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  1. RAMA Up to 4 more sites proposed for 2011 Added in 2010 To be added Oct 2010 59% of sites occupied at present (27 of 46)

  2. Main problems: vandalism and piracy Indian Ocean Panel

  3. Deep observations: Lack of a deep ocean observational network needs to be addressed urgently. A serious decline in the number of  measurements below 2000 meters since the WOCE period has diminished the ability to estimate changes in deep ocean circulation and budgets of heat, fresh water, carbon and other tracers and are particularly relevant for the ventilated deep basins in the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean which play vital roles in the global meridional overturning circulation (MOC) and in the sequestration/storage of carbon. PIRATA SE Extension: The present lack of a southeast extension site in the PIRATA moored array is a serious gap in the Atlantic Ocean observing system.  Some of the most serious biases in state-of-the-art atmosphere-ocean models are found in the tropical Southeast Atlantic.  A permanent air-sea flux capable PIRATA site in the tropical Southeast Atlantic is a critical step toward fully assessing these errors to allow model improvement.  Atlantic Ocean Panel

  4. TACE synthesis: 2011 is the nominal end of TACE. It is now necessary to find sufficient support for synthesis of TACE data Atlantic Ocean Panel

  5. Argo network: Need sustainment of ARGO network and global drifters. It is necessary a continued "seeding” to maintain the coverage targets. That is specially important in the central south Atlantic, where there are few ship routes and, therefore, that area is normally undersampled. Atlantic Ocean Panel

  6. Atlantic Ocean Panel AMOC system: Implement enhanced AMOC observing systems in the South Atlantic and Subpolar North Atlantic and sustain the RAPID array. It is also essential that support is provided for synthesis of data linked to AMOC observations. Subpolar SAMOC W. Greenland Array (US+CAN) Cape Farewell (UK+US) Soft Lines: floats/gliders (US) Ellett Line (UK) Reykjanes Ridge (Neth.?) 53°N (GER+CAN)