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Network Connections. Math & Science Collaborative Carnegie Science Center October 28, 2010. Achieving Students. Achieving Students. Update on Latest in Math and Science. MSC Anniversary Celebration National Reports Local Innovation PA Initiatives New Collaborations

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Network connections

Network Connections

Math & Science Collaborative

Carnegie Science Center

October 28, 2010





Update on latest in math and science
Update on Latest in Math and Science

MSC Anniversary Celebration

National Reports

Local Innovation

PA Initiatives

New Collaborations

Public Awareness Campaign

Network connections

SW PA Math & Science Collaborative

Established at Carnegie Science Center in 1994

Headquartered at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit since 2003

Brief history of msc
Brief History of MSC

  • Since 1994, the Collaborative (MSC) has facilitated a focus on STEM as essential for the region’s future

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Math

    For K-12 schools, the foundation of STEM is built in science and mathematics.

Msc helped define the problem
MSC Helped Define the Problem

  • International comparisons raised concern.

  • MSC facilitated participation in TIMSS 2003 as though SW PA were a country.

  • Findings showed SW PA is same as nation:

    • Math and science education is “a mile wide and an inch deep.”

    • Opportunity to learn STEM is being limited to a few rather than being enabled for all.

Helping to address problem
Helping to Address Problem

MSC acts as a clearinghouse for quality curriculum components and assessments related to science, mathematics and technology by:

  • Building awareness of national/state standards

  • Developing regional Math Curriculum Framework and Science Curriculum Framework

  • Assisting with PA Dept. of Education’s Standard Aligned System Curriculum Frameworks

  • Conducting curriculum audits

Featuring regional stem resources
Featuring Regional STEM Resources

  • Resources for Educators –electronic database of STEM offerings

    • Over 800 Resource Partners are registered on

  • Quarterly Resource Partner Meetings offer forum for sharing (Next: March15, 2011).

Facilitating regional communication
Facilitating Regional Communication

  • MSC Journal – free annual publication highlighting regional STEM initiatives and resources from database – for all math and science educators

  • 17,000 copies

  • SW PA 11 counties

  • Reference today

  • Additional copies?

Convening regional stakeholders
Convening Regional Stakeholders

Network Connections – biannual regional conference highlighting best practices and innovations in STEM

  • 60+ districts from SW PA counties

  • Involving 300+ educators

  • Today and February 10, 2011

  • Recent survey affirmed CSC as location of choice.

Facilitating professional development
Facilitating Professional Development

  • Math Science Partnership awards to MSC

    • $18 million in 2003 from NSF

    • $5.1 million 2004-2010 from PDE

    • $2.2 million for 2010-2012 from PDE

  • MSC Math and Science Academies have provided professional development for 1000+ educators-- (235 in summer 2010)

  • 350+ administrators have experienced Math and Science Leadership Training

  • MSC has been contracted by PDE to roll out Math Academies and Lesson Study across PA.

Math science collaborative 15 th anniversary
Math & Science Collaborative 15th Anniversary

Invited participants to share stories...

  • What have you learned?

  • How has it impacted your work?

    Outstanding posters displayed:

  • At May celebration

  • During breakfast in CSC café

  • Featured throughout the MSC Journal

Math science collaborative 15 th anniversary1
Math & Science Collaborative 15th Anniversary

Professional videographer captured MSC experiences for regional use.

MSC Steering Council reviewed earlier this month– recommended they be shared with you today.

As you watch, please think about what the messages are– and who the key audiences might be…

Math science collaborative videos
Math & Science Collaborative Videos

Math & Science Collaborative

YouTube Channel url:


  • MSC website

Math science collaborative videos1
Math & Science Collaborative Videos

How can the region use these videos?

Ideas from your Steering Council are listed in a handout in your team folder.

Consider which ones make sense for your district.

Note your plans and add suggestions on your INTERACT form.  

Update on latest national reports
Update on Latest: National Reports

"Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited: Rapidly Approaching Category 5,“

Prepared for the Presidents of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine, 2010.

Website is listed on your program.

Re-visits the report issued 5 years ago…

Update on latest national reports1
Update on Latest: National Reports

Perilous STEM situation continues.

With the declining economic circumstances, resources have not been allocated as recommended.

Strengthening education remains crucial.

Now… context is worsening so that the storm is approaching “Category 5.”

Innovation is the key available lever.

Local innovation is here
Local Innovation is Here!

Carnegie Science Center Excellence Awards

17 award categories each year

Awards celebration features videos about the awardees.

Feature clips to illustrate that the innovation called for in national reports is happening in Southwest Pennsylvania.

Share and learn about local innovation
Share and Learn About Local Innovation

Carnegie Science Center Excellence Awards

Consider nominating educators for award categories using the nomination form included in MSC Journal on pp. 31-32.

November 5th is the deadline.

Announce the awards in February.

Plan to attend the Awards celebration in May to learn more about the latest innovation in our region.

Update national reports
Update: National Reports

On September 16 President Obama announced the launch of Change the Equation, a CEO-led effort to dramatically improve education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), as part of the Educate to Innovate campaign.

Intel Math: 12 day featured partnership

Initiated by MSC in June

Available again next summer

Update national research
Update: National Research

Today’s Session D. Regional Educational Lab Mid-Atlantic features research reports on:

Encouraging Girls in Math & Science

Assessing Students Struggling with Mathematics

Journal pp. 70-71 detail additional assistance with national research available from this resource.

