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Gilbert and George

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Gilbert and George. Gilbert Prousch and George passmore are two artists that work together as a collaborative duo called gilbert&George. How They Present Their Work.

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Gilbert Prousch and George passmore are two artists that work together as a collaborative duo called gilbert&George.
how they present their work
How They Present Their Work
  • Their work can be distinguished by its highly formal appearance and the brightly coloured graphic-style used in their photo-based artworks.
  • They also create a persona that can be tied to mystery and poetry. This persona has been sculpted carefully.
  • Furthermore it also defines the form. Showing their work as puzzling and solid.
  • Gilbert & George’s images are made without using any computer technology.
their professional practice
Their Professional Practice
  • Gallery Exhibitions
  • Museum Exhibitions
  • Postal Sculptures
  • Magazine sculptures
  • Living sculpture presentations
  • Film and video by Gilbert & George
  • Editions
  • Television, radio broadcasts and films about G&G
media styles
  • Gilbert and George are known for their distinctive and highly formal appearance and manner and also for their brightly coloured graphic-style photo-based artworks, which for them has become a highly recognisable visual style.
  • Gilbert & George have said ‘the bad things in art then were emotion, colour, sentiment, feeling, sexuality, all those were taboo’. So this is what they chose to explore.
  • Some of the themes that emerge through Gilbert & George’s imagery are a conglomeration of religious concepts, private fantasies and contemporary urban life. (e.g.Comedy, tragedy, emotion, love, sex, death, heaven and hell.)
  • Gilbert & George do not censor either their words or their bodies, rather by presentingthem in the context of artthey acquire a status that they would not otherwise acquire.
techniques strategies
  • Their art explores universal themes such as death, poverty, religion, identity, being an outsider, and youth culture, and doesn’t shy away from difficult issues. At the same time, it remains highly ambiguous and playful.
  • Very early on in their career Gilbert & George established themselves as a partnership involved in a collaborative practice, (e.g. Living Sculpture pieces, in which they are the artwork), in a sense they rejected their individual identities.
  • In a lot of their artwork we see mature naked male bodies without any attempt at idealisation. The artists have said that by literally baring themselves, the public will see them as they are and be able to trust them more than if they took on a superior role.
  • There is only ever one copy of the final image.
  • Gilbert & George cater for a niche audience, one that they have been gaining for their whole professional careers.
  • Harnessing the form of online advertising that they believe their target audience will most likely be attracted to has helped greatly, their revolutionary style of art was best shown to the most revolutionary kind of people in films and online.
  • Gilbert & George are icons for the gay and lesbian society and have worked well with the topical nature of this.
promotional material
Promotional Material
  • They followed in the footsteps of many other artists by raising their profile through the medium of television - appearing on popular talk shows such as The Jonathan Ross Show.
  • Their appearance on prime-time TV raised a series of questions concerning gay visibility, mainstream media and the visual subterfuge deployed in contemporary art.
online presence
Online Presence

Upon googling Gilbert & George for research it was surprising that they did not have a personal website at the forefront of the search results. However the top search results give the audience a pretty good idea of their works and themes of their art. The way Google is set out also helps.

  • Due to the duos expansive repertoire most of their online presence is made up of outside party’s promoting selections of their work for an exhibition like the one currently being held in White Cube Bermondsey.
  • As students with a comparatively limited selection of work, most of what we do is condensed to our own personal blogs rather than on a large scale like Gilbert & George.
  • While we develop our skills we have to rely on self promotion on a more personal scale, building up a strong relationship with our potential audience.