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GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

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GP Patient Satisfaction Survey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GP Patient Satisfaction Survey. Dr G R Bhorchi , Killingholme surgery. GP Patient Satisfaction Survey. A GP assessment questionnaire was given to 70 patients in early 2014. 38 completed forms were returned. Representing a 54% participation. GP Patient Satisfaction Survey.

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gp patient satisfaction survey

GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

Dr G R Bhorchi, Killingholme surgery

gp patient satisfaction survey1
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

A GP assessment questionnaire was given to 70 patients in early 2014

38 completed forms were returned

Representing a 54% participation

gp patient satisfaction survey2
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

The questions related to 5 areas of the practice

The Doctor

The Receptionist and Appointments

The Consultation

The Nurse

The Surgery in General

With a sixth section for patient information and understanding

gp patient satisfaction survey3
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

The following slides break the results up into sections.

Each answer is given a value of 1 to 7 depending if it is positive, negative or somewhere in-between

e.g. 1 = positive, 4 = don’t know, 7 negative

The scores for each question on each completed return are added up and then averaged over the number of completed returns.

The resulting value is the average, for that question, for the Killingholme surgery

gp patient satisfaction survey4
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

1. The Doctor

Satisfaction with the GP is high with possible improvement in the explanation of condition, treatment and care

gp patient satisfaction survey5
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

2. Receptionist & Appointments

Medium to high performance with possible investigation of appointment booking methods for improvement.

gp patient satisfaction survey6
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

3. Consultation

Good performance with apparent acceptable waiting times

gp patient satisfaction survey7
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey

4. Nurse

Good performance with top end patient response. Possible improvement in arranging treatment and care decision although this may depend on the patients expectations in the first place

gp patient satisfaction survey8
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • 5. Surgery

Apparent patient satisfaction with the surgery

gp patient satisfaction survey9
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Patient Info

The dominant patient profile from the survey is an employed or retired female, aged 45 to 64 years, in average health

gp patient satisfaction survey10
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • +ve Comments
  • GP comments
  • I have always had a good rapport with my GP, nothing is too much trouble
  • Very nice GP considerate kind & does not rush
  • Always considerate & helpful
  • Beautiful GP is Dr Bhorchi, she always has time for us
  • Very, very polite, does an excellent service
  • Very polite, always has time
  • Staff
  • Fantastic GP, Nurses & receptionists. Been there 25years
  • Excellent in all areas, long may it continue
  • None, all is OK as it is
  • Best GP practice, All staff very kind & helpful. Excellent all round
  • Doctor & all staff polite & no problems
gp patient satisfaction survey11
GP Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • -ve Comments
  • Not being able to book an appointment in advance
  • Appointments in the afternoon after 12 :00 please
  • Some receptionists unprofessional – e.g. Conversations with other patients I can overhear occurring at the desk while I am in the waiting room
  • Some receptionists point blank refuse to book appointments for the following day if full today, etc ............
  • Desk at doctors not private
  • Sometime you can’t get through the front door because so many people are waiting for prescriptions/booking in
  • Anything you say to receptionist can be heard by people waiting for prescriptions etc as we’re all crammed together as well as people in the waiting room