Update on national and state initiatives common core academic standards
Update on National and State Initiatives Common Core Academic Standards

NGA Common Core Standards in Mathematics

  • PA State Board adopted them in the summer.

  • Roundtables were held across the state.

  • PDE will facilitate a 3 year transition.

  • Journal – pp. 40-42 detail information.


  • Session B: Math Core Academic Standards

  • Keynote: Dr. Duschl focuses on upcoming Science Common Core standards.

Update state initiatives sas
Update: State Initiatives: SAS

PA’s Standards Aligned System (SAS)

2010 SAS Institute: Bridging Research and Practice

December 5-8, 2009 at Hershey Lodge

Team Registration announced on Penn Link

Mathematics Classroom Diagnostic Tools

Operational on October 18th

Featured in Session J.

PDE Representatives here today

Session E: Bill Bertrand– MSC Journal p.67.

Session H: Patti Vathis: Reading to Learn the Content

State initiatives keystone exams msc measuring past results
State Initiatives: Keystone ExamsMSC Measuring Past Results

  • In 1996, 61% of the region’s graduates were passing Algebra 1. As of 2009, 91% are.

  • Detailed report in MSCJournal, pp. 49-56.

New regional collaboration
New Regional Collaboration

  • MSC won a new federal Math Science Partnership award via PDE.

  • Builds regional PLCs focusing on the big ideas to be captured in the Keystone Exams

  • Involving 34 partner districts

  • 2 IHE Partners: Carlow University & SVC

  • MSC Journal, p. 17-18.

  • Session F. Focuses on PLCs

New regional collaboration1
New Regional Collaboration

  • Western PA Writing Project

  • Provided scholarships for math and science fellows to participate in their summer experience

    Session C. Fellows share their lessons learned to help you integrate effective written communication in math and science teaching and learning.

New regional collaboration2
New Regional Collaboration

  • Penn State University

  • Richard Duschl is a researcher in formative student assessment in science

    Session I. Continuing with February N/C, this launches an informal collaboration with participants that may grow into a more formal partnership…

Action to address category 5 storm
Action to Address “Category 5 Storm”

In January 2010, MSC Steering Council decided to re-visit an action proposed at MSC’s founding:

Coordinate a regional public awareness campaign about the importance of math and science education to the region’s future…

Msc steering council action
MSC Steering Council Action

  • MSC Steering Council identified 3 key messages:

    • All kids need to learn math and science

    • All kids can learn math and science

    • There is no math gene.

  • MSC discovered a professional campaign originally developed by a GA MSP for $600,000.

  • MSC purchased the license to use the materials in the region of Southwest PA.

Variety of materials available for use
Variety of Materials Available for Use


Bus Wraps

Magazine Ads

Patch Logos

Website of Links

Materials available for download
Materials Available for Download

  • 2 different Posters

    • Tabloid Size

    • Poster Size

  • Bus Shelter Posters

  • Bus Shelter Tabloid size

  • Parent Guides

Use already available msc resources
Use Already Available MSC Resources

5 Parent Handbooks for math and science

Public awareness campaign
Public Awareness Campaign

Partnering with founding partner, Carnegie Science Center & with WTAE as Media Sponsor

WTAE is crucial because GA found the most powerful tool to change culture is TV—and WTAE has been successful with several such campaigns.

Two clips for you to watch and think about application…

Public awareness campaign1
Public Awareness Campaign

Significant and enduring community awareness campaign to emphasize the importance of math and science to the future of our students, region and country

Alert you to planning– and invite your involvement

MSC Journal p.66.

Public awareness campaign2
Public Awareness Campaign

Launch this campaign in January

How do you want to be involved?

Team INTERACT Folder includes ideas generated by Steering Council.

Use your INTERACT Form to add your own, to give us feedback, and to help your district get ready.

Look inside program for morning
Look Inside Program for Morning

10 Breakout Sessions from 9:15 to noon

  • Coded by color dot on your name tag

  • Program notes room location & MSC staff

    • SportsWorks (A-B-C-D)

    • Third Floor: Kitchen Theatre, Overlook and Computer Center, Classrooms 1&2 and 4 & 5

    • Science Stage (Stay here to celebrate Jonas Salk’s birthday )

  • Will circulate data sheets: your signature is for sign-in AND verifying personal data

  • Mid-morning break via facilitator

Preview of program for afternoon
Preview of Program for Afternoon

  • Lunch

    • Available for purchase in CSC café

    • Additional seating available in breakout rooms.

  • Resource Fair Listing – 14 tables!

  • See you back here for Keynote at 1 PM

  • INTERACT will be in Breakout Session Rooms as shown on back of program

    • Add to Index Lower Level=LL (Ruth Martin) and SPW D=Sportswork D (Barb Lease)

    • Team Folders will be available in rooms.

    • Answer questions on INTERACT form.

    • Autograph Sign-in Sheet.

    • Turn in copy and folder to MSC staff.

  • Evaluation

    • Complete for each session through the day.

    • Make notes for reporting to your team

    • Provide feedback to us!

    • Please complete top section & Overview

      PLEASE turn in before leaving today.

      Welcome by

      Ann Metzger & Ronald Baillie, Co-Directors

      Carnegie Science Center