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2011 Intermediate Sequoyah Master List Presentation. Sequoyah Master List Guidelines. The masterlists are not intended to be an automatic recommendation of the books.

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sequoyah master list guidelines
Sequoyah Master List Guidelines

The masterlists are not intended to be an automatic recommendation of the books.

Students, grades 6-8, who have read or listened to at least three titles from the Intermediate Master List are eligible to vote for the Intermediate Sequoyah Book Award. Students vote in February and March and ballots should be submitted to the Oklahoma Library Association before April 1 each year. Winners will be announced later in April.

  • We hope you enjoy our selections! Happy Reading!
the boy who dared by susan campbell bartoletti
As sixteen year old

Helmuth Hubener sits

in his prison cell awaiting

a death decree, he

narrates his life and his

defiant choices while

working against Hitler

during his rise to power.

The Boy Who Daredby Susan Campbell Bartoletti
the compound by s a bodeen
After spending the last six

years in an underground

compound following a nuclear

attack with his parents and

two sisters, 15 year old Eli

begins to discover that his

father has been perpetuating

a hoax on the family, and it is

up to Eli to save his family

from his father’s ever

increasing loss of sanity.

The Compoundby S. A. Bodeen
the hunger games by suzanne collins
12 Districts –24 Players—One Survivor. Will it be Katniss who sacrificed herself in place of her sister or Peeta, the boy from Katniss’s district who saved her when she was starving—Or Will it be someone from another district in this thriller about trust, love and survival.The Hunger Gamesby Suzanne Collins
the graveyard book by neil gaiman
This is the tale of a murderer anxious for revenge, a murdered family, an infant who survives the attack, and the cemetery full of ghosts who take the infant in to lovingly raise and protect.The Graveyard Bookby Neil Gaiman
the patron saint of butterflies by ceclia galante
Agnes and Honey are best friend

and complete opposites, Agnes

wants to be a saint and Honey wants

to be free from the commune where

they have lived all of their lives, then

Nana Pete shows up and takes the

girls and Agnes’ little brother Benny

away to safety and the promise of a

normal life however they discover

a secret that turns their world

upside down while also providing

them with the strength and

courage to do the right thing.

The Patron Saint of Butterfliesby Ceclia Galante
eleven by patricia reilly giff
Frustrated that his learning disability hinders his reading the old newspaper article in the attic, the one he feels sure holds the secrets to his past, eleven-year-old Sam calls upon Caroline, the new girl at school, to help him unlock the mystery.Elevenby Patricia Reilly Giff
the other side of the island by allegra goodman
In a world where

everything is regulated

down to the color of the

sky, there is a young girl

who defies everything

she is taught, breaks all

the rules, and helps

destroy the corporation

that controls everything.

The Other Side of the Islandby Allegra Goodman
the juvie three by gordon korman
Three juvenile offenders

are given a second chance

under the strict, but

respectful care of Mr.

Healy; when things go

awry, the boys have to take

action and do the right

thing, something they

are not used to doing!

The Juvie Threeby Gordon Korman
itch by michelle kwasney
After the death of her

grandfather, Dolores

“Itch” Colchester and her

grandmother move from

Florida to a trailer park in

Ohio, where Itch tries to

help her friend Gwendolyn,

who is being abused by her


Itchby Michelle Kwasney
every soul a star by wendy mass
A heart warming story

about friendship and sky;

three teens, with very

different backgrounds and

interests; smart, nature

loving Ally, materialistic,

popular Bree, and artistic,

withdrawn Jack, are brought

together by a total eclipse

of the sun.

Every Soul a Starby Wendy Mass
the adoration of jenna fox by mary e pearson
At seventeen, Jenna Fox

has just awoken from a

coma brought on by a

terrible accident with no

memory of her past and

discovers that her family

is hiding secrets from


The Adoration of Jenna Foxby Mary E. Pearson
trouble by gary d schmidt
Henry and Franklin were

supposed to climb Mt.

Katahdin together, until

Franklin was killed in a car

accident, now Henry is

setting out to climb the

mountain anyway, even if

trouble follows.

Troubleby Gary D. Schmidt
antsy does time by neal shusterman
Antsy signs over a month of

his life to his dying friend

Gunter and soon others

start to donate as well,

making Antsy “Time

Keeper”, but is Gunter

really dying and what

should Antsy do when

everyone wants their time


Antsy Does Timeby Neal Shusterman
stolen by vivian vande velde
She doesn’t know who

she is now or where

she comes from, but

she does know that

running form the

vicious dogs will save

her life.

Stolenby Vivian Vande Velde