • In May/June 2007 the MCAT program was expanded to a five week program; 13 students attended.
  • In May/June 2008, the five week program was provided to 12 students.
  • In 2008/2009, the UR Academic Year MCAT prep program was offered to 10 students; three are attending.

2009 Summer MCAT Program

  • The University of Richmond is prepared to offer the MCAT prep program again in the summer of 2009.
  • A minimum of eight students will be required as in the past.
  • Hosting the 2009 program is also contingent on faculty recruitment. The University of Richmond may need Alliance assistance in recruiting faculty to teach needed sections of the program.
  • Subsequent to HBCU/Alliance student recruitment, the program will be opened to University of Richmond students to try to ensure that enough students are enrolled to carry out or fill the program.
  • If a sufficient number of students are not enrolled by May 1, 2009, the program will be cancelled.
  • The University of Richmond will commit $55,000 for the summer 2009 program for a maximum of 15 students.
  • Program dates will be May 24 through June 27, 2009.
  • Program information and applications are at:

Summer 2009 MCAT Program Review and Possible Program Changes

  • The program will be reassessed after the completion of the 2009 program. While the program has been successful, the effort to re-create the program each year has been very labor intensive and recruitment of faculty has become more difficult.
  • The University of Richmond has opened its Academic Year MCAT program to Alliance students. Three students, all from VCU, are attending.
  • There is a possibility that the University of Richmond will transition to an Academic Year only program in 2010. Another alternative under consideration is providing the summer and Academic Year programs in alternating years.

Review of Summer 2008MCAT Preparatory Program

  • Presentation by R. Kirk Jonas, Ph.D.
  • Interim Associate Provost
  • University of Richmond
  • November 20, 2008

Program Format

  • Dates
    • May 25 - June 28, 2008
  • Science Review
    • one week per major subject area
    • each subject area taught by expert in that field
  • Verbal Reasoning Preparation
    • emphasis on skill building
    • Learning & Study Strategies Inventory
      • information processing, time management, test anxiety, etc.
  • Daily Homework Sets
    • content review exercises
    • MCAT style passages
  • Session with VCU-MCV admissions dean

Program Format

  • AAMC Full-length Practice Tests
    • w/ diagnostic score reports

Program Provisions

  • $1,500 stipend
  • On-campus housing at UR
  • Meals at UR dining facilities
  • Access to University facilities
  • All course materials
    • comprehensive review books
    • homework practice sets
    • 7 AAMC full-length practice tests
  • Cost per student is about $3,336

Program Prerequisites


    • general biology (2 semesters w/ lab)
    • general chemistry (2 semesters w/ lab)
    • organic chemistry (2 semesters w/ lab)
    • general physics (2 semesters w/ lab)
  • GPA
    • minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • minimum BCPM GPA of 3.0
  • SAT or ACT
    • minimum math/verbal SAT of 950 or minimum ACT of 20

2008 Program Instructors

Dr. Chhanda Samanta

Dr. John Vaughan

Dr. Emma Goldman

Ms. Hope Walton

Dr. Dorothy Eseonu


Application Procedure

  • Application form
    • personal statement
  • Official transcript(s)
  • Recommendation form
    • 2 science faculty


  • Criteria
    • academic performance
    • prerequisite courses
    • SAT or ACT scores
    • personal statement
    • recommendation letters

2008 Program Participants

Clinton Davis


Brian Freeman


Sharlay Butler


Nanna Frimpong


Khristian Harris


Quinney Harris



2008 Program Participants

Whitney Osborne


Jessica Price


Trenee Harris


Marianna Sukholutsky


Blair Thomas


Danielle Williams




  • Three test opportunities are provided during the Summer program:
    • A pre-test is given on the first day of the program
    • A mid-course test is given
    • A post-test is taken within one week of the last day of classes
  • Dr. Vaughan also tries to collect actual Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) MCAT score reports
  • Student scores have increased significantly